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Episode 210: Use This Dog Walking Recruiter Next Time You Have To Hire

  Use This Dog Walking Recruiter Next Time You Have To Hire   Joe Latona is a Dog Walking Recruiter that is a motivated and dedicated HR professional, dog walking since 2008, and hiring staff since 2009. He has built award-winning dog walking teams in Chicago and has hired pet care professionals across the United […]

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Secret Elements To Having A Kick Ass Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Interview Process

When most people think about marketing, they think about getting new clients. However, 50% of your marketing efforts should also be on getting the right people to work for your company. But finding the right dog walking or pet sitting candidate isn’t just looking for a needle in a haystack. It is the entire pet […]

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Episode 209: Why You Need Video Training for Your Pet Care Staff in 2020

Why Your Pet Care Business Needs Video Training for New Staff in 2020 Liz Illg is a Business, Content, and Systems Consultant. Liz and her team take an all-inclusive approach to finally bring your vision to life. They specialize in building the systems and operating foundation that will help you truly take off and scale […]

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Episode 208: Easy Ways To Repurpose Content into Videos

Bella knows that you probably feel like making video content for your business is a tough task. to get creative, especially during 2020 is a tough thing to do. We are in survival mode and growth mode just trying to get back to the new normal. That is why Bella is suggesting you repurpose content […]

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Episode 207: The Power of Snackable Videos In Your Pet Business

Learn what snackable videos are and how easy it is to create and reuse in your pet sitting or dog walking business.

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Episode 206: The Step By Step Process For Creating Promotional Dog Walking Videos

If you are a dog walker and need more clients, then you want to watch this Creating promotional dog walking videos podcast. Today you will discover the simple easy to use step by step process to quickly and easily creating promo videos for your dog walking or pet sitting business. Creating Promotional Dog Walking Videos […]

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How to Know if Your Hiring Ads Are Actually Working

When we put a hiring ad out there, it doesn’t matter if you get 100-200 applications, if only 1-2 are actually qualified. At the end of the day, that’s just a waste of your time. It’s equally as bad if you publish a hiring ad, and nobody responds. Not one person – yikes! Let’s solve […]

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Episode 205: How to Use Funnels To Easily Create Video Content

Would you like to learn how to use your pet business marketing funnels to create your video content? Structured properly you should have several campaigns going for all three stages of your funnel. Awareness campaigns are typically a top of funnel or TOFU activity. Lead generation campaigns are geared more for the Middle of Funnel […]

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Episode 204: How Your Vision and Focus Can Scale Your Business Fast with Joanna Price

  How have you separated your pet business brand from the rest of the pack (yes pun intended. )? Joanna Price is the Owner of Woofin’ It Pet Concierge. It is her vision, tireless work ethic, and passionate commitment to pets that has grown her business from the seeds of an idea to the best […]

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How to Level Up Your Social Media Strategy in 2020

I want you to reframe your mindset around social media. What if, social media was not just another task on a to-do list, but actually a tool to be cherished? A way for you to engage and be involved in a number of different communities. Once we can view it through this lens, we can […]

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Episode 203: The Difference Between Customer Service VS Customer Experience Could Increase Your Profits

The Difference Between Customer Service VS Customer Experience Could Increase Your Profits What is your customer experience in your pet care business? For more than 20 years, Jeannie Walters, CCXP has had one mission: To Create Fewer Ruined Days for Customers™. Jeannie is the CEO and Founder of Experience Investigators, a global Customer Experience consulting […]

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Episode 202: How to Communicate, Persuade & Close like an Experienced Trial Lawyer

How to Communicate, Persuade, & Close like an Experienced Trial Lawyer     In addition to Mitch Jackson being a “2009 Orange County Trial Lawyer of the Year” and “2013 California Litigation Lawyer of the Year,” he’s also one of the most well-known active trial lawyers on social media. He’s been profiled in best-selling marketing […]

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How to Perfect Your Hiring Knockout Questions

How many of you have been inundated with applications to your hiring ad? With the unemployment rate at 13% in June 2020, many business owners are having this problem (although, it’s a good problem to have!). Even still, it can get seriously depressing sifting through application after application of candidates. Most of them didn’t even […]

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Episode 201: Stop Preparing, Start Doing with Olenka Cullinan

  Stop Preparing, Start Doing with Olenka Cullinan     Olenka Cullinan is a CEO and Founder of iStartFirst. She empowers women to up-Level their business and mindset via on-line Bootcamp, iStartFirst Women’s Summit, and delivering keynotes and workshops for companies nationwide & globally. Olenka has developed a “Backbone of Success”™ method that helps female […]

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Episode 200: If I’ve Taught You Anything…

Lessons Learned In Life: If I’ve Taught You Anything… Wow – 200 episodes- of lessons learned. 200 episodes of me (hopefully) providing you value, nuggets of wisdom, and lessons that you can take and apply into your business. It’s been an honor to record, produce, and publish this podcast for you all every single week […]

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Episode 199: How To Do Virtual Meet and Greets In Your Pet Business

How to do Virtual Meet and Greets In Your Pet Business One of the “blessings” of our new normal under COVID-19 is that it has opened the realm of finding virtual alternatives to our everyday processes. One of these alternatives is virtual consultaations for pet sitters. That’s where you hop on a video call with […]

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Episode 198: Baby Boomers Vs Millennials… Or Is It?

  Baby Boomers Vs. Millennials…Or Is It? The generational gap between baby boomers and millennials is something that every business owner is bound to encounter…. perhaps you already have? But one generation doesn’t have to be at war with the other. Each generation has unique and specific experiences that they can share with one another […]

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Episode 197: How to Generate FREE Publicity & Marketing for your Pet Business

How to Generate FREE Publicity & Marketing for your Pet Business When you generate Free Publicity and marketing in your pet business, you will be able to connect with your community & learn how to truly bring value to your audience. But it is not an easy task Many business owners aren’t sure where to start […]

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Episode 196: Resiliency, Black Swans, and Perseverance Through the Darkest Times

Resiliency, Black Swans, & Perseverance Through The Darkest Times       We all have black swan events happen in our life. The Covid-19 Pandemic has definitely been an elephant-sized black swan event to the pet business. It has tested the resilience and patience of a larger number of Jumpers. Today I want to share […]

Episode 195: The Scientific Way To Choose A Pet Sitting Software

  The Scientific Way To Choose A Pet Sitting Software Choosing a pet sitting software is not an easy task. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with all of the different options out there, or even tried them all but just can’t decide. It’s difficult to determine which features are important to YOU and then to match those […]

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Episode 194: How To Prevent Your Website Content From Being Snatched

How To Prevent Your Website Content From Being Snatched Have you ever had your website content snatched? I’ve had a lot of pet business owners come to me about how other pet businesses STOLE their website content including services and blog posts! What would you do? Could you prove the content was yours? What images […]

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What Are My Options If My Staff Want To Stay On Unemployment And Not Come Back To Work?

In all my Facebook groups, the same question has been popping up. It goes like this, “I am thinking of re-opening and my staff doesn’t want to come back because they are making more on unemployment than if they were working for me?” When the CARES Act passed, part of it includes a $600-a-week bonus […]

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Episode 193: How To Utilize Video For Your Dog Walking Business

How To Utilize Video For Your Dog Walking Business If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’ve been squawking about the use of video for your dog walking business for YEARS. Video is the present and it is seriously skyrocketing – especially right now with everybody being home. If you haven’t […]

Face Mask Bella

20% Off Non-Medical Face Masks For Dog Walkers

Need non medical face masks for your dog walkers? We have them for you and have secured 20% off for you too. Quantities of 120 only.

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Ultimate Apps and Ways to Use Video in Your Dog Walking Business

When my clients think about going in front of the video camera, it typically scares the heck out of them. I have been squawking about the use of video for years and all the predictions have only proven to be true. Video is The Present. The social media feeds have exploded with ways to show […]