Pet Sitting Business Owner Survey 2013!

Pet Sitting Business Owner Survey 2013!

It is that time of the year again…. for the Jump Consulting Pet Sitting Business Owner Survey!

Jump Consulting and PetSittingOlogy are teaming up once again to bring you a basic survey about our industry. We feel that our survey will really help those in our industry because of our heavy social media presence. We reach pet sitters all over the globe, who are everywhere from the country to the city. Just starting, and been in business for 20+ years. Our reach is so broad and diverse, we truly believe  that you can help us get a accurate shot of our industry by taking the survey and sharing it with all your pet sitting friends! 


Will you help us by taking this survey and spreading it as far and wide?

It will only take less than 5 minutes to complete! It is completely anonymous and we will publish the results in March.


Take the 2013 survey here

How Did This All Start?

The story is in the two minute video below, but basically Julie and Anthony approached Josh and I last year to see if we could put on a survey of our own.  It was a great idea, so naturally we said yes! They have worked hard with us to perfect this survey and help tally the results. THANK YOU!!!


What Were The Results From 2012?

This survey is going to be interesting to those who are wondering about if you can actually make money with independent contractors or employees?

We found that the average income of those w employees was 96K while those with Independent Contractors was only 54K. There were actually MORE companies with ICs than employees in our survey too!

There is is just the tip of the ice berg!   We discovered a lot of great information and it will help you gain a broader picture of the industry we are all a part of.

View 2012 results  here