3 Reasons Why You Need To Trust Someone And Hire Them!

3 Reasons Why You Need To Trust Someone And Hire Them!

“But I don’t trust anyone to do as good of a job as I do Bella. I do 110% and no one will do that as a worker for me, or I will have to pay them a lot of money!”

There you go again with the stinking thinking! It isn’t that you can’t trust them. You can’t trust yourself to make the right decision.

Did you read me right?

First of all, you can’t give 110%.

You can only give 100%.

That is all you have to give.

So right there, it is telling me that you are already exaggerating your problem.

You don’t want someone as good as you. If they were as good as you, they would take your business. Here are 3 area’s I think every employer needs to address within themselves to help them push past the barrier that is preventing their business from growing.

1 Time and patience – Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your business be. There are way too many types of people on this planet for you to say that NONE of them will be a good worker for your company. What it really comes down to, is will you know that you found what you are looking for when it is staring you straight in the face? These things take time. They take dedication to knowing your company who you are and what you are looking for. Without that knowledge you will be dead in the water.

2  Stand up to yourself – If you don’t stand up to yourself and admit that you need help, you will burn out. You will not be able to continue day in and day out for decades working the grind, never really able to create a financial future for yourself or those you love. You need help. We all need help. As human beings, it is one of the very basis of our being. Do you think all the mobiles of the world could have done it alone? God wants to bless us. God wants us to build proper structures and succeed so we can bless others. Personally, I don’t want to work myself into an early grave with no life experiences or blessings to share with people!

3 Be a leader – If you can be a great leader to those you employ, you and your business will be respected. They will look up to you, want to be a part of the overall goal, and they will feel like they are an intricate part of making it all happen. They will have pride in the company and live, breath, and die your company culture. You just have to stand up and lead.

“But I am not naturally that way Bella. I haven’t lead a day in my life and it still makes me nervous.” It might not be your #1 favorite past time, but I assure you that God has made you divinely. If you were lead to create this business and have been working hard to plug away everyday at it, He will lead you though it and guide you. You have it in you. That I am sure of. Will you unleash whatever stronghold you have placed on yourself and start stepping?

“The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

Afterthought: If I let myself be paralyzed in fear and not gain employees you know all the things I would have missed out on already in life? And I am only 29! I would have missed out of trips to other countries, valuable time and memories building with my mom, dad, brother, and extended family. I would have missed out on all the adventures I seem to get myself into… but even now, I have my employees working for me that I TRUST, while I am at a local hot spot, blogging to you, awaiting the arrival of by best friend and some more people so we can celebrate her birthday tonight. Having the luxury and flexibility in my life to do the things that I want, only enable me to create memories, enjoy moments, and bless others. Don’t you want that freedom?