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Pet Sitting Consultation’s Secret Weapon – The Brag Book!

A discussion was sparked in my private pet sitting group about “What Is a Brag Book?” It occurred to me that many may not know so here is an overview.

Benefits of Your Pet Sitting Company Having a Brag Book:


  • It helps create the same experience for every client.
  • Gives you something to write “on”
  • Proves you are who you say you are.
  • Other pet sitters don’t usually have it.
  • Great way to show off in a professional way.
  • Great tool to hold the papers you may leave behind with clients.

Two Women Shaking Hands In An Office

Two Women Shaking Hands In An Office

How Should You Create One?

There is no right and wrong way to create the brag book, you just want to make sure that when you create it, it can be duplicated for each staff member you have.

In fact, many companies like Shutterfly, Costco and Walgreens will all create impressive looking books. My suggestion, design one and then wait for them to go on sale.

Or if you prefer to do it yourself, go to your local office supply store and grab a 1/2 inch three ring binder with a plastic cover on the front. Also a packet of plastic cover sheets that have three hole punches on them. Next, print out your logo that takes up an entire page and slip this in the cover of your binder. This will now be your official brag book cover.

Inside…you can have whatever you want:

  1. Certificates of Membership (past and present) to national organizations.
  2. Awards or Recognitions your company has received
  3. A copy of your bonding, insurance, workman’s compensation.
  4. News clippings or articles you have written for local media.
  5. Highlights of certain services (Like a page that says DOG WALKING and a picture of you walking a dog with three bullet points of the benefits.)
  6. Pictures of your staff with pets (not just pets)
  7. Maybe a page to highlight something that is different about your pt sitting service?  (Pet taxi, grocery shop, referral program)

The main idea is that you can o whatever you want with it. When you have staff it acts as a guide to make sure that every new client has the same experience or that the pet sitter doesn’t forget to tell them something.

These brag books are also highly effective to have on your booth during a event or while meeting with other business owners such as veterinarians.

So now, I want to hear from you!

Do you have a brag book? What is in yours? Are you thinking about getting one? What will you put in there? Do you think they are effective or ineffective?


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  1. Dana Serna
    Dana Serna says:

    Bella thank you so much for posting this! I have never even thought about having one of these. I have only been bringing folders with paperwork in them. This is one of the most fantastic ideas I have come across yet. I am going to Staples right now! Thank you Bella!!!

  2. Mary Anne Johndrow
    Mary Anne Johndrow says:

    I am putting my own brag book together this weekend! It is a great idea to show clients we are a professionals. Plus I see it as a way to really guide the get acquainted meeting so you have control over what is discussed. So many times we are in the initial meeting with a client, trying to be polite and listen to long stories about Uncle Eddie’s dog 20 years ago, when we really want to talk about our service and their dog! I think it is also a great way to show pictures of all the staff with their pets, so that the new client gets the idea that their is a dog walking “team” and not just one walker. Many times new clients have looked at me holding a clipboard and said, “Wow you’re organized!” A brag book will knock their socks off!

  3. Janda Ferris
    Janda Ferris says:

    Hi Bella,

    Great blog!
    I have actually been using a brag book for a long time, but didn’t know what it was called. I am wondering–do you leave this with the client, or just let them look through it during the Meet & Greet? I have been leaving mine for the period between the M&G and the first pet visit so the client has time to really look through and read the information and enjoy the photos.

    • Danielle
      Danielle says:

      Hi Janda,

      The book stays with the sitter during the consultation and they flip through it. It is much to valuable and logistically impossible to leave it. What happens if you have other clients? 🙂 If they ned something to look at, your website should be good The brag book is just to prove you are who you say you are 🙂 Thanks for commenting! Do you have a staff or solo?

      • Laura
        Laura says:

        We used a book similar to this. It has certification, insurance, bonding, BBB Accreditation. But Bella has made me think bigger and better.

  4. Barbara Radwan-Wiehe
    Barbara Radwan-Wiehe says:

    Thanks, Bella! I have some things I take with me to meetings but nothing this organized and professional! I’ll put this on my list of things to accomplish before year’s end.

  5. Tiffany Moore
    Tiffany Moore says:

    I previously had made one several months ago. Needless to say it has certainly proved beneficial. Clients actually have “hands on material” to get a feel for what our business is truly all about! Here’s something that you may want to consider. Design a “main” brag book and then have 2 smaller ones. This enables the entire family to become an active part of the consultation. GET EVERYONE INCLUDING THE CHILDREN ACTIVE & PARTICIPATING. I also personally prefer to show up at the Meet and Greet with business themed “Heads Over Tails Petsitters Inc.” Coloring sheets to keep the little ones occupied. Cause if Mom and Dad can’t pay attention to what I’m saying whats the point of being there? I have found on more then one occasion that HAPPY KIDS = HAPPY PARENTS. Everyone’s a Winner. =) Another Bonus… The Parents are very impressed with how I was able to wrangle “Little Suzy’s attention.” There is no doubt whatsoever now as to the level of capability possessed! =)


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