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Episode 225 Running a Business Through Divorce or Major Life Changes

How Relationships and Emotions Impact Your Business


January 20, 2021/by Jump Consulting
business woman, pet business, marketing

Episode 224 – 4 Massive Secrets To Attracting Dog Walking Clients in 2021

4 Massive Secrets To Attracting Dog Walking Clients…
January 13, 2021/by ChrisPodcast
pet business, woman holding dog, business woman

Episode 223: How To Promote Inclusivity with a DEI Statement In Your Business

The Importance of Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity…
January 6, 2021/by ChrisPodcast
business mentors, financial services, ppp loan

Episode 221: Will My PPP Loan Be Forgiven?

Many of you have gotten a PPP Loan with hopes that it would be…
December 9, 2020/by Rebecca Ward
business coach, women in business, pet industry, video training

Episode 220: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Creating Our Own Video Training Series

Creating Video Training And It’s Process

It’s not easy,…
December 2, 2020/by ChrisPodcast
Rover, Walmart, Pet Industry, Dog Walking

Episode 222: 4 Reasons To Be Happy That Rover Partnered with Walmart

Did you hear the news? Rover pet care actually partnered…
December 1, 2020/by ChrisPodcast
pet industry, marketing, business coach

Episode 219: Marketing Mistake: Are You Hiding The Best Kept Secret In Your Business?

Why The Market Is Saturated With Privately Owned Pet Care Companies…
November 18, 2020/by ChrisPodcast
video training for employees, staff onboarding

Episode 218: Why Most Video Training Doesn’t Work And The Solution

Why Most Video Training For Employees Doesn’t Work And The…
November 11, 2020/by Rebecca Ward
Video training, staff training

Episode 217: Major Solutions and Problems to Video Training

Major Problems and Solutions to Video Training

November 4, 2020/by ChrisPodcast

Episode 216: What You Need To Get Your Pet Business Out Of The Covid Crisis

Pet Business Covid Crisis Survive and Thrive Mastermnd
October 28, 2020/by Rebecca Ward
financial literacy, financial advice, business coach, podcast episode

Episode 215: Getting In Control of the Financial Numbers in Your Business with Jamie Trull

Financial Literacy
Getting In Control of the Financial Numbers…
October 22, 2020/by Rebecca Ward
sales, podcast, entrepreneur

New Ways To Build Your Teams Confidence and Selling Skills

Looking for a unique way to build self-confidence in your…
October 14, 2020/by Noiz
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