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Episode 322: Want to Achieve Success in the Pet Industry with Your Marketing And Hiring? Here’s How Becky Lea from Paws Around Motown Did it

Have you been struggling with creating an effective hiring system where you aren’t ghosted and quality people show up to interviews? Or maybe you have been working hard to level up your social media to attract the right clients and employees? In this episode you will be inspired to listen to the story of Becky […]

Episode 270: Stop Being Offended

  How often do you get offended? How do you feel when someone turns away when they hear your prices? Or how about when someone is always asking for a discount? Have you ever said or thought “read my website”? Business has been booming and we have learned to become pickier… however as they have […]

Episode #253: The Secrets Behind Employee Scheduling

  In this week’s Podcast, I am going to talk about the secrets to make your employee scheduling more efficient. Don’t be afraid, look at your SOP and employee handbook, do they set you and your employees up for success?   Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss How Does Your Business Handle Employee Route […]

(Secret Episode 2)

  I have a very special announcement in this secret episode. A workshop that is an hour long, helping you with social media with many freebies. Register here: www.jumpconsulting.net/workshop. $9 to the public and free for mastermind members.

Episode 223: How To Promote Inclusivity with a DEI Statement In Your Business

  The Importance of Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity in Your Business.   Hannah Boike is a hiring and recruiting professional with WalkerScout. WalkerScout is a unique RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) provider. Its mission is to help dog walking, dog daycare, and dog training businesses scout, hire, and support their teams. She is very passionate about […]