You finally did it. Your business is up and running, you have steady clients, decent money, and all the furry company you could possibly want. You’ve even hired a couple of employees. You are a Success-with-a-capital-S – it seems like all your hard work has finally paid off, except…

Some days it seems like the hard work never ends!

You were prepared for the hard work that comes with starting a business – but suddenly you find yourself with nothing but hard work.

Between fielding calls from clients who want to change bookings and add special instructions, and managing employees all with different phone numbers and email addresses and client relationships – you barely have time to breathe, let alone catch a movie with your kids or have a glass of wine and a book before bed.


Isn’t the entrepreneurial life supposed to be about FREEDOM?

You love your job – but you also love your you, and you kind of feel like you’re losing sight of that in a tangle of leashes and phone cords….

{insert unhappy face here.}

All right, friend.

Take a deep breath…

grab a cup of tea…

a piece of chocolate…

and sit down with me for a second, because I’m about to show you how your “you” AND  your business can peacefully coincide.

What if you could have a life where: