[Audio] Can I Get In Trouble For Using Photos That Are Not Mine On My Blog? | Interview With Arizona Lawyer

On my private Facebook group page, the topic has come up about using pictures on our blogs. Some pet sitters have been getting letters from a certain online picture hosting site, demanding payment for the use of their photos. This has come as a shock for two reasons:

1 – Many business owners believe that if they find a photo on Google Images, it is able to be used as they want.
2 – The bills have been substantial. Up to $1,000 dollars!

In this audio clip we discuss:

  • What is copyright infringement.
  • What to do if you get a letter from a company.
  • What is most likely to happen if you ignore these letters?
  • We discuss sharing photos on facebook
  • Are you still responsible for copyright infringement if there is no watermark on the photo?
  • …and more!

I believe in always going to the source so I gave my business lawyer a call here in Arizona and recorded the call so that I could shed some light onto this subject.  Brent Kleinman is from the Kleinman Law Firm. Follow him on FB and ask him questions there!


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