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Episode 6: How To Deal With Negative Reviews

Ever see Jimmy Fallon do his “Mean Tweet” segment? This is what I want you to think of when you listen to Ep 6 of Bella In Your Business. There is so much negativity going on out there with pet sitters getting upset because someone wrote a negative review, told them their service was too much, […]

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Episode 5: Bella In Your Business: Motivation, Podcasting, and 4 Helpful Tips

In this episode of Bella In Your Business: The impact that podcasting and Shannon Hernandez has had on me and fellow pet sitters. How to get your motivation back and your staff! My 4 tips: 1. Evernote 2. 3. 4. *You have to listen to hear #3 and #4 Subscribe To The Show: Listen […]

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Episode 4: Employees, Blogs, & Daily Operations!

Hi Jumpers! In this podcast you will hear about how you can adapt your business to match your lifestyle. In this episode I answer the questions you submitted such as: When you should hire on employees and who to get your clients to start using them. How you can stay afloat and handle daily operations […]

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Episode 3: Who Am I? Getting Real Personally and Professionally

Dear Jumpers, This podcast is breaking it down explaining a lot about what I believe about business and how to look at life. I get pretty real and you are going to either love it or hate it, but it is a risk I am willing to take. You see, I truly believe that I […]

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Episode 2: Blogging To 1700 Hits In One Day and Delegating Your Business

Bella In Your Business Ep. 2: Learn how to be so relevant in your blogging strategy that you can draw 10 times the average hits your website may get a day through the steps that Bella walks you through. Also, hear how delegation in your business, could help reduce your burnout and help you achieve […]

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Episode 1: How To Get Through The Hiring Slumps!

  Listen in as Bella: Catches you up on her never boring life, Reflects on the State and Federal Audits that some pet sitters went through. Discusses how to push past those hiring slumps and find the people you are looking for! Subscribe To The Show: Listen To The Show: