What Affect Can Branding Have On Your Pet Sitting Company?

What Affect Can Branding Have On Your Pet Sitting Company?

When I first met Kristie, she had a website. She had a business name. But NONE of it matched up with what she said her vision was for her business. It was a very simple and limited template. Using stock photos, no call to action. It didn’t feel warm and fuzzy. It felt very generic. (You will see it in the short video below)

Kristie expressed to me that she had the dreams of one day having employees and managing her staff rather than working like a dog every day in the business. Her brand didn’t reflect this at all.

It was exciting for me to work with her and her business partner and husband, Dave. I watched and listened to their hesitation, thinking I was crazy and how dare I come into their “house” and tell them they needed a redesign. But through reflection they decided to JUMP onboard and take the leap of Faith.

What it resulted in is pure genius on their part. Make no mistake, they are the ones who made the decision. Did the research. Hired the support team to make it happen. They recreated the look of their entire business to reflect and attract their dreams. Listen in as Kristie Glazer and I walk you through this amazing transformation she made in her business.


In This Video:

– See their old brand v their new brand.

– Hear how their business tripled after the rebrand.

– Learn about the emotional journey they went on to achieve this accomplishment!

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