5 Reasons Why Power Pet Sitter Is The Best Software for Petsitters.

5 Reasons Why Power Pet Sitter Is The Best Software for Petsitters.

Power Pet Sitter is by far the best software on the market. As a business coach with a lot of pet sitting business owner clients, as well as running my (former) pet sitting company, Bella’s House & Pet Sitting, I have done my fair share of investigating software systems. Here is why I believe that Power Pet Sitter (PPS) is the best.

  1. I think the most important thing about the whole system is that it connects with Quickbooks online. Never again will you have to create an invoice and input clients billing information.  I can’t remember the last time I created an invoice. This feature alone saves me lots of hours a month. My bookkeeper loves it too!
  2. Availability to run reports on all types of things. Users have the ability to find out where their sales are with the click of a button and can compare them to other time periods as well.
  3. Customer service is over the top. In my experience, I have never encountered people who are so willing to help their users in one of the most time effective manner. This is a huge benefit to small business owners who tend to wear all the hats in their business. It is crucial to get the support needed to succeed.
  4. Like everything in life, there is a learning curve and nothing is going to be perfect. It would be impossible to do that for everyone. However, their system is very user-friendly once you learn it, and help is just a phone call or email away. I like how visual the system is, and your staff can even check off pet sits as they do them so you know they are complete.
  5. Mobile version. Often times when out in the field you need access to certain information. Its a great feature to have a mobile version that is easy to access from any smartphone.

I highly recommend you taking them up on their 10day trial offer. You won’t regret it!

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