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Happy New Year From My Kitchen Table…

Happy New Year! ….as I start writing, it is 8:23 here in Arizona. I felt compelled to just write but realizing this was much longer than a Facebook status, I thought to post this here… I am talking to you. The business owner who is stressed, worried, overwhelmed, unbalanced, and willing to be vulnerable.  Here is […]

9 Apps to Help Small Business Productivity

As a small business owner, we all wear many hats. Sometimes so many hats that we end up feeling like a character in a Dr Sueus book trying to balance them all up on top of our head! We know we should use apps to help our business productivity but often get overwhelmed with the […]

Pet First Aid and CPR Online

  Getting pet first and cpr online training can be life saving for your pet sitting clients, let your staff know that you are invested in their training,  and a marketing gold mine if you use it correctly. This coupon code is from Episode 26 of Bella In Your Business podcast where we discuss all the benefits […]

Pro Pet Hero: Pet First Aid CPR Online

Getting pet first and cpr training can be life saving for your pet sitting clients and a marketing gold mine if you use it correctly. Below is the goodies from Episode 26 of Bella In Your Business podcast where we discuss all the benefits of this program: Discount Code for pet first aid and cpr online training […]

5 Holiday Gift Ideas To Give Your Staff

There’s nothing quite like the squeals of excitement when your surprise someone with a gift. It’s even better when you’re rewarding your hard working employees with heartfelt appreciation. Day in and day out our employees put in their effort, energy, and time away from their home and family for our businesses. That’s why these 5 […]

Is Dog Boarding In My Home Legal?

We have so many ways in this new instant economy to make money that businesses like dog boarding are sprouting up everywhere. To be honest and straightforward the answer to this questions isn’t a yes or a no. The job of watching a pet while their parents are at work or out of town seems […]

Items At Costco For Your Holiday Gifts To Clients

You might remember that in a previous blog, I gave pet business owners 11 unique holiday gift ideas to give to your clients. Today, while at the #costcomomhour, I was inspired!  I realized just how much items there are at Costco for holiday gifts to give your clients so I made a video to show […]

11 Unique Gifts To Give To Your Pet Sitting Clients

The holidays are a great time to let your clients know just how much you appreciate them by giving gifts to your pet sitting clients. Whether you choose to do it for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even New Years, they are sure to appreciate it. Many pet sitters take to the Facebook Groups to ask what others […]

How To Handle The Inappropriate Pet Sitting Client

As pet sitters, sleeping in people’s beds, with their pets gets pretty personal. We are in their homes, sometimes living IN their homes as if we were them, so the professional lines can get a little blurred. It isn’t your typical office setting. I am sure you have come across blurred lines before and been […]

Can I Make Money Working For Rover As A Dog Sitter?

With the popularity in a shared economy growing, the opportunity to make more money on the side has become increasingly popular. You can drive people around with Lyft and Uber, you can deliver for Amazon, you can clean people’s homes through Handy, and you can now be a pet sitter or board dogs in your […]