Can A Pet Sitting Business Generate $150 A Year In A Low Income Area?

Can A Pet Sitting Business Generate $150 A Year In A Low Income Area?

In my private coaching group, people were asking “Is it possible to make $150K a year in your pet sitting business in a low income area?” 

On the board, we were defining low income as $50K. My initial reply was:

 I think it is totally doable. Although I don’t know what you are currently bringing in. Now you just have to figure out what that sweet price is to achieve that goal. 

I don’t subscribe to the belief that you are a product of your environment. A lower income area might have to do more volume, but saying that you “can’t” reach something is rediculous. I don’t believe in “I can’t” I do believe in “I don’t want” But not “I can’t.” 

I’m sorry, I have just seen too much in my life, and coaching, to say that anything is impossible. You just need to be extraordinary and figure out a way while not taking no for an answer.

NOTE: If you want to know what I mean, read about Olivia here

I was still getting a little kick back from the group. Which is 100% okay. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we all believe that our opinion is right, right?

Well I decided to do a little research to back mine up and make these arguments:

First “low income” isn’t $50K   The US Census supports that $50K is the national average income per household.

Second, there is a whole formula to the behavior of buying things. Many factors are involved such as Cultural, Social, Personal and Psychological. For instance, are you creating your brand to become something that all the cool kids do? What social groups have you infiltrated or businesses? What motivation have you given each of these categories to stop, listen, and think about purchasing your services?

Third, are we addressing things like risk, first impression, social proof? Many pet sitting websites don’t even look professional, so I think it is important to think about the WHY. Why would someone visiting an unprofessional website take a leap with their hard earned money when their first impression isn’t that they have a small or limited risk?

I feel like to say that “oh people can’t afford it” is severely sicking our heads in the sand.

Let’s learn how to sell ice to Eskimos! This means your sales script, website, and customer experience!

For example: Perhaps the “lower income” and I don’t mean $50/yr feel like home security is a big deal to them. So I wonder how many pet sitters have used home security as the main hook of their marketing? That could be an example of the above.

Your Turn…

So, what do you think? Do you think a pet sitting business in a “low income” area can generate $150K a year?

I sure as heck do!