April 6th

April 6th

Psst… here is how to join me in this Estate in Aug? 

Do You Know If Google Even LIKES Your Website? Or What To Do When You Have a Problem With it?

This past Tuesday, during our 3rd free training, Erika of Barketing Blog and I broke down the ins and outs of what you need in order to manage your website. Do you know how important it is to have someone watching and looking at it every single day? Do you know if Google even LIKES your website, how to find out, and what needs to be monitored frequently to make sure that your site is running to googles standards?

Watch this free training and grab the FREE show notes (I think there are 5 pages?) we mention how in the video below.

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Episode 90: Questions To Ask Your CPA & Tracking Expenses for Tax Time

It’s everybody’s favorite time of year (or should I say the least favorite?) – TAX TIME. Is your business ready, and more importantly, are YOU ready?

If you’re feeling nervous, you’re not alone. After a lot of pet sitters were posting a video that was going viral from the TaxBot, I reached out to the company and got the pleasure of landing an interview with their CEO. Jake was not only a high energy and entertaining interview, but a lot of knowledge was dropped that left me excited at the end.

You have to listen to see what I mean.


The Story Of How I Blogged My Way To Building A 6 Figure Pet Sitting Company

As Leslie Samuel reminded me, I don’t tell this story enough!

Hear how I started and built my former nationally and locally award-winning pet sitting company and how the 550 blogs I wrote were the backbone to the company.

I share how I made many mistakes, double-downed on the right things, and to this day still dominate the local search, even above the dreaded Yelp. You can take all these tips and make your blog the only marketing tool you use to grow your local pet sitting and dog walking business

Check out the episode and listen here. 

Here are the cliff notes:


Oh, and you want to join me in that Estate I showed you at the beginning of the video……?

I am hosting the first ever retreat for pet sitters in a 5000 square foot Estate in Paradise Valley, Az Aug 17th to the 19th. We only have 3 spots left as the first 8 sold in the first four days… www.JumpIntoParadise.com   

Almost everything is included and the line up of people already signed up to come are some heavy hitters in our industry! You won’t want to miss this!


Always Keep Jumping!