2013 Pet Sitter Survey Results Are In!

If you have ever wondered if your business is “average” “above average” or “under average” this Pet Sitter Business Owner Survey will be very interesting to you…


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In Feb 2014, we conducted the 2nd Annual Jump Consulting pet sitter survey.
2013.  This survey was spread through the Jump Consulting and PetSittingOlogy email lists, and throughout various Fb pages, groups, and Linkedin.

We wanted to find the trends in the pet sitting industry specifically comparing: Sole proprietors, Employee businesses (EE), Independent contractor businesses (IC).Following trends in the pet siting industry can only help pet sitting business owners become more knowledgeable about the industry. How much is “normal” or “average?” For example, according to our study the average price for pet sitters who work on their own is $17.00 per visit. Those that work with staff it is more like $20 per visit.

Now, how can you, as a pet sitting business owner use these findings? It is quite simple. What these findings (and many more) can do is give you a base camp to start off your pricing and service structure off. Is you business “average” is it “competitive” is it “higher than the others?”  This knowledge combined with one of my personal favorite websites to learn about demographics is going to help you decide your pricing and services strategy.

Another interesting piece of information these surveys provide are finding out which business models generate the most business revenue and profits. These numbers may be interesting to those business owners who are in limbo deciding which way they should go. They are wondering what is the most successful way to achieve their personal and business goals. The results in this category actually stayed the same for 2013 and 2013. Thus suggesting that their might be a trend here.

We Want You To Decide…

Below there are links to the 2012 survey and the 2013 survey. We did add more questions to the 2013 survey. For the future, is there anything that you would like to see? Comment below and leave us your thoughts!

2013 Detailed Results

2012 Detailed Results


Special Thanks!

Special thanks to PetSittingOlogy for helping to get the word out and to The Pet Sitter of Boise and Daily Dog Walkers for helping to compile the results and construct the survey!


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    Mike Linville says:

    Great info. I really appreciate the question about business management software. I was looking to build integration software for them and this was incredibly helpful.


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