[Audio] Can I Get In Trouble For Using Photos That Are Not Mine On My Blog? | Interview With Arizona Lawyer

On my private Facebook group page, the topic has come up about using pictures on our blogs. Some pet sitters have been getting letters from a certain online picture hosting site, demanding payment for the use of their photos. This has come as a shock for two reasons:

1 – Many business owners believe that if they find a photo on Google Images, it is able to be used as they want.
2 – The bills have been substantial. Up to $1,000 dollars!

In this audio clip we discuss:

  • What is copyright infringement.
  • What to do if you get a letter from a company.
  • What is most likely to happen if you ignore these letters?
  • We discuss sharing photos on facebook
  • Are you still responsible for copyright infringement if there is no watermark on the photo?
  • …and more!

I believe in always going to the source so I gave my business lawyer a call here in Arizona and recorded the call so that I could shed some light onto this subject.  Brent Kleinman is from the Kleinman Law Firm. Follow him on FB and ask him questions there!

It is worth listening to!



So Where Should You Get Your Images?

I get mine from Deposit Photos. They are reasonably priced and they keep track of all my licenses. Try them out! 🙂

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