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2013 Pet Sitter Survey Results Are In!

If you have ever wondered if your business is “average” “above average” or “under average” this Pet Sitter Business Owner Survey will be very interesting to you…   In Feb 2014, we conducted the 2nd Annual Jump Consulting pet sitter survey. 2013.  This survey was spread through the Jump Consulting and PetSittingOlogy email lists, and […]

How To Have The Worst Pet Sitting Booth At A Local Event.

Recently there was a Home and Garden show in my area. You know, the ones that pack a stadium full of vendors with people trying to sell you things for everything for your home and garden? 🙂  There were pest control companies with tarantulas, there were cooking demonstrations, chair massages, all sorts of things to […]

Pet Sitting Business Owner Survey 2013!

It is that time of the year again…. for the Jump Consulting Pet Sitting Business Owner Survey! Jump Consulting and PetSittingOlogy are teaming up once again to bring you a basic survey about our industry. We feel that our survey will really help those in our industry because of our heavy social media presence. We reach […]

What I Learned About Google + At TechPhx Today!

  So as I posted about my excitement about Google + on my facebook yesterday, one of my friends Desiree from Pink Media mentioned that there was Tech Phoenix, a relevant media “unconference” happening.  I soon learned that my friend Christina Wagner, with No Limits was going to be there as well, so I clicked […]

5 Empowering Life Lessons Learned From Negative People.

Recently, something came under “attack” in my life. I say attack in quotes, because it really wasn’t attack but more like a fly I was swatting. You know, that annoying feeling that can’t really sting you, but still buzzing around your head?  It isn’t the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last. At […]

How To Join A Google Hangout

I started to use Google Hangout more and more… so I thought I would give you all the resources to join a “hangout.” What Is A Hangout? A hangout is a broadcast. It is when a bunch of people get together (up to 50+) and can video chat. ….OR…we can make the settings so that it […]

12 Places You Can Find Pet Sitting Applicants

      “Where can I find pet sitting applicants? I am tired of Craigslist” I get this question on a weekly basis, so I thought I would compile a list of 12 great places other than craigslist you can find pet sitting applicants. They might take a little leg work on your end or ability […]