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I Could Have Lost My Business If I Had Independent Contractors When This Happened:

As I continue to build up all the articles on Employees I came across this situation that really happened. But first I am going to remind you oof my own personal story, before telling you this pet sitter’s story. If you are reading this and are either: (a) Trying to decide which way to go […]

Find The Pain And Be The Solution To Gain More Clients

Imagine this…you get a call from a prospective client. They are scared to leave their pet at home with a stranger and they have never used a professional pet sitter before. You know that you are amazing. Your clients know that you are amazing. But how do you get it across to this potential client that you are trustworthy, know all about pets and their house wont be a scene out of Animal House while they are away?

The Secret To Make Sure Your Pet Business Keeps Getting Referrals

I had to explain to her that as business owners it is our responsibility to go out and make the sale happen. We need to show that we want it, that we care, and

Tips To Be Sucessful When Posting On Facebook As Your Business!

It is very important not to be that annoying person on Facebook who is always promoting and turning people off. It boggles my mind how people don’t even realize they are doing that!

It Is Rude To Post On Facebook As Your Business

Hey! Listen up all you business owners… Unless you personally know the person’s page you are posting on – it is rude to do it as your business. Don’t be a shameless promoter by posting from your business account onto other people’s facebook pages. Use your personal account. If you don’t want to do that, […]

So Nice To Meet You!

Welcome to Jump Consulting.

My First Sky Dive

You, too, can get the courage to JUMP out of a plane!

Fear That Paralyses You Or Ingnites You? You Decide.

Easier said than done, right? When you are full of worry, you become frozen. Nothing in your life is fluid. There is no mobility. Fear begins to breed inside of you and ends up gluing your feet to the ground. Worrying. Prevents you from moving forward. You need something or someone to release it to. […]

Phone Script: I’ve Made The Money Back And Then Some!

Having a great phone script is something that every pet sitting business needs to know how to perform. Without having a script that sells, your business could be dead in the water. From that initial “Hello” to the excellent pet care you provide, they are equally important in the growth of your business. This is […]

I’ve Made The Money Back And Then Some!

This is from Jenna with Playtime Pet Care after a session talking about the phone script and consultations: “So, I’ve been practicing the initial phone consultation and have landed the last 5 calls I got (and have left with keys and a check at each consultation)!  The calls are going so much smoother and I’m […]

Are Email Newsletters A Good Idea For Your Pet Sitting Company?

With email accounts increasing, MORE people getting MORE email addresses, and
communication being more effective via social media – why should we even
attempt to write email newsletters?

Learning Means Nothing Without Execution.

We learn more from 5 minutes of doing rather than 10 years of studying.

Logic tells us that:

1) You learn something.
2) You practice it.
3) You master it.

Make More Money In Your Pet Sitting Business: Land More Sales On The Phone!

How many times do you have people call you and say, “Hi! How much do you charge?”  You tell them the answer. They hang up. You never hear from them again. …Or maybe you go to the Meet and Greet and you think it went fine, but a week later you are left with wasted […]

[Video] Becoming An Expert In Your Community.

Are you an expert? Did you know statistics show that experts make more money than non experts? We are all experts in something! Here is a speech I have in the Summer of 2010 to a local group of women. It is a interactive speech where there is lots of audience participation.

How A Bookkeeper Could Save Lots Of Money On Your Taxes

I admit it.

There were MANY YEARS that I was so overwhelmed, confused, and would have an huge about of anxiety at just the mention of money and my business.

If the Bumble Bee Can Do It, You Can Too!

So many times I hear business owners thinking THEY can’t do things. They can’t do the impossible. They are right. They can’t.

Tripple Your Small Business Website Hits In A Day

You know, it was pretty entertaining. Recently someone commented to me, “You are just a pet sitter.” How may times have you just been eliminated to “Just a…” I was taken back by this, as coaching is a big part of what I do. I really only spend two hours of my day working ON […]

Can I Afford Pet Sitting Employees?

This is a super question and very relevant in many business owners minds. Afterall, if you start giving away all your work, you are left with next to nothing, right? Wrong.

What Kind Of Boss Are You?

So this week I had a interesting conversation. One of my good friends was speaking about how much they HATE THEIR JOB. I don’t just mean like I can’t stand it. I mean like day in and day out HATE it. You know, on Sunday after church the anxiety starts setting in

3 Reasons Why You Need To Trust Someone And Hire Them!

“But I don’t trust anyone to do as good of a job as I do Bella. I do 110% and no one will do that as a worker for me, or I will have to pay them a lot of money!”

If I had a $100 (yes, $100) for every time someone said that – I wouldn’t have to work again in my life. First of all, you can’t

It Costs To Have Pet Sitting Employees: Payroll Taxes

Taxes are what every business should factor into the cost of doing business. So rather than pay your IC $5 extra, you pay them $5 less and the taxes make up for that difference.

Coaching client tells of an “Orgasmic Moment” with Danielle…

Oprah calls it the “Ah-ha” moment. Chris, from Aussie Pet Sitter in Tampa calls it the “orgasmic moment” See what she is talking about here as she thanks me for our last sessions:

Coaching client tells of an "Orgasmic Moment" with Danielle…

Oprah calls it the “Ah-ha” moment. Chris, from Aussie Pet Sitter in Tampa calls it the “orgasmic moment” See what she is talking about here as she thanks me for our last sessions:

You Are Helping Me Change My Life!

After a recent coaching session with a really awesome up and coming business owner, she emailed me the below. We were discussing charging what you are worth and how sometimes we are not always our own client.

5 Reasons Why Power Pet Sitter Is The Best Software for Petsitters.

As a business coach with a lot of pet sitting business owner clients,I have done my fair share of investigating software systems. Here is why I believe that Power Pet Sitter (PPS) is the best.