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How Do I Explain Un-Timed Visits To Pet Sitting Clients?

Pet sitters around the world typically do two things when they charge for their services. They either charge by time or by un-timed visits. Personally, I don’t believe in charging by time and I think every single pet sitter could do the same, if they wanted to. Here, we will focus on the in’s and […]

5 Ways You Can Become More Successful In Your Pet Sitting Business, Today!

If you want to win a game, you have to do many things leading up to it, right? You have to stretch, practice, physically train,eat right, and be mentally strong. Otherwise, you risk the trophy not being yours. Your business is the same way. There are fundamental things that every business owner needs to do […]

Pet Sitting Business Owner Survey 2013!

It is that time of the year again…. for the Jump Consulting Pet Sitting Business Owner Survey! Jump Consulting and PetSittingOlogy are teaming up once again to bring you a basic survey about our industry. We feel that our survey will really help those in our industry because of our heavy social media presence. We reach […]

How Can Your Voice Positively and Negatively Impact Your Pet Sitting Business?

We all have a voice.  I don’t just mean the one that comes out of our mouth through our vocal cords but our VOICE. What is the message that your business tells the world? Is it educational? helpful? all about business? biased or unbiased? well rounded or very narrow on topics? Each and every business has […]

How 20 Seconds Of Confidence Can Get You Through All Your Business Challenges

Confidence….. We all know what that means but do you know the impact it can have on your life if you just take a deep breath and have confidence? On the plane ride home I was watching “We Bought A Zoo”  (Great movie by the way) and Matt Damon’s character gives this advice to his […]

Protected: Pricing Guide: Is The Price Really Right?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

What I Learned About Google + At TechPhx Today!

  So as I posted about my excitement about Google + on my facebook yesterday, one of my friends Desiree from Pink Media mentioned that there was Tech Phoenix, a relevant media “unconference” happening.  I soon learned that my friend Christina Wagner, with No Limits was going to be there as well, so I clicked […]

Help! Where Do I Learn About Google + For My Pet Sitting Business?

For those that have been following me over the past few days on Google + and in my community, you will know that I have been getting serious about Google + and it is my prediction that this is what is really going to set you up and over your competition. It is going to […]

What Facebook's Latest Changes Mean To Your Pet Sitting Business

Interesting developments by the Facebook camp recently. I was scheduling some blog posts for my pet sitting business in Scottsdale when I noticed a new module in my admin section. I thought I would bring them up to you all, see if you have seen them yet, and what you thought? Pages To Watch While […]

What Facebook’s Latest Changes Mean To Your Pet Sitting Business

Interesting developments by the Facebook camp recently. I was scheduling some blog posts for my pet sitting business in Scottsdale when I noticed a new module in my admin section. I thought I would bring them up to you all, see if you have seen them yet, and what you thought? Pages To Watch While […]

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5 Empowering Life Lessons Learned From Negative People.

Recently, something came under “attack” in my life. I say attack in quotes, because it really wasn’t attack but more like a fly I was swatting. You know, that annoying feeling that can’t really sting you, but still buzzing around your head?  It isn’t the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last. At […]

How To Join A Google Hangout

I started to use Google Hangout more and more… so I thought I would give you all the resources to join a “hangout.” What Is A Hangout? A hangout is a broadcast. It is when a bunch of people get together (up to 50+) and can video chat. ….OR…we can make the settings so that it […]

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What Should I Do When I Get Unqualified Pet Sitting Applicants?

Recently I received a question asking: “How can I find qualified people? Most who apply are not qualified” I asked the pet sitter to tell me what they mean by not qualified and they told me what they meant below. Hiring is Tough Hiring is tough. Especially for our industry. I mean we are not […]

12 Places You Can Find Pet Sitting Applicants

      “Where can I find pet sitting applicants? I am tired of Craigslist” I get this question on a weekly basis, so I thought I would compile a list of 12 great places other than craigslist you can find pet sitting applicants. They might take a little leg work on your end or ability […]

How Is The Workman’s Compensation Premium Determined?

I called up my business insurance broker and asked: What determine your Workman’s Compensation (WC) rate? Is it only your state rate or if you have injuries on the job does it go up? The Workers Compensation rates differ from State to State . If you think of workers compensation as a major medical policy the better the […]

8 Real Reasons Why Sole Pet Sitting Proprietor Businesses Should Use Client Management Systems.

When I asked the question: Do you use a client management system for your businesses? to a group of sole proprietors it amazed me that more aren’t using these systems. I remember when I was just running my pet sitting business all by my lonesome and I had papers everywhere, and calls coming in with […]

What Do I Do When There Are $10 Pet Sitters Popping Up All Over My Town?

  As I was on a nice relaxing trip to Mexico this weekend and watching the waves – they gave me a lot of inspiration… You see, it is like a wave is coming at you and you are trying to keep your head above water and things are just splashing in your face and getting […]

What Would Happen If We Said NO More In Our Business?

It happened four times today. Four. And it is a Tuesday. It isn’t even Monday. Monday is usually when the requests come in like crazy. Here is what happened:   “Hi! I was wondering how much it would be to pet sit my dogs with overnights/day visits Dec 23rd to 29th”   My response is […]

How Should I Tell My Clients I’m Changing Pet Sitting Rates?

Following one of my last posts of Should I Put My Prices On My Website? the next question that I have been been asked the most is: “How Should I Tell My Clients I Am Changing My Pet Sitting Rates?” There is a number of ways that you can do this and it really all depends […]

How Using A Hashtag Will Help Your Pet Sitting Business

I posted about the new hashtag on facebook recently and the conversation ended up talking about hash browns in NJ. It got me thinking, pet sitters should know about hashtags. How to use them, and what not to do to annoy people or show that they have no clue what they are doing. First, a […]

Would You Do This To Market Your Pet Sitting Business?

I hear people tell me often, I don’t have any money to advertise but I need to get my name out there. Well picture this: I was driving through Starbucks and I saw a car parked in the parking lot with a sign that said For Sale and the phone number. It was placed smack […]

What Do Colors Mean On Your Pet Sitting Website?

I love it when I get new business owners on the line. They are excited about starting their business and geared up to start their website. But wait…. What Do The Colors Mean On Your Pet Sitting Website? Ever wonder why you feel a certain way on one website and another way on a different […]

Should I Give My Pet Sitting Employees A Phone For Company Use?

It has been brought up time and time again, “Should I give my employee a phone for company use?”  We are talking specifically employees right now because if it were an independent contractor, you would not be giving them any equipment to use. The con’s to giving a company phone to an employee: The extra […]

5 Best Lessons I Have Learned From The Sales Lion

It is one of those nights when I can’t sleep. My brain is just firing so quickly and I am so excited about the things going on in life, that I just can’t settle down. Ever have a night like that? So, I decided to check out the latest Sales Lion Podcast. Bad idea for […]

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How Do I Tell My Pet Sitting Clients I Won’t Be Their Pet Sitter?

“My clients don’t want anyone else other than me.”

Oie! That is a doosey, right? I remember being in this same exact position. I was afraid my clients would get upset and leave my company if I “broke up” with them. Although, lets take a closer look at this.