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Business mindset

Episode 300: 11 Mindset Hacks To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Your mindset is going to get you everywhere or keep you exactly where you are at. As we publish this 300th episode, I am talking to you from my heart, as I always do on the milestone episodes. This time is it all about what you are saying in your own head. HOW to scale […]

Episode 299: Is Your Pet Sitting Software Working For Or Against You?

Jodi came to me wondering how she could get more clients. We took a look into her systems and found out that the way in which she is having people sign up was stopping the sale from happening. She was having to send UN and PW to a new user and while they were waiting […]

Pet sitting software

Episode 298: Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Pet Sitting Software

Pet sitting software is a crucial aspect of running an efficient business. Many business owners find themselves either without software or paying for one they aren’t even using to its fullest potential. And as a business owner, you want to do everything that helps move your business forward by thinking smarter, not working harder. There […]

You shouldn't be afraid to job share in 2022

Episode 297: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Job Share in 2022

Let’s talk about job share… Job sharing can actually be a GREAT thing… and you already are probably taking on BIGGER liability in your pet sitting and dog walking business. This episode will give insight into a different way of thinking. Now is the time to be creative, think about how we are going to […]

Think about this before your next price increase!

Episode 296: Think About This Before Your Next Price Increase!

Have you been thinking about increasing your pet sitting prices this year? Or have you recently increased your dog walking prices, and now you’re thinking it may not be enough… Charging the wrong amount can be the difference between a thriving business and going out of business. Ouch There is so much to consider before […]

How to use an SOP for your pet sitting business

Episode 295: How To Use an SOP for Your Pet Sitting Business

Does the thought of creating an SOP for your pet sitting business leave you feeling overwhelmed? Or have you hired an office manager but had that completely blow up in your face due to the lack of an SOP? Or even worse, take the route of starting to create one, just to end up with […]

Episode 294: 4 horrendous mistakes many pet owners make with their CPA

Episode 294: 4 Horrendous Mistakes Many Pet Business Owners Make With Their CPA

If I asked you today, “how do your books look?” or “did you have any big surprises from your taxes?” would either of those questions confuse you? Scare you? Leave you feeling a bit unsure? That might sound invasive, but to evaluate your business, you have to be in the know of these aspects. You […]

Episode 293: 4 Mistakes Pet Business Owners Make When Hiring An Office Manager

Episode 293: 4 Mistakes Pet Business Owners Make When Hiring An Office Manager

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and bogged down by the day-to-day operations of your business? Are you ready to take the first step toward creating an organizational hierarchy and scaling your company? Look no further! In today’s episode, we’re diving deep into the world of office management and uncovering the top four mistakes entrepreneurs […]

Episode 292: Staff Members Leaves The Manager, Not The Job

Episode 292: Staff Members Leave The Manager, Not The Job

Do you feel like you have a high turnover? Have you ever thought about why you have turnover? Do you know? Is it because of seasonal employees? young staff members moving on? or even life situations? Maybe so! But what if I were to blow your mind and have you consider something you might not […]

The Single Most Important Question You Need To Ask Yourself About Your Staff

Episode 291: The Single Most Important Question You Need To Ask Yourself About Your Staff

Take a moment with me if you will and think about your staff. Do you have a rockstar staff member? Someone who is your number one, most reliable member? And what would your business look like if everyone on the team was just like this rockstar? What about your staff workload? Is it spread equally […]

How to attract multiple applicants to your business

Episode 290 How To Attract Multiple Applicants To Your Business

Are you putting in the hours to make your business a success, but struggling to attract the right job applicants? You’ve perfected your onboarding and training, put the right positions in place, and even posted those job listings, but still, no one is applying. Just like attracting clients, you need to have a strategy for […]

Taking A Stand, Trolls, & Leaving Your Business For 6 Months..... Personal Stories With Receipts!

Episode 289 Taking A Stand, Trolls, & Leaving Your Business For 6 Months….. Personal Stories With Receipts!

They say to not believe everything you read online, but what would it look like if you did? Because there are many out there online spreading bad info and giving out bad advice. They are spewing slander and stating there is no way you can accomplish the big goals of yours. Tearing you down, because.. […]

3 of the biggest mistakes pet business make during onboarding and hiring

Episode 288: 3 Of The Biggest Mistakes Pet Businesses Make During Onboarding And Training

A lot of business owners are trying desperately to hire employees right now, but are facing issues such as long waitlists, difficulty finding qualified candidates, candidates dropping out of the interview process, or quitting shortly after being hired. These problems are running rampant in the industry and it is probably because of one of these […]

Episode 287 Secure Your Support System For The Upcoming Pet Business Changes

Episode 287: Secure Your Support System For The Upcoming Pet Business Changes

As summer approaches, trends in the pet business world are getting ready for some big changes. Business, if it hasn’t already, will start booming, and while that may be so exciting are you ready for it? Does your business have a solid foundation with a good marketing strategy in place? With the rising of inflation, […]

The biggest part of social media that everyone is missing

Episode 286: The Biggest Part Of Social Media That Everyone Is Missing

Social media has become an important part of marketing, but many people are missing the biggest part: outreach 98% of people are neglecting this element of their social media strategy and then are surprised when they are not finding success in growing their business. Outreach is key to a successful social media marketing strategy, and […]

Episode 285: 3 Types Of Pet Businesses That Need To Have Their Social Media Popping!

If you have been following along our theme of social media, you know just how important of a role it plays in your business. I think it is safe to say that at one point or another you have cyberstalker companies to learn more about them. Well, consumers are doing the same to your business too. […]

Episode 283 How to tell if your social media manager is worth their pay

Episode 283: How To Tell If Your Social Media Manager Is Worth Their Pay

        Have you ever hired (or have been thinking about hiring) someone to manage your social media? Do you know what you should be looking for? Are you worried you won’t get your money’s worth out of the job? Today, there are many types of jobs and tasks you can have your […]

Episode 282: How To Be A Good Business Leader And Juggle Parenting Duties: Spring Break Edition

          Balancing parent life while running a business is super easy…. said no one ever!! In reality, if you are a parent, you know how HARD it really is and all the struggles you have to go through to make it work. The mom/dad guilt of not spending enough time or attention […]

Are you in a toxic relatioship with your business?

Episode 281: Are You in A Toxic Relationship With Your Business?

      If someone were to ask you today “Have you ever been in a toxic relationship?” what would be the first thing to come to mind? When we think of a toxic relationship, we often think of it as either a romantic relationship or even a friendship. More times than not, you wouldn’t […]

8 considerations to make your website a selling machine

Episode 280: 8 Considerations To Make Your Website A Selling Machine

What do you think pet parents want to see when they go to your website? Do they want to feel like they are being sold? Talked at? Or trying to figure out how they might fit INTO your company? Do you think they might feel overwhelmed, not knowing if you are the right fit for […]

One thing that is preventing thousands of dollars of sales

Episode 279: One Thing That Is Preventing Thousands Of Dollars Of Sales

What if I told you I knew what was preventing people from thousands of dollars in sales for their business, and what you can do about it? This week I had the chance to reconnect with some old friends who I haven’t seen in close to a decade! It had felt like I stepped into […]

# 1 way to increase your sales that everyone can do

Episode 278: #1 Way to Increase Your Sales That Everyone Can Do

I’ve heard from many of you… I don’t like answering the phone. I don’t like being put on the spot. I don’t like selling. I don’t like talking about price. All of this is stinkin’ thinking that is severely limiting your ability to grow your business. People literally make the decision to call and speak […]

Making Money Off The Podcast: Real Life Stories Of Clients Increasing Their Bank Accounts

Episode 277: Making Money Off The Podcast: Real Life Stories Of Clients Increasing Their Bank Accounts

  Have you ever heard the phrase “do it scared!” when it comes to your business? It applies to doing things that take you outside of your comfort zone to achieve the goals you are setting for yourself. Sometimes we define our goals with the motivation behind them, but we all know, motivation without any […]

How I Am Dealing With A 7+ Year Troll... And What You Can Learn From It

Episode 276: How I Am Dealing With A 7+ Year Troll… And What You Can Learn From It

  Personal Podcast Today Lately, I have been getting questions about how to deal with Trolls. You know, those people that get upset at you and start trying to rip apart your character or credibility online? Maybe it is a person that you didn’t hire, had to fire, or a client that just went sideways […]