I just used your pet sitting phone script and nailed it! While I had a basic process I would follow, I found this easier to follow along. The client stated that she loved how organized I sounded and couldn’t wait for the consultation! Woo Hoo. Thank you!

Dawn HigginsDawn The Pet Nanny

I enjoyed working with Jump Consulting because of her professionalism, She was very open to sharing what worked for her and her willingness to help other people grow in their business. yes you can share this.

SusanAll Creatures Pet Sitting

For me personally, the idea of small one or two hour training classes works best, and is financially feasible. I have found this particular class to be very rewarding as I have tried to get in at different Vet offices and two of them always took cards and then I was disappointed to find out they were dumped. I even referred both offices to several clients. So learning a different approach is always helpful. I think we all have something to new to learn from each other or ways to improve on what we already do. Thanks again Bella for the great topic and suggestions. I’m looking forward to more classes like these.

Teresa Toledo-LariosHooves to Paws Pet Sitting

I have already referred your consulting services to others. I find that people want help but they want a professional not just someone’s opinion. They want real, simple help. They want to walk away with a better understanding of the topic at hand and feel confident in moving forward and making well-informed decisions, not just blindly following someone. I think people want to gain control of their business so they can start to make positive changes. I am very happy that I signed up for a course with you. You gave me specific answers to my most pressing questions. I got real data, not just opinion, so I was able to see for myself what I needed to know to make better decisions for my company. You were very easy to work with and provided me with tools that will be invaluable in the months and years to come. I have a renewed excitement about my company, my staff, my future!

Marcia HallLOVE BUGS - Professional Pet Sitting

With the help of Jump Consulting, I gained more confidence, more strength, and I am excited about my business again. I no longer feel alone in my field without anyone to consult with. Pet Sitting can be a very lonely business to be in in terms of having no one in your field, or community, to connect and network with. I live in a college town of about 150,000 people, so finding other Pet Sitting business is nearly impossible. I was overwhelmed, exhausted, desperate and needed help. I was seriously considering changing occupations, even after all of my hard work, having wonderful Clients who need my services, and devoting my entire life for the past 3 years to my business. Then I found Jump Consulting and the terrific and invaluable Bella! Now I am on my way to creating the business I have always wanted and finding the time to take care of myself, and make my business a great business to work for. I credit all of it to Jump Consulting. I am making the JUMP and have the courage to do it now!

Melissa Vogt Four Seasons Pet Services, LLC

I took the course on speaking to potential clients on the phone with Danielle Bella and it was worth every penny. I used to hide behind emails because I didn’t know what to say to clients when I was on the phone with them or how to get them talking. Instead, I managed to come off like a used car salesman and who likes that?? After talking with Danielle and walking through her phone script, it has revolutionized how I approach new clients now. I’m no longer dreading hearing the phone ring and can’t wait to talk with them and make them feel comfortable with my company. I am so energized by our conversation. It has been only 24 hours and I’ve already gotten my first client with the new phone script! You won’t regret working with them.

Sarah JohnsonMenlys Petcare

Bella helped me move forward with my new business. Her expertise and knowledge in the pet sitting industry is apparent when we spoke on the phone. I wish I could have a session everyday!! She was easy to talk with and pushed me to think in ways that will help my business be successful. Call Bella if you are new to the business or if you want to take your business to the next level!

Camea' AllenHearts at Home Pet SittingYorktown, Va.

I am so glad that I took Bella’s advice and raised my rates! When Bella first suggested raising my prices, I was apprehensive. I worried: What if I lost clients? What if no one wanted to book my services at the new rates? During our Jump Consulting sessions, Bella showed me how a rate increase was necessary for my business, especially if I needed to hire employees.  I was astonished to find that my clients had no objection to the new prices! In fact, many responded that my services were worth every penny or that they were happy to pay more for great service! The higher rates have helped tremendously with the bottom line profit!

Laura DaughtryPURRfect Pet Companion, LLCHatfield, Pa.

I hear a lot that a fear sitters have about hiring is that their clients won’t accept someone else caring for their pets. Of all my fears, this was not one of mine. But, I have been overwhelmed this week by the amazing client support for my new employee. I’ve received emails and phone calls offering congratulations. No hesitations at all. It really does come down to how you present the change. Bella, I wish I could give you a big ol’ hug for all the guidance on hiring. I did follow your steps from your 4 week course on how to frame my new employee to clients and it worked perfectly. And, while I still have some weird guilt over this, it was pretty cool yesterday to be getting a pedicure while my employee was out taking care of clients.

Charry LackeyThe Pet DepotTexas

Running a successful pet sitting business has endless challenges. What do I charge? Where do I find new clients? IC/employee? The list goes on. No point in trying to reinvent the wheel when someone such as Bella Vasta has been through it all and has a wealth of knowledge to share! Take what she shares and tweak it to suit your business =)

Corky HofmeisterPuppy Love Pet Care