5 Ways You Can Become More Successful In Your Pet Sitting Business, Today!

If you want to win a game, you have to do many things leading up to it, right? You have to stretch, practice, physically

train,eat right, and be mentally strong. Otherwise, you risk the trophy not being yours.

Your business is the same way. There are fundamental things that every business owner needs to do in order to “win the game,” right?  They need to answer the phone, perfect their branding, have a good business “voice”,  and do hundreds of other things to achieve their end goal.

Is it also important to keep in mind that everyone define’s success different ways. For the sake of this article, success means to have a well balanced life with your business working for you.

5 Tactics To Become More Successful Every Day:

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

1 – Don’t open any snail mail or email until you are ready to take care of it. Sometimes this means not opening it

unless it is business hours. Opening up email or mail usually requires a call of action from yourself. Usually in the form that it is a reply, a phone call, paying a bill, something! By opening up mail and not taking action the first time, you are spending time recalling it, risk forgetting about it or even loosing it!

2 – Take time out for yourself. Burnout is a very real evil of many business owners. Sometimes people even operate in burnout mode. This is as bad as your car engine running without any oil. Take time for you. Schedule ME TIME just as you would a client. I don’t care if you are laying on the couch watching trash reality tv, getting off FB for the weekend, or stopping work strictly at a certain hour every day. You need time out for yourself to re energize. How much time depends on the individual. A good rule of thumb is you have had enough time when you stop thinking you hear your phone ring or vibrate! *smile*

3 – Surround yourself with people you look up to. Birds of a feather flock together and once you find out what bird you are, you can find your flock! If you are the one in all your circles who are the motivator, the one people go to, the one who is always helping others, you need to diversify your circles. I am not saying they are bad, but it is important that there are people pouring into you and helping you as well. Find someone who inspires you and go for it!!!

Birds of a feather flock together and once you find out what bird you are, you can find your flock!

4 – Only exert positive energy.  We all know that negative energy takes a lot more out of us than positive energy. Studies show that negative energy lives in us and has horrible health affects. Learn to let things go. As tough as they may be you have to actively choose what to carry around with you. Positives or Negatives? Also (extra tid bit, should be #5) do not borrow problems, and don’t worry yourself until you know what problem you have. If you have oranges, make orange juice. If you have lemons, make lemon aid.

5 – Act. Don’t react. This might be the toughest thing and will closely tie into number 4. It is important that when you feel that blood starting to rise that you take a step back or at least sleep on it. I promise you that if you act, your response to the situation will always be better than a reaction. It is ok not to get back to people in seconds. We are pet sitters, not heart surgeons with a patient on the table!

So What Do You Do?

Tell me, what are the tactics that you do every day to make sure that you are successful in your business? Add to the list in the comment section!

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  1. Caroline
    Caroline says:

    Really great tactics! Thank you so much, Bella! Especially need to work on #5. 🙂

    Something that works well for me is having a specific day to do things. For instance, Mondays are for running credit cards, working on QB’s, and doing payroll. That helps me keep things organized.

  2. Tori
    Tori says:

    Bella – GREAT article! I think you make very valid points and they are easy ways to train yourself to work smarter, not harder.

    I like to make a list of 5-6 things that need to be done or 1-2 major projects. Whatever doesn’t get crossed off the list becomes #1 for tomorrow’s list. It helps me stay focused and get off Facebook or work on 4 things at once and not finish one.

  3. Holly Huntimer
    Holly Huntimer says:

    I’m guilty of #1. I really need to block out chunks of time to respond to emails & snail mail and not just skim them throughout the day. 🙂 I definitely forget- or worse yet, my inbox has 600 emails because I think I will go back and read one and don’t. Grrrr. Great tips! 🙂

  4. Kate
    Kate says:

    I went to a seminar before where the speaker said you should only handle things once. So like you say in #1 if you open mail then deal with it..don’t add it to a pile of things to do.

    I find it’s easier sometimes to turn everything off (like FB) when you are trying to write a blog post or schedule your social media.

  5. Joanna
    Joanna says:

    Thank you for sharing this!! I become overwhelmed sometimes and your tips will help me formulate a solid plan for getting back to basics and keeping things simple. Thank you Bella!


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