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5 Empowering Life Lessons Learned From Negative People.

Recently, something came under “attack” in my life. I say attack in quotes, because it really wasn’t attack but more like a fly I was swatting. You know, that annoying feeling that can’t really sting you, but still buzzing around your head?  It isn’t the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last.

At first, I tried to make friends with this fly, but then I had to get out the fly swatter. I have been inspired throughout this experience, therefore creating a silver lining… which I think is very important in everything in life. Take away the lessons! I know that these are universal, so I know you will relate. Here they are:

Lesson #1 Not Everyone Is My Audience.

I know you have heard me say this one before, but let’s face it. Not everyone is going to “buy” what you are “selling.” And that is okay! It is what helps business owners create their niche. Although as the consumer, if it isn’t for you, then what is the big deal about getting all upset over it? It seems comical that one would go to lengths to speak bad about something that clearly isn’t their cup of tea. It takes more energy to be upset, and breeds terrible things inside, when that is someone’s outlook. Ever hear of Kia and Bentley? Neither one is good or bad. They just have different experiences, for a product that does the same thing.

Lesson #2 Everything You Say Is Public And Out There photo-19Forever. Everything.

Did you know that you can see what your site looked like from the beginning of its creation? Take a look at the Way Back Machine Pretty nifty, huh? Even Facebook groups have been known to have a screen shot or two taken instantly and the info that we think is so secure and private in our groups makes it way out to the public. It is getting easier and easier to take copies of things. When I bought my Mac, all I have to do now is press three buttons and BAM I have a screen shot. On my Iphone, just two buttons gets me a screen shot and it is forever documented. Pretty amazing, huh? I really think more people need to be reminded of their online personality and presence and to watch what they say. Especially if you are a person saying vial and hateful things unprovoked. Until that fly was buzzing around, I sort of forgot that some take the elementary school playground into their professional businesses still. Hmm…

Lesson #3 There Is Only One Perfect Person And That Is God.

We are all human. We are all imperfect. It rocked my world when Marcus Sherdian wrote about “7 Reasons Why The C Student Crush A Students When It Comes To Online Marketing” …and then specifically cited me as a C Student. (This also pertains to my #4…) You see, I KNOW that I can’t spell. I know that sometimes my grammar is terrible. Am I going to let that hold me back? Am I going to stop producing materials just because it isn’t perfect? Heck no! And if someone doesn’t want to buy from me because I am not perfect, then see #1. 🙂 So who cares if my blogs or writings have errors in them. You still understand what I am saying! 🙂 ….or at least I hope you do!

Lesson #4 The Only Opinion That Matters Should Be Those You Admire

Every hear the old, consider the source? Anyone that has something to say about you, really shouldn’t matter to you unless they are someone in your trusted circle, someone you look up to, or someone you admire. Simple as that. For example, you can be walking down the street and a little kid, could stick his tongue out at you and hold his skinny fingers up next to his ears waiving then around yelling “ha ha. ha ha. I’m a better pet sitter than you” and then start razzing you with his tongue. It isn’t going to phase you, right? He is a little kid. He is actually adorable and you would probably admire him for his determination to be a dog walker and his fearlessness, huh? That would be my reaction at least 🙂  I mean consider the source. When it is an annoying fly buzzing around, just squash it and move on. We all choose what we decide to let in our eye and ear gates!

Are they reputable? Do they have any authority to speak to your life? Yes, for the first two seconds it might sting, Especially if it comes in a area of your life that you thought was protected, safe, and positive. How you DEAL with it is what matters. Which leads me to the end of these lessons:

Lesson #5 There Is Always A Silver Lining If You Look Hard Enough.

I was asked me the other day, what keeps me going? Well rather than let this fly drive me crazy and out a bat and start attacking it, (and probably creating holes in my house while at it) I decided to get out the fly swatter, (an appropriate size) did a swift and quick swat, and now I am sweeping up my porch enjoying the beautiful Sunday morning reflecting on how I want to speak to my specific audience even more now.

Even more, if you are reading this, you are the type of person I want to write for. You are the person I am sitting in Starbucks writing this blog while waiting for my assistant to meet me. I have a smile on my face and am excited to be doing this because I know that I will be helping encourage people, sharing the lessons I learned, and hopefully inspiring at least one of you. It just takes one of you and it was alllll worth it.

Sound off below. What do you think? I want to hear from you!

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  1. Kate McQuillan
    Kate McQuillan says:

    Hi Bella, totally couldn’t agree more. That really touched me as its something that annoys me about people…and really what’s the point! I suppose because I believe that if you have nothing nice to say then keep quiet..and if really bothers you say it to the persons face…then I expect others to be the same. But you are right – using them as a motivation is a better use of your energy. Kate xx

  2. Tazzy Wheater
    Tazzy Wheater says:

    Love this post. I had to squat a human fly yesterday in my life. Your article has made me feel so much better about it , thanks 🙂


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