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You Are Helping Me Change My Life!

After a recent coaching session with a really awesome up and coming business owner, she emailed me the below. We were discussing charging what you are worth and how sometimes we are not always our own client.

Communication Is Key, Secure & Close The Sale Now

Communication. Sometimes you don’t realize how important it is, until it doesn’t happen. Example… I had a recent weird experience with a vendor.  I admired their work, and passed it along to colleagues and friends, who also liked their work. In fact one colleague liked their work so much that they said they wanted to purchase […]

[Audio MP3] Christ Based Networking

On April 13th, at Desert Life Church I gave a 30 minute talk to the monthly group that meets on the second Wednesday of every month. It was called “How hard are you casting your net? Networking – Christ Based. This is a fantastic group that meets from 12pm-1pm with a amazing lunch provided to […]

I Can't Help The People That Aren't Willing To Do These 4 Things:

These are the same things that prevent us from setting goals. From turning dreams into reality. You attitude should be filled with I CAN not… “I can only if…” You must get rid of the stinking thinking, acknowledge that you are not perfect, you can’t always make everyone happy, and make a conscious promise to yourself to take a STAND in your life!!!!