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Episode 266: The Magic Problem Solver: Subjective vs Objective Reality

  Do you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to setting your prices? What if I were to tell you this is only because of your thinking? Having the proper view of your thinking process can make difficult decisions like price increases a breeze. In this podcast, I’m going […]

How To Leverage Your Competition For More Sales Podcast Episode Featured Image

Episode #265: How To Leverage Your Competition For More Sales

  Aaron Miller is going to join us to share a technique that has always helped him stay ahead of the sales game… How to use your competition to make your business better. Aaron has spent his life learning and mastering the art of sales and the psychology behind it. With all his educational experience […]

How to be confident with closing sales featured podcast epsiode image

Episode #264: The Trick To Be Confident In Closing Sales

  Aaron Miller is going to continue to share his in-depth knowledge of how to be confident with closing sales. He has been working in sales, marketing, and psychology for 20 years. Being top of his class in school he moved to the top of the workforce in sales and marketing. After spending his life […]

One Secret to winning almost every sale podcast episode featured image

Episode #263: One Secret To Winning Almost Every Sale

  Aaron Miller is going to share with you the secret to winning almost every sale and why this is so successful. He began sales management when he was 17 years old. Working through school and operation management he was top of his class in relationship cultivation, sales, and operational strategy. Even after becoming a […]

How To Train An Office Manager To Manage your Facebook and Instagram Podcast Episode Featured Image

Episode #262: How To Train An Office Manager To Manage Your Facebook and Instagram

  Are you ready to have their office manager not just take over their social media but do it right? Social media can be hard to run and staying on top of the constant changes that come with it is even harder. Do you have the time to keep up with it or learn everything […]

biggest mistakes podcast episode featured image

Episode #261: Biggest Mistakes I See Pet Sitters Make On Facebook and Instagram

    Do you know if you are making mistakes on social media? Posting to social media can be hard especially when you feel like you can’t think or get creative when you need to. We are pet sitters and dog walkers, not writers, am I right? In this week’s podcast, I am going to […]

Social Media Miskates Podcast Episode Featured Image

Episode 260: Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes?

  What if I told you that there is a good chance you are making some mistakes on your social media? You would probably lean in…because you know there is room for improvement, am I right? On this week’s episode, I am going to list out the most common 4 or 5 mistakes that I […]

How to make things happen in your pet sitting business podcast episode featured image

Episode #259: How To Make S*it Happen

  Are you ready to accomplish your goals? Today we are going to get real. Listen in as Bella is going to open up and really tell you how to make things happen in your pet sitting business. It is time to get inspired, get motivated, and take action!   Biggest Takeaways Starting Goals and […]

Secret Episode #3: I Have A Special Announcement

Woohoo! I am so excited! In this secret episode… I have a very special announcement… Do you want to know what it is? I am going to have a marketing workshop just for you about how to market your pet business in 2021 to get more clients and more staff. Listen in as I tell […]

Saying no in your pet sitting business podcast episode featured image

Episode #258: Why Is It So Hard To Say NO In Your Pet Sitting Business

  I asked my Mastermind members, what should I talk about next on the podcast? And an entire conversation was sparked about saying NO. Why is it so hard to say no? To themselves, clients, staff? It is an interesting topic that I have a lot to say about. There is something interesting that happens […]

Episode #257: What You Need To Really Scale Your Pet Sitting Business

  Have you made your mindset shift yet to scale your pet business? If you are someone who is looking to switch from solo to scaling your pet business, start hiring employees, and are ready to get uncomfortable to make the decisions needed then this podcast is just for you. Listen in as Bella tells […]

Episode #256: The Truth About What Happens In The In-Person Intensives

  Ever feel like you just need someone right there with you to help coach you through your pet business goals? A Few of you have reached out to me feeling this way and that is why I am going to tell you all about how I started doing in-person intensives and how beneficial they […]

Episode #255: How to Stop High Employee Turnover in Your Pet Business

  Losing employees is never easy especially when it is happening every other week or every other month, however, are you hiring the right employees to begin with? In this podcast, Bella is going to talk about understanding high employee turnover, how you have control, and how to ensure you are using the right resources […]

Episode #254: What To Do When You Have So Many Leads You Can’t Keep Up With Them

  In this week’s Podcast, Bella is going to give you 4 major tips on how to handle the increase of leads that may be leaving you feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. Are you taking on the right clients or hiring the right employees? Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss Are You Considering Inflation? […]

Episode #253: The Secrets Behind Employee Scheduling

  In this week’s Podcast, I am going to talk about the secrets to make your employee scheduling more efficient. Don’t be afraid, look at your SOP and employee handbook, do they set you and your employees up for success?   Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss How Does Your Business Handle Employee Route […]

Episode #252: How To Choose A Pet Sitting Software For Your Business

  Choosing a pet sitting software is not an easy task. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with all of the different options out there, or even tried them all but just can’t decide. It’s difficult to determine which features are important to YOU and then to match those needs up with software. In this episode of Bella […]

Episode 251: How To Decrease Turnover and Create Raving Employees

  In this week’s Podcast, Bella is going to tell you the difference between what happens when you have a streamlined onboarding process compared to being unprepared and wigging it. She is going to teach you why the onboarding process alone has the biggest impact on your turnover rate and employee retention.   Biggest Takeaways […]

Episode #250: The One Thing You Need To Be A Better Leader

This week’s podcast is all about perseverance and how this can make you a better leader. You will learn the benefits of being a part of a community and how to motivate yourself and your staff. As well as how to find the different things that make you want to preserve more.   BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS: […]

Episode #249: Get Inspired, Then Take Action

  In this week’s podcast, we are going to get MOTIVED and TAKE ACTION. I am so thrilled all of you get so inspired but it is time to do something with that inspiration I am going to tell you how you can motivate yourself to take action and what to analyze to make sure […]

Episode 247: How To Hire An Office Manager For Your Pet Sitting Business

In this week’s podcast, we are talking about how to find and hire the RIGHT office manager successfully. BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS: How to Decide Who to Use as an Office Manager Setting Up and Maintaining a Foundation to Have a Successful Office Manager Recognizing Different Personalities and Your Control Show Highlights How Set Yourself Up for […]

4 Different Types of People Every Business Needs to Hire

In this week’s podcast, we are talking about 4 different types of avatars that work for pet sitters and dog walkers. BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS: How to Make a Hiring Ad Directed to the Right People to Hire Look at Who You are Trying to Attract with Your Hiring Ads Find an Avatar, Hire Them, and Train […]

Episode 245 – How To Think Bigger About Your Business

In this week’s podcast, we are thinking big and talking about what you can do to level up with the tools you already have. BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS: You won’t grow your business trying to do everything yourself. Make use of organic opportunities. The last thing you need is another business course. Show Highlights Testimonial of what […]

Episode #244 10 Things You Need Before You Hire

So you think you’re ready to hire but are you? Do you have a manual? Do you have a handbook? Wait…. aren’t those the same thing?  I’ll be honest with you, hiring can be frustrating. Having these things in place will make the process much easier for you. BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS: Yes, there is a difference […]

Episode 243 – Why You Need Hiring Phases To Hire Fast and Effectively

  This week’s podcast is all about hiring phases. Focus on what’s important to you in YOUR business, and use hiring phases to save you both time and money. BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS: Do some brainstorming to narrow down the traits you’re looking for. Your systems are only as good as you are. The market is open. […]

Episode #242 How To Accept Video Applications

In this week’s podcast, I’m challenging you to try something new!   Today I am sharing valuable information that has been tried and tested during our Higher Gear Challenge. Tune in to learn what you should be doing to hire the right candidates for your business. It works!   BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS: The future of hiring […]