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Episode 200: If I’ve Taught You Anything…

If I’ve Taught You Anything… Wow – 200 episodes. 200 episodes of me (hopefully) providing you value, nuggets of wisdom, and lessons that you can take and apply into your business. It’s been an honor to record, produce, and publish this podcast for you all every single week for the past few years. On this […]

Episode 198: Baby Boomers Vs Millennials… Or Is It?

  Baby Boomers Vs. Millennials…Or Is It? The generational gap between baby boomers and millennials is something that every business owner is bound to encounter…. perhaps you already have? But one generation doesn’t have to be at war with the other. Each generation has unique and specific experiences that they can share with one another […]

Episode 190: How To Move The Mountain In Your Life

  How To Move The Mountain In Your Life   Biggest Take Away You Don’t Want To Miss We all have rock bottoms. It may be physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, or something else. If you look at your “rock bottom” as being at the bottom of a mountain, it becomes easier to take that first […]

Episode 187: What The Coronavirus Means For Your Pet Business

  What The Coronavirus Means For Your Pet Business It’s no secret that the Coronavirus (a.k.a. COVID-19) is causing mass panic in our society, and it’s starting to impact many pet businesses. Clients are starting to telecommute from home and cancel upcoming trips, causing dog walking & pet sitting cancellations. In this week’s podcast, join […]

Episode 165: Planning Your Business With Yvonne Heimann

Today I have Yvonne Heimann, a business efficiency coach at Ask Yvi. She supports digital entrepreneurs by building bulletproof businesses that are so efficient they’ll be able to achieve their financial and personal freedom they deserve. Losing her husband to cancer after 2 years of being his caretaker has shown her how important it is […]

Episode 150: 150 Episodes!

My goodness, 150 episodes of Bella In Your Business! That is days worth of me talking in your ears. When I started my podcast, my friend Shannon Hernandez had a podcast class, and me being the one to follow the trends I wanted to jump on it but I had no idea what I was […]