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Rate Increase Letter Example To Pet Sitting Clients

You have decided to send a rate increase letter but are drawing a blank on what to start writing. I understand that increasing your rates can be scary. You might be thinking to yourself “What am I going to tell my clients?” and “HOW am I going to tell my clients?” But what if I […]

Pet First Aid and CPR Online

  Getting pet first and cpr online training can be life saving for your pet sitting clients, let your staff know that you are invested in their training,  and a marketing gold mine if you use it correctly. This coupon code is from Episode 26 of Bella In Your Business podcast where we discuss all the benefits […]

Pro Pet Hero: Pet First Aid CPR Online

Getting pet first and cpr training can be life saving for your pet sitting clients and a marketing gold mine if you use it correctly. Below is the goodies from Episode 26 of Bella In Your Business podcast where we discuss all the benefits of this program: Discount Code for pet first aid and cpr online training […]

Expand Your Pet Sitting Business To A New Area With These 4 Key Steps

Expanding. It’s both a scary and exciting concept, right? And it’s definitely not easy to expand your pet sitting business. You not only have to market to these new areas of town, but also make sure you have the proper amount of staff coverage to expand to your new area. Today we’re going to take […]

Episode 26: How To Get Pet CPR First Aid Certification Online

In this episode of “Bella In Your Business”, Bella speaks with Cara Armour, Product Manager with ProTrainings a pet cpr and first aid online training program for pet business owners. In 2003 Cara Armour co-founded Active Paws Inc., in the Boston, MA area. In 2009, Cara won Pet Sitter of the Year. She is decorated in […]


How Do I Know If My Marketing Is Working?

Marketing is tricky. Some people love it, and some people hate it, but I think we can all agree that it can be tough. Think about it. You’ve just come up with a fantastic marketing plan, and you’ve started implementing it. Good to go right? Well, not exactly. Step two is figuring out if it’s […]

Episode 25: Compassion Fatigue

In this episode of “Bella In Your Business”, Bella speaks with Holly Cook, author of My End of the Leash: Compassion Fatigue From a Pet Sitter’s Perspective. She started pet sitting in 1994, and won the Pet Sitters International,  Pet Sitter of the Year award in 2004;  She has been serving the pet sitting industry […]

does your pet sitter job posting have these 3 key ingredients to success?

Does Your Pet Sitter Job Posting Have These 3 Key Ingredients for Success?

Imagine this. You are the owner of a successful pet sitting company that is booming with business. So much so that you’re ready to take on some new staff. So you create a job posting, upload it, and …. no responses. Sound familiar? Well I’m here to tell you that it’s not you, it’s your […]


4 Ways To Post For Your Social Media Accounts

We all know that being a pet business owner isn’t only just about loving puppies and kitties. You have to fill so many different roles day in and day out. So when it comes to marketing and posting to your social media accounts, you’re thinking to yourself, “how am I ever going to have time […]

Episode 24: Faith-Based Business Networking

In this episode of Bella in Your Business, Bella offers up a recording of talk she gave to a faith-based business networking group in her area. In the talk she discusses approaching networking from a faith-based point of view. She says that successful networking results from: Listening Caring Taking time to build trust Influence Finding “family” […]

5 Holiday Gift Ideas To Give Your Staff

There’s nothing quite like the squeals of excitement when your surprise someone with a gift. It’s even better when you’re rewarding your hard working employees with heartfelt appreciation. Day in and day out our employees put in their effort, energy, and time away from their home and family for our businesses. That’s why these 5 […]

Episode 23: How Do I Know If It Is Legal To Board Dogs In My Home?

  According to Kristy, she is the only properly zoned boarding facility in Philadelphia that is operating out of a private home. And it didn’t come easy. In this episode of “Bella In Your Business,” Bella speaks with Kristie Glazer from Philly Pet Care,a family-owned pet sitting and dog walking company in Philadelphia.  In an […]


Increase Your Business Revenue By Over 30% In One Year By Mastering This Skill

I have a loaded question for you. Are you ready for it? Okay, here it goes….do you have a marketing plan? Not a couple notes scribbled on a paper. No, a real, true marketing plan. Chances are you probably don’t. It seems that, all too often, that’s the one thing that people don’t do when […]

is dog boarding in my home legal?

Is Dog Boarding In My Home Legal?

We have so many ways in this new instant economy to make money that businesses like dog boarding are sprouting up everywhere. It is awesome! But in the pet industry, the job of watching a pet while their parents are at work or out of town seems to be a job that anyone can do […]

items at costco for your holiday gifts to clients

Items At Costco For Your Holiday Gifts To Clients

You might remember that in a previous blog, I gave pet business owners 11 unique holiday gift ideas to give to your clients. Today, while at the #costcomomhour, I was inspired!  I realized just how much items there are at Costco for holiday gifts to give your clients so I made a video to show […]

rover insurance

What Insurance Does A Rover & DogVacay Pet Sitter Need?

Rover and Dogvacay do a great job at providing basic, broad insurance to their independent contractors, but is that enough? The answer to this question will vary with every pet sitter, but generally speaking, the answer is no. Most pet sitters like to be covered if something were to happen at the meet and greet, […]

Episode 22: How To Get More PR For Your Pet Business

In this episode of “Bella In Your Business”, Bella spends time with Susie Timm,  President of Knife & Fork Media Group. Susie specializes in comprehensive public relations and marketing strategy in the gourmet food, restaurant and retail industries. Gaining PR for your pet business can be wildly useful during the upcoming holidays, but if you […]

pet sitter podcast

The Physical Effect The Election May Be Having On Your Business:

  With all these going on in the world with the election, it is making a lot of people anxious. Understandably so! At first, I have to admit, it was kind of a “reality show.” Watching for who is going to say what?  “Oh no he did it!”  “Oh my gosh, did she just say […]

An Amazing Customer Service Idea That Will Knock Your Pet Sitting Clients Socks Off!

Recently, my family and I just went to San Diego. It is a popular destination for us Arizonan’s… or you could call it a long drive to the beach. It was our second time renting an AirBnb and after this experience, and the amazing customer service we experienced, I don’t think we will ever travel […]

11 Unique Gifts To Give To Your Pet Sitting Clients

The holidays are a great time to let your clients know just how much you appreciate them by giving gifts to your pet sitting clients. Whether you choose to do it for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even New Years, they are sure to appreciate it. Many pet sitters take to the Facebook Groups to ask what others […]

Episode 21: How One Pet Lover Took Her Passion For Pets and United An Entire State with Woofalong

In this episode of “Bella In Your Business”, Bella talks with Darcy Graham,  creator of The site, which shows you the dog-friendly restaurants, stores, parks, trails and events in Colorado, was launched earlier this year and is already looking to expand. Bella and Darcy discuss: The frustration that was the impetus for the site. […]

inappropriate client

How To Handle The Inappropriate Pet Sitting Client

As pet sitters, sleeping in people’s beds, with their pets gets pretty personal. We are in their homes, sometimes living IN their homes as if we were them, so the professional lines can get a little blurred. It isn’t your typical office setting. I am sure you have come across blurred lines before and been […]

Katrina Kadyszewski

Episode 20: Interview with a Small Business State Auditor

In this episode of “Bella In Your Business”, Bella talks with Katrina Kadyszewski, a former state auditor with the State of Connecticut.   Katrina has over 16 years experience working in a variety of financial positions. She started in the brokerage industry with a Series 7, 63 and 65 and life and health license, and […]