3 of the biggest mistakes pet business make during onboarding and hiring

Episode 288: 3 Of The Biggest Mistakes Pet Businesses Make During Onboarding And Training

3 of the biggest mistakes pet businesses make during onboarding and training

Are you trying desperately to hire? Do you feel like you can’t find anyone? Does no one apply? Follows through? Ghosts you? Or quits right after they start?

These problems are running rampant in the industry and it is probably because of one of these three things:

Too long of an onboarding process, too much back and forth with new employees, and needing help with the probationary period.

This week I am diving into all these mistakes and what you should do to avoid them.

Biggest Takeaways

These mistakes are common mistakes I am seeing business owners making whenever they are bringing on new hires.

  • Too long of an onboarding process: You want to make sure your employees are well-equipped to do their job and feel comfortable with the company’s culture. But too much information is an overload. You want to keep it short sweet and to the point.
  • Too much back and forth: Yay for new employees! But sometimes too much back and forth can be just as overwhelming as the long process.
  • Probationary period: Is yours working? Knowing how long and when to measure performance will create a smooth onboarding process for everyone.



  • Did you take your eye off of marketing to focus on hiring? Let’s call that a 4th mistake! Your marketing should also be attracting the right employees to work for you. DM me today and ask how Better Marketing With Bella has helped many, many clients not only land more business but multiple employees!
  • The Mastermind is the place to be around other business owners who are making this happen every day. It is a group of like-minded business owners who are killing the game when it comes to making sales and finding the right employees for their business. I am inviting you to come to check it out!

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