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Shhh! Secret Episode

  I’ve never done this before… but I had something really special to tell you. My loyal podcast listeners. I am doing a workshop and I am giving it to you for only $7. www.jumpconsulting.net/workshop to sign up! I just wanted to say that I believe in you. I believe in your business. Every week […]

How to Perfect Your Hiring Knockout Questions

How many of you have been inundated with applications to your hiring ad? With the unemployment rate at 13% in June 2020, many business owners are having this problem (although, it’s a good problem to have!). Even still, it can get seriously depressing sifting through application after application of candidates. Most of them didn’t even […]

How To Make COVID-19 Stop Messing With Your Head

Pandemic Stress Disorder Is Very Real How are you really doing right now with pandemic stress? I mean really? I can’t imagine you are having the best time of your life right now, or are you?  See, I have been talking to countless business owners around the world the past three weeks and I’ve realized […]

Things To Consider Before Temporarily Closing Your Business

Things to Consider before Temporarily Closing Your Business  As the outbreak of COVID-19 spreads worldwide, business owners are forced to make tough decisions. Considerations must be made not only for yourself but for your colleagues, employees, family, friends, and – of course – your pets. I understand that many of you reading this may be considering […]

Why My Pet Sitting Business Needs SOP’s

Would you agree to board an airplane knowing that the pilot was simply ‘told’ what to do? Probably not! It’s not enough to TELL our employees what to do- it’s critical that we have clear guidelines and instructions in place to ensure our operations run smoothly and efficiently. However, not all businesses are the same […]

The Secret To Knowing What To Post On Social Media

When it comes to the secret to knowing what to post on social media, you’re probably in one of these camps: Reposting everyone else’s content You don’t post and feel guilty about it. You post way too much and get no traction or engagement. Posting last-minute or spur-of-the-moment without a structure or plan. You post […]

Episode 185: Skyrocket Your Business With Your Health

  Skyrocket Your Business With Your Health Let’s be honest – sometimes being a business owner sucks. It can be lonely, isolating, and so easy to get inside our own heads. That’s why it’s critical to take care of yourself first. We have to take care of ourselves so we can set ourselves up for […]

Episode 183: Video Training In Your Pet Sitting Company

 Are you struggling to find the time and resources to train your employees effectively in your pet-sitting business? Don’t let the stress of planning a training session hold you back from ensuring your staff is well-equipped to succeed. Video training is the solution you’ve been looking for – whether you have new hires or are […]

Episode 181: Remote Managing Your Pet Business

Remote Managing Your Pet Business   I know there’s plenty of you wanting to have the luxury of traveling or maybe even relocating away from your pet business but you’re afraid of trying to manage your pet business remotely. That’s why I brought on one of my personal friends and client, Tiffany Lewis, who manages […]