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2013 Pet Sitter Survey Sponsored by Jump Consulting

Over 100 pet sitters across the country were surveyed and data was gathered based off of sole proprietors, employees, and independent contractors. The results are in and are interesting. This survey is going to be interesting to those who are wondering about if you can actually make money with independent contractors or employees? For example […]

5 Ways Power Pet Sitter Can Give You Back LOTS of Time!

Time management is one of the toughest things for business owners to grasp. Without proper systems and processes a business owner can end up spending double or triple the amount of time in the office. Power Pet Sitter is HERE to help you make your business run smoother. Help you schedule clients, your sitters time […]

Here’s Why Small Businesses Shouldn’t Do Their Own Payroll Taxes

There are so many payroll laws constantly changing. For instance, do you know the difference between filing your taxes the ACH Credit v Debit Method and which one benefits your business? If you did your taxes last year did you keep up with the changes and your responsibilities for the The Hire Act Credit, the Cobra Credit, the Making Work Pay Tax Credit, Social Security tax credit, plus numerous state and local changes?