3 Fun Things To Listen To While You Walk, Drive, Exercise, or Work

3 Fun Things To Listen To While You Walk, Drive, Exercise, or Work

I am a big believer in always feeding your brain. In fact, when I used to (past tense, lol) go to the gym, I was suck a geek that I didn’t often listen to music. I listened to business books on tape. I found that if I listened to music I would be trapped in my own conundrum of thoughts and would pay even more attention to the thing I was doing, exercise!

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Books On Tape

To get my mind off what I was doing, and into “work out mode” as well, I downloaded a lot of books on tape. Some of my favorites were Chet Holems, The Ultimate Sales Machine. Dan Kennedy, the “No B.S. Series” Michael Gerber “The EMyth” and more recently Dave Ramsey “Total Money Makeover”  You see, the more I listened to these things, the less I remembered how much I didn’t like what I was doing! Ever been there? This also works while cleaning house and doing laundry! 🙂


When I first got involved in listening to podcasts it was via iTunes. As time progressed and the people I liked to follow expanded onto other networks like Stitcher I followed. Podcasts opened a whole world of possibilities. They included The Sale Lion, Ducktape Marketing Podcast, and of course, Pet Biz Support Show! Podcasts are what I started to listen to when I would go for power walks, or in my early days, be driving around doing pet sits and walking dogs. It was something I could easily plug into my AUX hook up in my car, and then take it out and pipe it through my headphones when walking… It was and always been a big way that I get ideas for blogs or products. Podcasts are a lot more conversational and topical than the mammoth that is a book.


Oh where would I be without my Pandora? It is like a nicely seasoned cutting board. The more you use it the better it gets.  Most people use music to drive around town, or walk dogs… but I use music when I am working in the office or remotely out in a cafe. Music keeps me pumped to work, blog, and write. Now, I know some of you wouldn’t be able to write with music in your ear…which is totally fine! My Mom and Brother are just like that. I think the lesson is that you gotta do what works for you! That is how I stay motivated. How do you?

Now over to you….

What are some of your favorite things to feed your brain while you work, drive, or exercise? Do you like to listen to podcasts? Ever listen to a book on tape? Does music get you amped up? What does it for you? Share below so we can all learn from each other!

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