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Episode 163: How To Get Your Community To Know About Your Pet Sitting Business

Picture this… there’s a huge gala going on in your community. Everyone is dressed to the nines and it’s a very high ticket event. There are local celebrities there and while at dinner they’re talking about their pets, imagine if your company’s name came up. Here’s another example, you’re in a local Facebook group and […]


Episode 142 : How Connections In Your Community Can Produce Tens Of Thousands in Revenue

Want to learn how you can build a 6-figure business without using social media? In this episode, Bella is going to share exactly how she was able to do this in her business, prior to Social Media along with all the tips and tricks that still work today. Get ready to learn how relationships will […]


Episode 114: How To Have Your Community Begging To Partner With Your Pet Business

Imagine if you could have the town talking about your business? Or if you could have other pet businesses contacting you to work with you and partner with your pet business? Maybe the local pet store having a flyer in every bag that leaves their store with a purchase and your company’s name on the […]


Episode 91: Becoming Known In Your Community With Mark Schaefer

Talking to Mark Schaefer is always an inspiration. Not only does he have advanced degrees in marketing and organization, he is the author of five best-selling books and a professor at Rutgers. You can find his books are even being used as textbooks. And he’s so approachable and humble. Today we are getting to know […]


How To Have a Howling Event In your Community

Part of making your business stand out from the rest is how you relate to the community. Learn how to put on killer events with local media present, helping to promote it, and land more contacts, potential clients, and get your name out there for free! In fact, I will show you how you can even make money on doing these events in your town. Big or small, let me give you all the elements you must have to make sure that it is a Howling time!!!


Episode 332: What Should – and Should NEVER – Appear In Your Social Profile For Instagram and Facebook

In today’s digital age, having a strong social media presence is crucial for any business looking to succeed. With millions of people using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter every day, it’s more important than ever to make a great first impression. And that’s where having a good social media profile comes in.Hey there, welcome […]


Episode 331: Anatomy of a Social Post: How to use Hooks, Hashtags, and Hype to Make More Sales

Are you struggling to make sales on social media? Do you feel like your content is not reaching the right audience? Then this episode is the one you’ve been looking for.Welcome to the latest episode of Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast. In this episode, Bella talks about the importance of using hooks, […]


Episode 330: 3 Ways to Delight Your Clients Through Social Media

Hey, jumpers! It’s no secret that in today’s fast-paced world, businesses are constantly searching for ways to gain a competitive edge over one another. With modern technology, many companies are looking towards social media platforms to connect with their target audience. Unfortunately, though, not many businesses are hitting the mark when it comes to delighting […]


Episode 329: Score Big: 4 Advantages of Having a Standardized Interview Scoring System

Recruiting and hiring the right candidates can be a challenging process for organizations, and mistakes can be costly. However, with the introduction of standardized scoring systems, many organizations are now finding it easier to make informed hiring decisions. Standardized scoring systems provide a consistent framework for evaluating candidates, allowing organizations to assess applicants based on […]


Episode 328: Interview Warning Signs: 6 Red Flags to Watch Out for During the Hiring Process

Just like dating, hiring can be a beautiful thing. You fall in love, get married and have children. For a while there’s nothing but bliss in your marriage — then it all falls apart. You’re devastated and heartbroken over the loss of something so great. But what if there was a way to avoid all […]


Episode 327: Candidate Magnet: How to Attract the Best Job Candidates with the Top 5 Benefits They Want

We all love to hear this kind of news — “Congratulations on your new job” or “You got the promotion – Isn’t that great?” However, these kinds of things take time and are more than just executive decisions. There are several things that attract top talent and retain them long-term. One of them is offering […]


Episode 326: Culture Club: How to Attract Top Talent with a Winning Workplace Culture

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition and attract the best and brightest talent. However, many people today ignore the power of creating a winning workplace culture as a key component of attracting top talent. A strong workplace culture not only attracts top talent, but […]


Episode 325: Retention Revolution: How To Decrease High Turn Over Rates

Are you tired of constantly having to replace employees and going through the hiring process over and over again? Imagine having a team that stays with you for the long haul! Imagine never having to worry about the retention of your staff. What would that look like to your business? I’ve got the secret to […]


Episode 323: The One Thing That Got This Pet Sitting Business Through 2020 And Still Thriving Today

Let’s face it, 2020 was not a good year for most businesses. A lot of pet sitting and dog walking companies shut down – but did they ever think they would come back stronger than ever? This week’s guest Stephanie is going to share with you her secret weapon on how she came back with […]


Episode 322: Want to Achieve Success in the Pet Industry with Your Marketing And Hiring? Here’s How Becky Lea from Paws Around Motown Did it

Have you been struggling with creating an effective hiring system where you aren’t ghosted and quality people show up to interviews? Or maybe you have been working hard to level up your social media to attract the right clients and employees? In this episode you will be inspired to listen to the story of Becky […]


Episode 321: 4 Easy Steps to Asking for a Testimonial – and Why You Absolutely Should

Hey there! Are you ready to learn the secret to making it rain with testimonials? Look no further, because on this episode, we’ll be sharing all of our best tips and tricks for collecting and using client feedback to boost your business. We also have a freebie download for you as well!  In this episode, […]


Episode 320: Feeling Stuck? This Is The #1 Thing You Need To Hear

Have you found yourself in a rut lately? Like a place where you just feel stuck. There are many reasons why business owners find themselves stuck in a rut, but not many know what to do next. The good news is you are not alone, we have all been there before. In this week’s episode, […]


Episode 319: Want More Profits? Here Is What You Need To Do

Have you had time lately to be intentional about your self-development? As a leader, because that is what you are, you need to continue to grow and develop. And when we are not intentional about it, influences come in and alter our ways of thinking. Today I want you to think about the things that […]


Episode 318: Bedbugs, Boundaries, And Business: How To Be A Person Of Your Word

How does it feel when you cannot trust someone? But I think the better question we should ask is, what if you do not trust yourself? You might be thinking, how am I not trusting myself? Plain and simple, it is when your yes doesn’t mean yes or your no doesn’t mean no. We have […]


Episode 317: Are Toxic Cycles Ruining Your Business Relationships?

We have all been there, toxic relationships. The kind that leaves us feeling defeated and knocked down when it is all done and said. The toxic cycles that repeat over and over again, ultimately making us lose trust. Whether you have been affected by someone toxic or been the toxic person yourself, this is something […]


Episode 316: 4 More Ways To Practice Self-Care During The Holiday Rush

What if there was a way to prioritize self-care during the holidays but not jeopardize business? Would you be willing to make small (but important) changes that would allow you to ensure self-care is a priority but kept business booming? Many business owners today sacrifice their own self-care for the name of their business. Saying […]


Episode 311: 3 Easy Ways To Use Social Media Marketing To Get More Clients

So you say you want to attract more clients? What if I told you that you do not need to wait around for them to come to you? That you can actively be out there attracting the right clients for your business. Or train someone on your staff to proactively attract more clients. Social media. […]


Episode 309: 3 Ways To Beat The Competition At Their Own Game

You might be looking to increase your business, or take on more clients. Maybe trying to grow your business and increase your revenue. Whatever it is you are looking to do, you need to stand out from the competition. What are you doing differently that will stand out from your competition? What if I told […]