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Episode 3: Who Am I? Getting Real Personally and Professionally

bella in your business


Dear Jumpers,

This podcast is breaking it down explaining a lot about what I believe about business and how to look at life. I get pretty real and you are going to either love it or hate it, but it is a risk I am willing to take.

You see, I truly believe that I owe it to you to explicitly state who I am, what I believe about business, and how I deal with tough times. Included you will hear a audio clip that I recorded on my iPhone especially to you as I was driving to visit my daughter in the hospital.

It concludes with (what I feel is) an inspirational song and the story about why I am so tied to it. It is my wish that you too will gain some inspiration from it and the entire episode will put a smile on your face.

Now go listen, and don’t forget to comment below so I know that I am not just talking into thin air! 🙂

Your Coach (and parachute holder)


This will make much more sense once you listen to the podcast. Specifically at the end! *wink*

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2 replies
  1. Maureen McCarthy
    Maureen McCarthy says:

    Ohhh Bella, I Love all you pod casts and I follow everything you have to say. I have learned so much from you!!! Keep it up. I was great to hear you back on the air again. Keeping my business with-in a 10 mile radius works for me!! And yes, I do believe in hiring a professional…I did get a book keeper, payroll company and hire EMPLOYEES just like you suggested. I hired my weakness…I also have support team thank you for always directing me in the RIGHT path to growing a very successful business!!
    Thank you for all you do for all of us pet sitters!!

  2. Yolanda Nix
    Yolanda Nix says:

    Bella, you are a great coach and have your heart in the right place! Personally I’ve learned so much from you :). We as business owners have this ‘in our heads’, but at times don’t know how to achieve, or implement the ideas. What you do is help pet sitting business owners clearly break down each thought to a workable goal and back it up with proof.
    Thank you for being REAL and sharing this in your podcast!
    Sign me

    Still Learning,
    Y. Nix


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