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Episode #250: The One Thing You Need To Be A Better Leader

This week’s podcast is all about perseverance and how this can make you a better leader. You will learn the benefits of being a part of a community and how to motivate yourself and your staff. As well as how to find the different things that make you want to preserve more.   BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS: […]

Episode #249: Get Inspired, Then Take Action

  In this week’s podcast, we are going to get MOTIVED and TAKE ACTION. I am so thrilled all of you get so inspired but it is time to do something with that inspiration I am going to tell you how you can motivate yourself to take action and what to analyze to make sure […]

Do You Know How to Balance the Increase?

In this week’s podcast, we are talking about the current influx of clients and how to properly handle taking care of our clients so that we can continue to expand. You probably want an office manager so your business can be taken care of and you can maintain the balance of work and life. Are […]

Episode 247: How To Hire An Office Manager For Your Pet Sitting Business

In this week’s podcast, we are talking about how to find and hire the RIGHT office manager successfully. BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS: How to Decide Who to Use as an Office Manager Setting Up and Maintaining a Foundation to Have a Successful Office Manager Recognizing Different Personalities and Your Control Show Highlights How Set Yourself Up for […]

4 Different Types of People Every Business Needs to Hire

In this week’s podcast, we are talking about 4 different types of avatars that work for pet sitters and dog walkers. BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS: How to Make a Hiring Ad Directed to the Right People to Hire Look at Who You are Trying to Attract with Your Hiring Ads Find an Avatar, Hire Them, and Train […]

Episode 245 – How To Think Bigger About Your Business

In this week’s podcast, we are thinking big and talking about what you can do to level up with the tools you already have. BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS: You won’t grow your business trying to do everything yourself. Make use of organic opportunities. The last thing you need is another business course. Show Highlights Testimonial of what […]

Episode #244 10 Things You Need Before You Hire

So you think you’re ready to hire but are you? Do you have a manual? Do you have a handbook? Wait…. aren’t those the same thing?  I’ll be honest with you, hiring can be frustrating. Having these things in place will make the process much easier for you. BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS: Yes, there is a difference […]

Episode 243 – Why You Need Hiring Phases To Hire Fast and Effectively

  This week’s podcast is all about hiring phases. Focus on what’s important to you in YOUR business, and use hiring phases to save you both time and money. BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS: Do some brainstorming to narrow down the traits you’re looking for. Your systems are only as good as you are. The market is open. […]

Episode #242 How To Accept Video Applications

In this week’s podcast, I’m challenging you to try something new!   Today I am sharing valuable information that has been tried and tested during our Higher Gear Challenge. Tune in to learn what you should be doing to hire the right candidates for your business. It works!   BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS: The future of hiring […]

Episode 241: How to get UNSTUCK with Hiring in 2021

On today’s podcast, I’m making my next prediction!   There are 8.1 million job openings and 9.8 million unemployed per the Dept of Labor. It’s time to stop complaining and start making adjustments to get people hired. You are not alone…. let me help you get your business back! BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS: We are in a […]

Episode 240: How Do I Know If I Am Ready To Hire?

On today’s podcast, we are asking ourselves the question “How do I know if I’m ready to hire?” The short answer is: there is no perfect answer. To start here’s a word of advice, it’s gonna get worse before it gets better. BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS: There are four things you need to consider when asking yourself […]

Episode 239: Let Me Help You Hire Employees In May!

This episode is one of our shorter episodes but I wanted to bring you two very valuable opportunities. First is the pop up group I am starting for the month of May. I am challenging you to pick a number of people that you will be hiring and let me help you hire. Do not […]

Episode 238: How To Crush the “I’m Too Scared To Hire” Fear

In today’s show we’re going to talk about hiring employees and those fears that may surround this topic. If you’re not into hiring employees, that’s totally fine! But if you are, sit back and have a listen as we dive into it all and approach those fears that just may be holding you back from […]

Episode 237: Facebook Hiring Ads with Pam Curry

In today’s show we are rounding out the series that has been all about Social Media and the best way to actually leverage it! We’re going to talk to you about using the graphics you can get from Better Marketing With Bella, (or any graphics you might make) and how you can create a campaign […]

Episode 236: The New Era of Remote And Flexible Work.

The New Era of Work and What That Looks Like as a Business Owner I am the founder of, the go-to place for both companies embracing flexible work and individuals willing to thrive in the remote world. Within the past few years, having worked with various international clients, I created a Remote-Ready Audit as […]

Episode 235: How to Use Social Media to Get New Staff for Your Pet Business

How To Use Social Media to Attract New Staff for Your Pet Business Did you know that social media isn’t just for getting new clients? What if we can show you how it can easily attract new employees and staff to your business without you even having to go out and look for them. Listen […]

Episode 234: Triumph Over 2020 and Looking Towards the Future

A Story of Triumph Over 2020 and Looking Towards the Future   Established in 2014 by me, Becky Lea, Paws Around Motown offers mobile services to fit into your busy lifestyle! We come to you and offer dog walking, pet sitting, obedience training, pet taxis, and yard cleanups all around Oakland County. This company and […]

Episode 233: How To Decide On A Social Media Manager

  Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss Social media is the storefront of your business and doing it on your own can be tough. Finding the time, knowing the strategies, and planning it all out takes a lot of time. Many pet sitting and dog walking businesses make the mistake of delegating their social […]

Episode 232: The 5 Biggest Problems Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Have With Social Media

  Doing the same thing over and over again? Put anything in a process and avoid starting from scratch every single time. Keep a file of the templates, fonts, colors, and embellishments that you always use. Making these decisions once can actually help you multiple times in the future whether you’re doing graphics, video or […]

(Secret Episode 2)

I have a very special announcement in this secret episode. A workshop that is an hour long, helping you with social media with many freebies. Register here: $9 to the public and free for mastermind members.

Episode 231: 13 Biggest Mistakes Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Make on Social Media

Social media is a jungle and it is always very tough to know what works and what doesn’t. Just when you get the hang of it and start seeing results, it changes! And it happens frequently. Today, we are going to make sure that you stay away these 13 mistakes I see pet sitters and […]

10 Ways to Save Money on Your Pet Business Taxes

Episode 230: 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Taxes

10 Ways to Save Money on Your Taxes   This week, Bella talks about some of the amazing tax-saving tips her Mastermind members were privy to when CPA and tax expert, Christian Culpepper joined the Mastermind video session earlier this month. Chris has 30 years of experience in accounting, banking, real estate finance, and tax […]

Episode 229: How Has The Pandemic Affected Our Mental Health?

How Has The Pandemic Affected Our Mental Health?  Dr. Tanaka founded Coronado Psych with the mission to offer clients evidence-based psychological services. She’s dedicated the majority of the last decade to developing and providing evidence-based, culturally sensitive, and accessible psychological services to patients. Dr. Tanaka specializes in working with young adults, adults, and seniors struggling […]

Running a Pet Business Around Kids at Home

Episode 228: How to Run a Business Around Kids Learning Virtually

How to Run a Business Around Kids Learning Virtually This week Bella reaches out to fellow parents everywhere. This episode is for all the overwhelmed pet business owners who are also busy moms and dads juggling their busy schedules, parenting, relationships, a household, and…kids who are also learning virtually. As we start to see a […]

Shhh! Secret Episode

I’ve never done this before… but I had something really special to tell you. My loyal podcast listeners. I am doing a workshop and I am giving it to you for only $7. to sign up! I just wanted to say that I believe in you. I believe in your business. Every week I […]