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Hilarious Care Note Examples: What To Say (And What NOT To Say)

Ah, client notes.  (aka care notes, journal, updates, etc) It can be tough deciding what to say (and not say) in your client care notes.

Ever stare at that paper or screen wondering, “Just how do I make this visit sound more interesting than it really was?”  or “How I do make it sound like it wasn’t as bad as it was?” 

Another pain point us pet sitters and dog walkers often have is just how exactly do we explain to our staff how to say things,

what to say,

and the appropriate length?

Yeah, the struggle is REAL my friends! Today we’re going to take a look at how exactly to structure the perfect care note, as well as some care note examples for inspiration.

care notes

Anatomy of a Great Care Note:

Great care notes should have a beginning, middle, and end. They should have the facts but heavy on the warm and fuzzy. They should never have shorthand because it doesn’t make you look professional.

Like ur for you’re or u instead of you.

Limited emojis and the method the message is sent or given should be appropriate with the length of the care note.

Pictures and videos are optional but always appreciated.

What Types Of Methods Can You Send Care Notes?

Care notes can come via text message, email, notes written on the counter. Sometimes they come on a private blog, on Facebook, or through a client management system through a journal of sorts (pretty neat, huh?) Sometimes companies give options and some companies only have one preferred method.

Just look for the tiniest of inspiration… and go with it!  One care note example could be that sometimes just marking every bush could turn into “Fido expanded his kingdom to a greater area today.”  Or another care note example might be that perhaps it was a beautiful day out, you can say that “Fido enjoyed sniffing all the smells in the air”

A little insight into the pet sitting world. We leave our clients notes or text updates so they know how their babies are. Sometimes for the sake of the client’s peace of mind we have to “fluff” our updates a bit.

client care notes

Care Note Examples of What To Say (And Not Say):

Sometimes it is hard to know what to say and not to say. We want to stay positive but sometimes this proves pretty challenging when we care for certain pets. The following is from Sarah, a fellow pet sitter. She wrote this on her Facebook page and it is what sparked this blog. It is hilarious and something that all pet sitters and dog walkers could relate to! Here are some care note examples:

Client gets:
Fido had fun chasing a squirrel today!
What I actually meant:
Your dog went ape s&#t and lost his mind when we saw a squirrel 100 yards away and about dragged me down trying to go after it.

Client gets: Fluffy threw up on the carpet but no worries! I was able to clean it up with no stain!
What I actually mean: I spent 20 minutes on my hands and knees scrubbing the cat puke out of your weird, clearly expensive rug praying to sweet baby Jesus that I can get the stain up for you.

Clients gets: We worked on Fido’s leash manners today! He’s really coming along!
What I actually mean: Your dog makes me wish I carried around Vodka in my water bottle.

Client gets: Fluffy preferred not to come out today and visit but I did find her under the bed!
What I actually mean: I think your cat wants me to die.

Pet sitting and dog walking isn’t always warm and fuzzy. The pets don’t always cooperate and we don’t always have the best time. Tell me about a time where you had to get creative. How do you deal with these challenging communication moments in business?


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