April 27th

April 27th

Pet Edu Interview With Mary Oberdier

This week I had the pleasure on being interviewed on the Pet Edu online podcast with host Mary Oberdier. Listen in as we talk about how the pet industry is changing, the support and resources out there, and how your mindset really determines your success!

Listen here.


FACEBOOK GROUP TRAINING: How To Use Facebook Groups To Get More Clients & Staff

In this week’s free Training, Erika & I discussed one of the most useful features in all of social media – Facebook Groups! In this training, we share with you just how powerful Facebook groups can really be for your pet sitting and dog walking business.

We show you exactly how to create a Facebook group, how to gain followers, and most importantly – how to build a community that people are excited to be in.

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NEW PODCAST: Navigating Social Media With Mari Smith

In this week’s podcast, I bring you the biggest guest to date in the Bella In Your Business podcast, Mari Smith, a.k.a “The Queen of Facebook.

Listen in to hear all about how you can FOCUS for success, create meaningful relationships on Facebook, and how to build your online communities! Click here to listen.

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Take Your Business To The Next Level With The Jump Mastermind:

Do you ever feel like you’re just spinning your wheels in your business, but never really ACCOMPLISHING anything? A lot of members felt this exact way until they joined the Mastermind.

Consider joining The Jump Mastermind – the premiere online community for serious, likeminded pet sitting business owners. It is specifically curated to help you gain focus, direction, and clarity – some of the most important aspects for success in your pet business.

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