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All Pet Sitting Companies with Employees Need An Employee Handbook AND Training Manual!


And they should be 2 separate documents.


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The 1st document is an Employee Handbook.

This is the first impression of what it will be like to work with you. This document outlines the purpose of your business, your mission statement, your rules and expectations, why you’re here. This is where your employees will be able to find help when they’re unsure – information about pay dates, sick leave, and dress code. This book is how your business runs. 

The 2nd document is the Training Manual.

The training manual is where a reputation for competent, consistent work begins. This is where your employees are able to reference the specifics of their job in detail, covering all possible aspects of the work. This could include, for example, how to walk a dog in the cold, the specifics of using different harnesses, how to scoop a litter box – you name it, if it’s part of the job, this book will teach you how to do it.

Whoa! That sounds complicated!

It is.

So I decided to write it all for you.


Pet Sitting and Dog Walking
Employee Handbook & Training Manual  

Which Solution Does Your Business Need?



Both the Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Handbook and Manual, resource for typesetting, and it includes access to the teleclass – $547 (SAVE $51). Gain access in less than 120 seconds from purchase.




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The Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Handbook and resource for typesetting
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The Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Manual and resource for typesetting
(no teleclass, but download now!) – $299


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Once you download the document, and make it your own with your company name and logo, you might knock the formatting out of place. {There is a chance you might be an editing ninja too and won't need this, but in case you do:}  If you need help getting the entire doc to line up nicely again, I have contracted a special rate with a person who is a professional typesetter. So, your {potential} problem is already solved! 

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