The Employee Quick Start Challenge!

You can get 1:1 for one hour a week on the phone with Bella. You get direct access to professional advice and find the best solutions to your specific business challenges.

1:1 Employee Quick Start with Bella

Who is right for this program?

If you have employees already but your systems need a lot of work.

If you have been wanting to switch your ICs to Employees but didn’t know where to start.

If your business is running your life and you have no time for anything but you really want to hire.

  • Weekly FB Live Q&As with Bella including an HR, Background check, and Insurance expert!

  • Daily access to the Facebook group for Bella to answer all your questions for 6 weeks.

  • The mastermind effect of your peers in the group

  • Accountability of your work

  • Answers to your roadblocks as they happen.

  • 4 Lessons in written & audio format.

  • Direct links to endless amounts of supporting blogs and videos on all these topics that Bella has created (over 300 articles and 90 videos to date!)

The Employee Challenge Group will start Monday, March 27th 2017

This is a revolutionary program developed and perfected over the past 10 years to bring pet business owners through the ropes from A to Z of hiring (or perfecting) the entire hiring process.

Download the Employee Quick Start Program

Another option is to download an entire 4 lesson workbook where the content is written out AND an audio recording of the “book.” This is also designed to be a four week course, but can be done on your own schedule as well.

Investment in your Business:

$599 for the downloads and the Live Facebook Group.

If you have purchased the Employee Quick Start (download) in the past 6 months, you are eligible to be in the group for only $199 extra.  SOLD OUT!

We need to limit the people in order to ensure everyone's personal needs are met. Seats are limited.  It is entirely important that each business owner is in the right place in their business life to set aside the time to work and have the mindset to follow through on the work.

  • Application

  • Job Opening Description (and feedback)

  • New Hire Avatar

  • 3 Way Interview with your new applicant and Bella

  • Employee Manual Outline

  • 50 pgs of written material & 2 hrs of audio so you can always be learning

  • Interview Questions

  • Job Offer Letter

  • Resources for many vendors you will need

What If I told you there was a way to marry both of these ways, 
without breaking the bank?

The Employee Quick Start Challenge Group!

The employee challenge group is a 6 week course where you have the support of the written and audio content COUPLED with Bella answering all of you and your peer’s questions in a small safe group. Each week, Bella will lead discussions through each week and host a FB Live event where you can chat with her and ask her anything you would like.

The real magic happens is when you are among other pet sitting business owners facing the same challenges at the exact same time.

The Employee Challenge Group will do all of this for you by giving you everything you need to succeed!

Here is the breakdown:

No longer are you “alone”

No longer do you not have the support.

No longer do you not have the accountability.

No longer do you not have the immediate access to
the answers you NEED in order to move forward.

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What comes with the program?


In The Past, You Have Only Had 2 Options:

Week One

Get to know each other. Here, we will establish your WHY, define your GOALS with having staff, and get to know the other challengers in the group.

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

Week Six

Systems, Processes & Pricing: 
If you don’t charge the right price, or pay what you can afford, or put enough money in your own bank account, you are sure to feel like a hamster spinning your wheels. This entire week, consider it math class with a side of team building! We will go through your pricing structure, talk about pricing theory, strategy, and I will challenge you to think of the cost and profit in your business in a way you never have done before. We will also share resources to build our team so we have people on board for things we will need. This eliminates making rash decisions when you are in the thick of things. 

INCLUDED: Lesson One written out, & audio, pricing worksheet, numerous resources for vendors (payroll, website, design, etc) FB Live with Bella to answer all your questions. 

Just Added! ---> FB Live with an Insurance agent to answer all your liability and workmans compensation questions!

Manuals and Handbooks: 
Without having a “rules of your business game” it is impossible to hold people accountable. Uncle Sam also has a bunch to say about things like Jury Duty, Equal Employment Opportunity, and more… We will talk about all the different types of pet sitting policies and settle on what is best for you as you grow your business. 

INCLUDED: Lesson 2 written out & audio. Outline for an Employee handbook for you to fill out and write yourself. FB live with Bella to answer all your questions. OPTIONAL: Completed Employee Handbook and Training Manual. 

Just added ---> Interview with an HR Expert to talk about manuals and handbooks!

Orientation, Training, and How To Become A Manager: 
Training & orientation can either make or break your professional relationship with your new hire Learn how to knock it out of the park while learning to control your inner “control freak” beast. We will also discuss how to make you a manger who works on the business and how to manager your staff and your clients expectations so that the transition isn’t only easy but welcomed!  

INCLUDED: Lesson 4 written out & audio. Verbiage to send to clients letting them know they have a new sitter without sending them into a tizzy. FB Live with Bella.

Interview Process: 
Learning proper and legal interview techniques to maintain the integrity of your business and safety of your clients is paramount. Learn as I show you a proven pet sitting and dog walking interview process that will give you all the information you need to know in order to make an educated decision on your newest applicant. Learn how to set your systems up so you are always receiving applications, how to tell if they are being truthful or lying, and how to keep it all organized. 

INCLUDED: Lesson Three written out & audio, application, job offer letter, interview questions, List of 9 items you will need new hires to fill out, 3 way interview with Bella and your applicant that never expires. 

This is our last week to let it all sink in. Ask anything you would like and learn from others questions.

INCLUDED: FB Live with Bella 

“The Employee Quick Start program, along with personal coaching from Bella, gave me valuable information to help to take my company from solo to multiple employees. More importantly, it gave me the confidence I needed to reach my goals. I felt (and continue to feel) supported as I grow my company. Half a year later I still refer back to the materials because they are so helpful!”

Jamie Dunn - Owner, Contented Creatures LLC, Madison, WI