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Here’s Why Small Businesses Shouldn’t Do Their Own Payroll Taxes

There are so many payroll laws constantly changing. For instance, do you know the difference between filing your taxes the ACH Credit v Debit Method and which one benefits your business? If you did your taxes last year did you keep up with the changes and your responsibilities for the The Hire Act Credit, the Cobra Credit, the Making Work Pay Tax Credit, Social Security tax credit, plus numerous state and local changes?

Find The Pain And Be The Solution To Gain More Clients

Imagine this…you get a call from a prospective client. They are scared to leave their pet at home with a stranger and they have never used a professional pet sitter before. You know that you are amazing. Your clients know that you are amazing. But how do you get it across to this potential client that you are trustworthy, know all about pets and their house wont be a scene out of Animal House while they are away?