14 Ideas To Talk To Your Customers Through The COVID-19 Crisis

14 Ideas To Talk To Your Customers Through The COVID-19 Crisis

It isn’t the easiest time to talk to our customers, the public, or our online audience, now is it? First, we might wonder… WHAT should we say? Then we wonder if we are helping or hurting? You might talk yourself out of even addressing anything COVID for fear that it is oversaturated?

You might be thinking everyone else has said something and I don’t have anything new to say. Or you might just be checked out, still in shock, taking care of family members, or just pretending nothing is happening to the world.

Your community wants to hear from you!

Who is your community?

It is your clients, your staff, your neighbors, your colleagues, your friends, and your contractors. You are the pet lady. You are the one whose life is consumed with those beautiful four-legged creatures. They smile when they think of you because of what you represent.

But shoot – you might wonder, who is that person? Right now, you might be down to 20% of your normal business. You are terrified about losing your business, customers, staff, and livelihood.

You are practically paralyzed in fear.
Girl, I got news for you:

GOOD NEWS: What goes down, must come back up.
BAD NEWS: Not saying anything – isn’t going to help this situation.

Okay so now we can all agree you need to be saying SOMETHING… so now I will give you some marketing ideas. Please note, many of these ideas have come up during the hours and hours of interviews and brainstorming sessions in the COVID Pet Industry Support Group. Although the group closed on April 6th, you can still access all of the incredible interviews, show notes, and more!

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14 Marketing Ideas To Be Talking with Your Community About:

Now when I say talking to them, this can come from many forms. A Facebook Live, an IG or FB story, a Youtube video, text copy on your Facebook page/Facebook group, Tik Tok, an email… there are so many ways.

  1. Foster Pets
  2. Get a puppy
  3. How are you?
  4. What You and the staff are doing
  5. Work For Us campaign
  6. Scavenger Hunts
  7. Sidewalk chalk
  8. Challenge
  9. Employee appreciation
  10. Onboarding fun
  11. COVID packages
  12. Homemade toys
  13. Guest host with people in the community
  14. Weekly tricks

If you are in the Mastermind, I have all these marketing ideas fleshed out for you. Just go to the files section and I will be giving you an endless list of ideas and a few templates or copy that you can copy and paste. After all, this month’s theme IS marketing, so what better way than to celebrate this way?

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If you are in Better Marketing with Bella I am sending you a blueprint on how to conduct a community challenge that involves $100 gift certificates to local restaurants and sidewalk chalk. Whoohoo! Lucky duck! 

Always Make It Evergreen Content

We always want to make our efforts timeless, so I encourage you that when you are creating this content, try to stay away from the words ‘coronavirus’ or ‘COVID-19’. You don’t want to date your material, making it useless in the future. These are things that you can always share because the ideas make sense now, but they will again in the future.

Communicate Across All Platforms.

A good marketing trick is to create once and copy everywhere. So if you write a blog on toys to make your dog at home, then be sure to go live making the toy on camera. Then embed that video to the blog. Then you will want to clip that video up and put it on your Instagram Grid and maybe even IGTV. You can also put that video on YouTube. You could make a graphic outlining the steps to take and post that picture in the blog and on your Facebook page. See all the pieces of content that can come from one simple idea?

Make sure you do this always, on all platforms that you are active on.

These are 14 marketing ideas you can do right now. I wonder who will be the first one? Show me what you got! Tag me or send it to me. I want to see and I might even share it on the Jump Consulting blog too!

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