Episode 240: How Do I Know If I Am Ready To Hire?

On today’s podcast, we are asking ourselves the question “How do I know if I’m ready to hire?”

The short answer is: there is no perfect answer. To start here’s a word of advice, it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.


There are four things you need to consider when asking yourself this question:

  1. Failure
  2. Time
  3. Nurturing
  4. Mindset


Show Highlights

  • Do you have time to lay the foundation? (5:17)
  • How are you going to nurture and coach? Where are you getting your leadership skills? (7:08)
  • It’s going to get worse before it gets better. (9:20)
  • Think about how much people are worth to your business because that mindset is will change what you are willing to deal with. (12:09)

Special Offers

  • $10 Hire Challenge! From May 1st – 31st. A $525 value for just $10! Bella is that committed to helping you scale!
  • www.jumpconsulting.net/challenge




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Episode 239: Let Me Help You Hire Employees In May!

This episode is one of our shorter episodes but I wanted to bring you two very valuable opportunities.

First is the pop up group I am starting for the month of May. I am challenging you to pick a number of people that you will be hiring and let me help you hire. Do not go into this summer under staffed and feeling scared to hire. Join this group for only $10 and I will show you along with a bunch of other people who are in the same exact position you are.


Also, to help you prep for this – I want you to take my Jump and Scale course. It is completely FREE and it is three one hour sessions showing you how to create hiring ads and attract the right people you want for your business. www.joinjumpconsulting.com

Episode 237: Facebook Hiring Ads with Pam Curry

In today’s show we are rounding out the series that has been all about Social Media and the best way to actually leverage it! We’re going to talk to you about using the graphics you can get from Better Marketing With Bella, (or any graphics you might make) and how you can create a campaign to attract people in your local area, who are already members of your page, to work with you.

First off, it’s important to remember: US & Canada Ads must not discriminate or encourage discrimination against people based on personal attributes such as race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, family status, disability, medical or genetic condition.


Show Highlights

  1. Difference between ‘Boosting’ and an ad. Ads are used to get people to take action and it then directs traffic to your website. A boost just pushes it out to as many people as possible so your ad can be seen. A boost doesn’t inspire action. [2:50]
  2. A Campaign Setup is the initial part to do when in Ads Manager. You start setup in under the umbrella which is your hiring campaign [3:41]
  3. When starting your hiring campaign, you must declare to Facebook that it’s a hiring campaign when you’re in the U.S. and Canada. When using a Custom Audience, be sure that your audience selections do not discriminate against people based on certain personal characteristics. [4:07]
  4. Have your pixel on your website. It will immediately start gathering data. Research how to add your pixel. [7:53]
  5. Location is the next part. We desire to hire with our proximity, but with FB ads it’s difficult to get a precise location range. Not use of postcodes or specific locations [9:23]
  6. Power of the localized audience. This is where it helps you find the right people [10:43]
  7. Be selective and broad with your targeting interest to have more of a range in results. Think of people like your team [11:07]
  8. Placements: go with all placements just to start with and let Facebook to the optimization [12:09]
  9. Optimization: Important to select Landing Page View so Facebook know what action you want people to take [12:44]
  10. It’s important that people press “see more” because that tells
  11. Facebook that you are engaging your audience [14:26]
  12. Can you come up with one sentence, or five words, that will make me want to click “see more” [15:06]
  13. Create ad copy. Use a well performing post from your page to create the ad. Keep it short and simple, lead with the benefits, and do not include a list of “must haves”
  14. Media: Do not use stock images. Use pictures of you actual team members with dogs, selfies, or behind the scenes photos. Carousel ads. Better Marketing With Bella graphic [16:00]
  15. Headline: Have fun with it! Finish ad with website URL. Send traffic to your landing page [18:07]
  16. Make sure everything is working properly and all the correct links from your landing page is taking people the right place [12:12]
  17. Make sure your pixel is on and tracking is captured

Biggest Takeaway: 

You have to make sure that the entire process is completely taken care of and is a smooth journey for your visitors – from start to finish.




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Episode 233: How To Decide On A Social Media Manager


Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss

  • Social media is the storefront of your business and doing it on your own can be tough. Finding the time, knowing the strategies, and planning it all out takes a lot of time. Many pet sitting and dog walking businesses make the mistake of delegating their social media to someone [usually younger] on their team when they don’t know the first thing about managing a social media presence. Others may look to marketing agencies for help, only just to be sold a fantasy and end left empty-handed. When they do promote your business, they may not be in line with your brand (i.e. colors, logo) and your business’ beliefs. That’s why it’s crucial to have someone who knows the ins and outs of the business.

In this episode we’re diving into the importance of social media management & things to consider if you’re going to:

  1. Manage your own social media
  2. Hire someone from your team
  3. Hire an outside agency

I also explain the importance of how social media can help or hurt your business. What most don’t realize is that because you don’t have a storefront, your social media IS your storefront and the way you show up online will either encourage people to hire you or repel them from doing so.

Show Highlights

  1.  Handling your own social media accounts [3:00]
  2.  Start with one social media platform, Instagram [4:10]
  3.  What is the point of your social media? [6:37]
  4.  The mistake of hiring someone on your team to be a social media manager [9:24]
  5.  Create SOP’s for your brand guide [10:49]
  6.  Your store front is your social media [14:57]
  7.  3rd Option – Hiring an outside agency & ensuring strategies [15:32]
  8.  What qualifies someone to be social media experts? [24:11]

Special Offers

  • There’ll be a workshop that Bella is hosting on Thursday, March 18 6pm Eastern.  
    • 10 steps to make your social media poppin’
    • You’ll receive a big workbook, 3-D Presentation with real life examples
    • The bonuses of how to be engaging with your own stuff and with other people’s stuff to get them to talk to you online.
    • We will also give you a calendar with all of the pet holidays to have at your fingertips
    • A whole bunch of responses to use to engage with people on your social media
    • All this for $9.  Free to all Mastermind members


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Episode 232: The 5 Biggest Problems Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Have With Social Media


Doing the same thing over and over again? Put anything in a process and avoid starting from scratch every single time. Keep a file of the templates, fonts, colors, and embellishments that you always use. Making these decisions once can actually help you multiple times in the future whether you’re doing graphics, video or even templates for blogs

Show Highlights

  1. Block out time to do all the things. [2:07]
  2. Be creative in different ways, either Lives, or videos, blog post writing, etc.  [3:43]
  3. Create processes for everything.  [5:05]
  4. If outsourcing, hire the right people for the right reasons.  [5:59]
  5. Hire those who are very knowledgeable in all the social media platforms you’re on. [9:27]
  6. Webinar Workshop [12:26] 

Special Offers

  • There’ll be a workshop that Bella is hosting on Thursday, March 18 6pm Eastern.  
  • You’ll receive a big workbook
  • Topics will include the 5 topics covered in this episode
  • The bonuses of how to be engaging with your own stuff and with other people’s stuff to get them to talk to you online.
  • We will also give you all the pet holidays to have at your fingertips
  • Another secret bonus that we’re excitedly working on
  • All this for $9.  Free to all Mastermind members


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10 Ways to Save Money on Your Pet Business Taxes

Episode 230: 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Taxes

10 Ways to Save Money on Your Taxes


This week, Bella talks about some of the amazing tax-saving tips her Mastermind members were privy to when CPA and tax expert, Christian Culpepper joined the Mastermind video session earlier this month. Chris has 30 years of experience in accounting, banking, real estate finance, and tax preparation for a very diverse group of people. From homeowners to business owners, he has been able to save people thousands upon thousands of dollars at tax time each year.

He believes CPAs should be serving the needs of their clients by using creative thinking to lower tax liability.  He offers many services including helping business owners to clarify income, expenses, and cash flow, set budgets, and projections while maximizing their revenues and reducing costs.  

Bella treats her podcast audience to an inside peek at the type of high-quality resources her Mastermind members receive every month. She sums up the main points of Christian Culpepper’s pointers on how to save big on your taxes. 


Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss

  • Tracking Your Expenses
  • FUN Business Deductions
  • What Do Different Types of Cars Have in Common with Your Taxes? 
  • Legal Stuff like Scorp vs LLC




Show Highlights


  • Shout to New Members: Is your name here? [2:03]
  • Keeping track of your expenses the right (and simplest!) way [2:40]
  • FUN Business deductions you will LOVE [4:00]
  • Personal grooming deductions [5:10]
  • Meals and other expense[6:50]
  • Importance of testing your CPA and if they will work for YOU, What is “the law?”  [8:10]
  • Vehicle deductions, pros, and cons of traditional vs electric [9:30]
  • Sole proprietorship vs LLC vs S-Corp [10:45]
  • Reviewing your credit, building “business credit” [11:35]
  • Setting up an offshore account [12:10]


Other questions Mastermind members got answers to during the actual Mastermind session: 

  • Do groceries have to be “delivered” to be deductible? 
  • Is Starbucks deductible? 
  • Can I deduct my Metrocard, train fare, bus pass, public transportation? 
  • Suggestions for building business credit 
  • Can I put my kids on the payroll? 
  • How often should you meet with your CPA? 
  • Importance of covering all areas of life, retirement, business

    How to Get Access to the Mastermind 

    (including this awesome tax session!) Click the image below that says “Join the Mastermind.” 

Join Jump Mastermind



Christian Culpepper’s website (Even if you do not live in AZ, he may be able to help or refer you to someone.)

Join the Mastermind group: Get in on this session’s recording, past session recordings, and future valuable business resources and sessions.


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Episode 229: How Has The Pandemic Affected Our Mental Health?

How Has The Pandemic Affected Our Mental Health? 

Dr. Tanaka founded Coronado Psych with the mission to offer clients evidence-based psychological services. She’s dedicated the majority of the last decade to developing and providing evidence-based, culturally sensitive, and accessible psychological services to patients. Dr. Tanaka specializes in working with young adults, adults, and seniors struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, stress, life transitions, health behavior changes, health-related psychological distress, and her practice offers services to children, adolescents, and adults struggling with a wide range of concerns. In addition to providing in-person psychotherapy, Dr. Tanaka has extensive experience providing remote psychological services through telehealth.

Rika Tanaka

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss:


It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

Whether it’s yourself, a staff member in your business or someone you care about, we have all felt the impacts of a stressful year behind us and the pandemic is still impacting lives everywhere. One of the first things Dr. Rika mentions on the show, is how a key part of identifying a concern or issue is to recognize it is completely acceptable to recognize something is wrong and talk about.

Recognizing the signs or symptoms of depression, anxiety or other cues that you or someone you care about may be struggling with.

Anxiety and depression can present differently from person to person. Kids are especially different. Dr. Rika shares some of the ways these symptoms show up and also gives tips on how to determine whether or not something more serious is going on while being careful to let the professionals do the diagnosing.

How to approach someone you care about or suspect may be struggling.

What to say? How to say it without being offensive or making them feel embarrassed. The importance of creating a safe space to share and not feel judged.

Telehealth and Virtual Therapy.

Is it here to stay? Did you know there are some accepted benefits of utilizing this form of help? In fact, you may be surprised to learn that you have access to more options and greater levels of care. Listen to this section to learn more.


Join Jump Mastermind

Show Highlights

How do we recognize the signs of anxiety or depression that could also be related to the pandemic?  [4:10]

How should we approach or begin a conversation with someone we care about when we suspect they are struggling with anxiety or depression? [7:55]

The importance of providing a safe space for someone to feel comfortable sharing. The importance of our own “give and take” in helping someone not feel judged. [8:00]

Creating safe spaces while simultaneously maintaining and keeping up healthy relationships. Taking the pressure off and “just checking in.” [10:20}

Virtual Therapy and Telehealth. Why it’s here to stay. The benefits and validity of the virtual experience. It’s just as effective as in person. Learn why. [14:00]

Why talking more about it is best. Helping people help themselves and making mental health an open topic [21:00]



Dr. Rika Tanaka encourages everyone to reach out and talk to a mental health professional if you need to. 

She also says if you are in California, please feel free to reach out to her through her website at Coronado Psych or send her an email


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Shhh! Secret Episode

I’ve never done this before… but I had something really special to tell you. My loyal podcast listeners. I am doing a workshop and I am giving it to you for only $7. www.jumpconsulting.net/workshop to sign up!

I just wanted to say that I believe in you.

I believe in your business.

Every week I pump out free content for – YOU, so that you feel supported in your hopes and dreams.

Let’s do this together.

Episode 225 Running a Business Through Divorce or Major Life Changes

How Relationships and Emotions Impact Your Business



Bella talks about a common thread she sees year to year in business owners. This includes the depth of emotions and how paralyzing they can be when it comes to going about your daily work and your business. Bella opens up about her own experiences in a painful divorce and trying to keep her business running at prime levels. 

CAUTION: This episode is very raw and transparent. We are including a trigger warning here for anyone who may be sensitive to this type of material.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss


Emotional Abuse, Blatant Insults, Isolation, Coping, Loneliness, Embarrassment, Anger. 

If you’ve gone through emotional trauma, breakups or divorce, you may recognize some of those emotions. Bella lays her heart on the line. If you think you are alone, you’re not. She stresses it over and over. Her heartfelt identification with these emotions comes through. We are not alone.

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence. 

In this section, Bella discusses how the popular book Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman helped her through some of her more difficult times. Goleman popularized the concept of emotional intelligence (EI) and its use to help manage your emotions and guide your behavior and thinking. You can improve your EI with regular practice of controlling your emotions and staying calm when they overwhelm you.

Why It’s Important to Deal with Emotional “Baggage.” 

It’s so critical that we deal with the emotions that are crippling us and holdings us back in life, business and relationships. The trauma that Bella relates to us doesn’t always happen in divorces or romantic relationships. It comes in all forms. It can happen in friendships, family relationships – even in some business relationships. 

Getting the Right Help From the Right Sources.

 Remember, you are NOT alone. A failed relationship doesn’t mean you are a failure. But it is critical that you surround yourself with the right people and that you get help from sources that are qualified and that are also GOOD for you. Bella shares resources that were helpful to her during some of her most soul crushing moments. 


  • DON’T MISS the opening. If you’ve ever doubted yourself or felt like you were alone in your feelings and emotions or what is/has been happening, you will know you aren’t alone after hearing the intro.
  • Emotional Intelligence and why you need to know about it. [7:20]
  • Importance of Dealing with Emotional Baggage [9:48]
  • Emotional Intelligence and how it can set you free [13:00]
  • Sources for getting help and ideas to get started [16:00]
  • Emotional “flags” to look for [18:40}



https://amzn.to/2LOM90YEmotional Intelligence by Daniel Goldman

Downloadable Offer:

Don’t forget to check out all the free resources in Bella’s free Facebook group. https://jumpconsulting.net/group 

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10 Of The Biggest Blessings and Lessons Learned From Pet Business Owners in 2020

Jump Consulting 2020


While 2020 has become an acronym for terror, pessimism, bad things, and despair… I wanted to bring you some light and hope. I wanted to share with you lessons and blessings coming from my clients. I am so stinkin’ proud of them. There has been so much good that has come out of 2020.

No Doom and Gloom Here

The world wants you to believe there is some doom and gloom when it comes to your business – and for some there certainly has been. There have been people who were tired of their business and used this year as a way to wind down and cut the engine. While others have used this COVID cover to come back stronger than ever.

Perception Matters

Perception is in the eye of the beholder and the only thing that we can control in this life is the lens in which we choose to view life.  I asked a few of my clients the same question and compiled their answers here. I hope it inspires you to reflect on your own business and what you have learned and what has been a blessing.

10 Blessings and Lessons Below From Pet Business Owners Around The World!

Read the reflections below from businesses all over the USA, Canada, and the UK. I hope that it will inspire you to turn inward and examine what you learned about yourself, your business, and celebrate some of the good things.


Dacey – Poop’d Out

Dacey Poop'd Out

What was the best thing that happened to your business in 2020?

Getting set up with SOPs, joining the Mastermind and having Bella for support when I was having a challenging time in my personal life.

Tell me something you learned about your business in 2020:

That even through Covid challenges my small town business can succeed and can be fully booked with dog walks



Becky Lea – Paws Around Motown
Becky Lea Paws Around Motown

What was the best thing that happened to your business in 2020?

Scaling back! Reviewed top earning categories and shifted focus to dog walking. Reduction of office hours and to the right-sized team. Shifting the video! Video consultations, video training for employees and clients, etc.

Tell me something you learned about your business in 2020:

That I don’t have to be every client’s yes girl! We can be unavailable and that is okay. We can be fully booked and that is okay. We can charge more on the weekends and that is okay.



Myrna Perez  WoofMeow,LLC 

Myrna Perez WoofMeow,LLCWhat was the best thing that happened to your business in 2020?
The best thing was that I was able to survive and still generate revenue and even acquire new clients along the way.

Tell me something you learned about your business in 2020:

I learned I need to pivot and find other ways to stand out from the rest by solving new problems and work on my marketing on social media.



Want to be inspired on the daily? Practice good goal-setting, get clearer on where your business will grow in the upcoming year? Accountability, outside the box ideas, world-class speakers? Join the Mastermind today!

Paul and Cheryl Erickson Happy Hearts Pet Care AK 

Paul and Cheryl Erickson Happy Hearts Pet Care AK

What was the best thing that happened to your business in 2020?

With Covid and the lockdown, we thought we’d have to close our doors like everyone else. We were blessed to already have two front line nurses and delivery personnel, and word of mouth that a ‘second home’ was open for front line workers and their pups, led us to remain open the entire lockdown. In fact, we haven’t had to shut down once and we feel so blessed that we can help the front line workers who are putting their lives on the line for us daily.

Tell me something you learned about your business in 2020:
We learned that we wanted to scale our dog walking and stop accepting any new daycare clients. We also learned just how much of a need there is for in home pup care – especially during a pandemic.



Jena Howard, Muddy Paws

Jena Howard, Muddy Paws

What was the best thing that happened to your business in 2020?

2020 presented many challenges on a daily basis. It seemed as though every time I accepted where my business was, something new would happen and things worsened. I had many days of despair. At the beginning of the year, I thought 2020 was going to be record-breaking..it certainly broke records, but not in the direction I had anticipated. My business has been crushed by 50% and that is depressing. When the lockdown began, I was working in the field more than I had in years. And it felt good. In fact, it felt great. Walking dogs and connecting with their owners is what I loved about Muddy Paws as I started my business 13 years ago. Getting back to basics and focusing on the positives has been the best thing this year. I’ve taken over many dogs as the primary walker and feel like I did when I started the business. And the customers are happy. I’m optimistic that things will improve and will be better than ever. If I was successful in building the business before, I will do it again…and this time, I have experience.

Tell me something you learned about your business in 2020:

I learned that no matter what you put into your business, some things are out of your hands no matter what. Having your own business is not easy, only the driven survive. The best way to survive a pandemic is with a positive attitude, a determined spirit, and wine. Lots of wine.



Amber Van Denzen Suarez, Atta Boy! Animal Care

Amber Van Denzen Suarez, Atta Boy! Animal CareWhat was the best thing that happened to your business in 2020?

We were able to grow our team, prep for our transition to Employees + still had revenue growth!

Tell me something you learned about your business in 2020:

It’s all about the SYSTEMS. Have an SOP for EVERYTHING, so if you want or need to walk away – you know that anyone can be successful in maintaining the business. Constancy is key for happy pets, and happy people- whether staff or clients!



Erika Godwin / Barketing Solutions Inc.Erika Godwin / Barketing Solutions Inc. 

What was the best thing that happened to your business in 2020?

We were able to help pet businesses weather the pandemic! With very few of our clients forced to close their business, we were able to help them modify and adapt their marketing strategies by using their website as a tool. The pandemic has helped pet professionals understand the importance of their online presence and we are grateful so many have trusted Barketing during these unprecedented times. Seeing the impact that we are able to make in the lives of our clients and their business is amazing!

Tell me something you learned about your business in 2020:

We learned how important our role is in the pet industry as website professionals. As a thought-leader, we learned how to quickly adapt to change and apply new and updated strategies to help our clients pivot to stay ahead of competitors. We learned how our clients count on us and we have their backs!


Sick of all the negativity about your business out there? Want to be around a bunch of KICK ASS people in the pet sitting and dog walking industry making things happen? Challenges, Accountability, Coaching, Training, and more?

Amber Maus/Pawfect Pet & House SitterAmber Maus – Pawfect Pet & House Sitter

What was the best thing that happened to your business in 2020?

The best thing that happened in business is being able to just stay “open” when many others are closing their doors.

Tell me something you learned about your business in 2020:

I learned that clients will continue to do business with you as long as you stay open, offer options with different circumstances that might come about, and find creative ways to get the word out to your community.



The Bark Club Pet Services LLCLinette Rodriguez The Bark Club Pet Services LLC

What was the best thing that happened to your business in 2020?

A the best thing that happened to my business this year was the changes made to adapt to the changing times. I was finally able to have time to create a system and process for new clients (onboarding customer journey), create social media pages to build an online presence, learn more about sales, change to a name more suited to my greater vision, and add a new service (Dog Training). Having had struggled at the beginning of the pandemic (with a minor anxiety attack lol), I decided to hold on to my greater vision which leads me to dig deeper into improving my service, branding, systems, and processes.


Tell me something you learned about your business in 2020:

In business, there is always a risk. Whether that means not doing anything and staying in fear or mustering up the courage to move towards action, both have risks (not living the life I want vs achieving my goals). My business has taught me that there is no better time to take action than right now. Waiting is never the answer. My business is resilient because I am. My business is growing because I am. If this year in business has taught me anything, it is that the reward of what I want (my goals and dreams) are worth overcoming the challenges, that even in the mist of craziness and uncertainty, so long as I stay focused on my greater vision, the solution, different opportunities will be presented to get me and my company there. I’m thankful for this year and the lessons I’ve learned through the “struggle.”


Sarah Wright. Tom and Toto Ltd.

Sarah wright. Tom and Toto ltd.What was the best thing that happened to your business in 2020?

I set new rules and boundaries so when clients returned after lockdown they all had to book a regular slot which they were all happy to do. It has made my scheduling a lot easier and means more consistent hours for my staff

Tell me something you learned about your business in 2020:

I learned how much people cared about it and wanted it to succeed. This is down to the relationship we have built with them. It has made relationship building a priority in my business. We have two thriving Facebook groups now and more consistent touchpoints via email to keep the communication going with our clients. It’s much more than a dog walk.



You’re Turn

I want to know what blessings and lessons you learned in 2020. Go ahead and add it in the comments. I will be waiting to hear back from you. We need to celebrate. No matter how small it is. This year has been a year of pruning. Cutting back so you can grow stronger. Let’s here from you below. Don’t be shy.


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business mentors, financial services, ppp loan

Episode 221: Will My PPP Loan Be Forgiven?

Many of you have gotten a PPP Loan with hopes that it would be forgiven. Currently, the 28 weeks have passed and you might have started to see some people starting to say my loan was FORGIVEN. What is this all about and how can you do the same?

This week, I moved my regularly scheduled content around to get you this time-sensitive topic. I reached out to Linda and Trevor who have over 60 years of experience combined in the financial services industries. Linda Rey has owned, bought, and sold a business, and Trevor has managed multiple businesses. They have seen what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to business financing especially now with COVID. They have helped many people through the loan process. 

The questions they answer:

  1. Where does one submit their completed PPP forgiveness application?
  2. What happens if someone received the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (aka EIDL), how does this affect their PPP Loan?
  3. If someone was approved for a PPP loan and used 100% for payroll, why is there chatter of the SBA saying that they aren’t going to forgive $10k of the PPP loan because of the advance?
  4. Should I submit my PPP Forgiveness now or should I wait?
  5. I heard that PPP loans are going to automatically become 100% forgiven. Is this true?

Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss: 

  • The PPP loan forgiveness program allows for forgiveness, certain percentages of the amount of the loan, depending on how you used the loan under (eligible expenses) and the idea is that you do not have to repay the loan.  
  • If you had a grant for the EIDL loan and you received that grant, then when you go for forgiveness the amount of that grant will be subtracted, which converts the grant to an advance. 
  • There is chatter out there on the internet about people saying wait until you file is because the chatter and talk in legislation is that in a new round of stimulus potentially, Congress may repair this aspect of the PPP program with the grant not being forgiven. 


Bella In Your Business Show Highlights:

  • 2:30 – What was the PPP for?
  • 4:30 – How to get the PPP loan forgiven?
  • 8:11 – What happens if someone received the EIDL and how does that affect the PPP loan from being forgiven?
  • 12:17 – Why is their chatter that the SBA is saying they are not going to forgive the $10,000 of the PPP because of the advance? 
  • 15:30 – Should you wait to file for your PPP to be forgiven?
  • 17:20 – Who is Linda Rey and Trevor?
  • 21:23 – How much does Aurora Consulting cost? 
  • 23:50 – How to reach out to Linda Rey and Trevor? 






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Do you own an established pet care business and you want to take it to the next level.? Get Your builder resources here.



4 Reasons Why Professional Dog Walkers Should Be Excited That Rover Partnered with Walmart

Did you hear the news? Rover pet care actually partnered with Walmart. I’m going to tell you why there are four reasons why you as a professional dog walker and pet sitter should actually be happy in this as a pet sitting and dog walking business owner.

I have seen the knee-jerk reaction about this online and I could see a lot of feathers get ruffled or tails not wagging so hard. So I wanted to address this here with you.

dog walking business
1. Exposure for the Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Industry:

The very first thing is exposure. When I first started my professional dog walker business in 2002, we were still fighting the whole entire world, letting them know that professional pet sitting and dog walking actually was out there and as an option. Nowadays, we still are fighting to educate people that we exist, just not as much. There are still lots of people that don’t realize that they could get a professional dog walker or a pet sitter.

That’s why I am cheering on Walmart and Rover! Let them tell the world about this pet care option. They can spend all the money on all the advertising to help the industry.

They did this last year too. Do you remember that?

It was like millions of dollars! There were billboards, there were radio ads, there were commercials, they were … everywhere! It creates more awareness and exposure, so be happy about that. That’s why exposure is the first reason why I am happy about this.


2. First Time Clients Will Try A Professional Dog Walker Out!

While the masses are being advertised to, many will try out the services. But… not everyone will like it. And when they don’t, they will be looking for other options. The clients might get sick of having only one person, and when that one person goes on vacation or is unavailable, they have to go back to the drawing board and go try to find someone else, which is cumbersome. Right?

They might not feel a cohesiveness that they would get with a professional pet sitting company where we are trained and certified pet care professionals.

There’s going to be times when clients are not satisfied. Will you be there to court them when they start looking?

So what do we do when we want more?

We go to our phones, and we start typing in, “Dog sitter Scottsdale,” or, “Pet sitter Scottsdale,” or wherever you are. Right? And now it’s all up to you, the marketer and the salesperson.

Yeah, guys, you guys are marketers, and you are a salesperson. If you’re not, and you don’t like IT, and you don’t figure out a way to overcome that, then you will be dead in the water.


Especially now.

Before COVID hit, it was literally …  raining cats and dogs. You didn’t have to do much. As a professional dog walker you really didn’t have to put much effort. Everything’s flowing, economy, unemployment was at like 3%. People were excited to travel, they weren’t scared to travel.

But now we really, truly, have to be salespeople and marketeers because when people start looking, when people start looking for your service, what are they going to see? Are they going to go to your website? Is it going to be beautiful, or is it going to look like a third grader built it?

Yes, I just wrote that.

Unfortunately, sometimes people have really bad websites, and that only reflects on them.

One of the things I say a lot to my Better Marketing with Bella people and my Mastermind people are, it’s kind of like Cinderella showing up to the ball with her hair on top of her head, her makeup dripping down on her face, sweat pants, and no shoes on. She not getting Prince Charming. You have to show up to the ball beautiful and dressed, and hair, nails, and all that stuff if we want to get Prince Charming.

And marketing is just like that.



pet sitting website problems


Your Website

So the very first thing you’re going to look at as your website. (That’s assuming it comes up in Google?)

They type in  “Pet sitter Scottsdale”.

And all of a sudden your blog “How much does a pet sitter cost in Scottsdale?”  comes up in the search.

This google search just got turned upside down because this potential client is now thinking, “Forget about going to a website. I want to know how much a pet sitter costs to my town. Am I going to overpay?” 

But guess what just happened? You are establishing yourself as the authority on the subject matter becasue you are the only one answering this important question. If it’s you coming up, all of a sudden you just created the expert.

You are the expert.

Do you understand why your website needs to be popping now?

  • Your sign-up process
  • Your calls to action
  • Your copy on your website all has to be good

If your secret sauce isn’t on your website and you are not talking about your unique value propositions, then you are no different than Rover. Rover can’t get personalized because they represent everyone. You are unique and I want to see your personality and value shine through on your website in the most unique way!


Trust on Social Media

Sign Up Process

This is where a lot of professional pet sitters get beat by Rover. 

Too many pet sitters have a stop in their sign-up process. They stop the sales process so many times. What does that look like? It looks like,
Okay, register to be on our site.
Okay, now wait for an email.
Oh, go check your email.
Oh, I didn’t send it yet.
Oh, here’s your username and password.
Oh, here’s how you do …
Oh, here’s the instructions on how to sign up with us.”

It is just too much. We work for our clients. They don’t work for us. Let’s solve problems and not give them more problems.

I should be able to sign up with you online in under five minutes in my bed, in my pajamas at 1:00 in the morning without ever talking to you. Okay?

Add to that the understanding that your mere presence can be seem as a threat these days (hello pandemic)… and you could be one of those companies right now that is sitting at 20% volume.

Do things like explaining during this sign up process you have options for virtual consultations, and contactless dog walking.

When I say be different and unique, this is what I am talking about.

Email Marketing

3. We are a luxury service that isn’t for everyone.

We are a luxury, and it is so awesome that Rover has literally aligned with the bargain warehouse store. Nothing against Walmart but I’m not sure I would really want Walmart coming into my home because I just feel like it’s too big.

It’s not personal.


From the Walmart site, it literally shows you all of these dog walking, pet sitting, drop-ins, daycare. And when you click on the service, it takes you to the Rover website. And at the top it says, “In partnership with Walmart.” So you are going to the Rover website.

That’s great. More traffic for them. But it’s also attracting the lower-costing, cheap-minded, bargain-shopping kind of person. And when we’re doing this, when we’re sleeping in people’s beds, when we have keys to their home, when we’re coming in and out of their home quietly while they’re on Zoom, while they’re working or impressing the boss and getting the dog and leaving. It is a level of luxury that Rover can’t possibly promise to everyone on a global scale.

I know so many of your businesses and your secret sauces, so I know there’s so many special things that you guys do.  Even just from community interactions and being vouched for by the community, these are things that really make you different. Rover can never really be you.

So I want you to be highlighting this.

I want you to be talking about this on your social media, on your website, in your sales pitch to people, or when you’re talking to them.

I want you to weave this stuff in there because a Rover sitter can not do this. They are an order taker. “Oh, what’s this? You want to do dog walks every two days. Okay. I can do a walk every two days.”

Well, guys, guess what? The professional pet sitter will sit here, and they’ll go down this whole amazing checklist, and they’ll give you a whole experience.

What’s the difference between the experience of a professional pet sitter and an order taker? It’s the difference between wham, bam, thank you, ma’am.

dog walking clients

4. They Aren’t Unique. You Are!

Maybe if you have a team? That means if someone goes on vacation or if someone’s sick or someone just can’t arrive at the house, someone else will be there to back up. And because of that, you have a centrally-located communication system where they actually, you can share the information, and everyone can get the same knowledge about the household. Right?

It’s not like on Rover, if I’m going to go hire someone else, I have to train them all over again. You take care of that. Okay?


How much education have you acheived? What have you done? Have you done pet first aid and CPR? Have you taken Pet Care Team Training’s course on pet sitting and dog walking and gotten certification? That is a new training that just came out this summer. Full disclosure, I am a co-owner of it. In under two hours you can get a pet sitting and dog walking certification. That is amazing because most certifications take 10-plus hours. That means you’re paying people per hour to do all of that. You can get that certification, and you can also get a Pro Hero, their first aid and CPR certification, so you get two certifications at one place with Pet Care Team Training. If you want to see free videos on that, it’s petcareteamtraining.com/freevideos.

Community Involvement

Do you sponsor like a tee-ball team? Or help out the PTO? Do you have yappy hours? or mutt and mingles? or Santa Paws events? or promote anyone else in your community? This is stuff Rover can never do, and this is stuff you need to be talking about and highlighting in your social media.


Is there any veterinarian that endorses you? In my business, I had a veterinarian that endorsed me. So I’d be like, “We are locally and nationally award-winning and also locally endorsed by Dr. … from … ”  Is there anyone you can ask?

Just being able to say that kind of thing, you are so different than Rover.

Don’t Get Scared. Embrace This!

I don’t want you to get scared by it. I want you to embrace it. I want you to do what you can about it. I want you to make this fuel for your fire to make your business even better. If you hate marketing, if you have no idea what you’re doing, if you’re not producing at least four to five, six videos and putting them on your socials every single month, you’re missing out sorely because the algorithms actually favor videos. Good videos, branded videos. Not videos that you’ve shared from someone else, but something that has your logo, your font, your color on it.

And the same thing with graphics. Better Marketing with Bella is an important backbone in many pet sitting and dog walking businesses.

It’s really important to show me what you’re doing during the day, all of those cute pictures, but it’s also important to bring some professional branding in there, too. Together, it works really well, and it makes your brand look really awesome because you’ve got the personal side and you’ve got the professional side coming together. Okay?

Don’t make the mistake of just sharing others content. It’s not really telling or showing much about their brand. You guys have the unique position that you’re not Rover.


Sick of doing your own graphics? Want us to do them for you? Space is limited.


If you guys are interested in Better Marketing with Bella or want to learn more about it, we literally have one more spot. I’m not even joking about that. One more spot. And I normally would’ve closed the doors by now, but I know that things are so different right now that I’m willing to throw someone in there. So if you’re interested in it, let’s have a conversation. We can jump on the phone or you can go to the website. I am also able and authorized, I am the CEO, but I’m authorized to offer you a discount off of what you’ll see on the website.


What Is Your Reality?

Anyways. This Rover thing is not a bad thing. It’s not. It’s really about perspective, guys. Our perspective, even just in 2020 … Let me open this up, all of 2020. Our perspective is our reality. So what kind of reality are you going to choose to have in your life? That’s my question to you.

More Resources:

Bella In Your Business: Longest running podcast in the industry with over 100K downloads.
Free Facebook Group: For all types of pet business owners.

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video training for employees, staff onboarding

Episode 218: Why Most Video Training Doesn’t Work And The Solution

Why Most Video Training For Employees Doesn’t Work And The Solution

As an entrepreneur and business owner you can customize your video training for employees through various methods. But often, it’s cumbersome as you’re not a videographer or editor. You may run into other issues such as not having proper lighting, software, and equipment. Without all these essential components, and skills, it’s difficult creating video training  for new staffthat truly works. 

Video training doesn’t have to be long, slow, and boring.

Our sponsor, Pet Care Team Training, takes care of ALL of that. Pet Care Team Training is specific, streamlined, and simple engineered for the success of your employee onboarding. Its videos keep the viewers engaged and excited by throwing the right graphics and instructions during the training to keep you and your employees entertained while learning. .

With Pet Care Team Training, you can build the foundation of your training from the video aspect and documentation, and YOU as the business owner get to decide the added things that you want to incorporate in your business.


Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss:

    • Long videos can cause information overload. Video Learning may not work for everyone and it doesn’t work unless you pay attention. Having said this, you need to invite your team member to be a hero in your client’s story. You also have to cater to multiple learning styles in your training and “Game-ify” your training process!
    • Pet Care Team Training has these cool elements so you can onboard your employees the right way. You can watch it, read it, you can go to a checklist on it, and you can personalize it as your own business. It also has those visual elements that people can see something as we’re talking and see how it’s actually done with actual products. Video training doesn’t have to be long, slow, and boring.
    • You will be a happy entrepreneur or business if you train your employees properly. This way, you will have a staff that are going out to the field equipped and ready to move your business forward. You will get 2 certifications for each of your employees with Pet Care Team Training.


Video Training For Employees Show Highlights

  • Main issues, such as how to train someone on everything – 2:50
  • How to have new team members retain information – 6:03
  • List of “must have” training videos – 7:00
  • Make your new team members feel excited to work with you – 9:52
  • Video training brings your employee handbooks to LIFE – 11:05
  • All of the bonuses that come with Pet Care Team Training – 20:24



video training pet sitters



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Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

Episode 216: What You Need To Get Your Pet Business Out Of The Covid Crisis

Pet Business Covid Crisis Survive and Thrive Mastermnd

The Pet Business Covid Crisis isn’t going away anytime soon. Things aren’t going back to normal. They will never be the same again. Consumer spending online is through the roof. Pivots are being made. Businesses are closing while others are soaring. If you want a fighting chance, then this episode is for you. If you have decided you will “wait it out” or keep your business at the low numbers and hunker down, then this episode isn’t for you. In fact, it will probably upset you.

My Jumpers are do’ers. When the world says they can’t, Jumpers say I CAN. I have watched too many of you fight through this Pet Business Covid Crisis to come back stronger than ever and from that you have inspired this episode. Listen in to learn:

  • How times are changing
  • How society will never be the same
  • How COVID will revolutionize the way you do business.
  • Examples of companies who have failed during times of change.
  • The effects of the revolution.
  • How to revolutionize the way you do business.
  • Examples of others doing a great job.
  • 5  areas you need to focus on to survive.
  • The future is actually very bright!


If you are ready to Jump and work through things, consider joining me Monday through Friday in the Mastermind. It is where you can have access to me, the group, and all the resources that come along with it. It is the winner’s circle of the pet industry and a lot of fun!

Are You New Here?

Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

financial literacy, financial advice, business coach, podcast episode

Episode 215: Getting In Control of the Financial Numbers in Your Business with Jamie Trull

Financial Literacy

Getting In Control of the Financial Numbers In Your Business with Jamie Trull


Jamie Trull is a Financial Literacy Coach and Profit Strategist. She’s fired up about helping small business owners overcome the overwhelm and anxiety of business finances.

After leaving the corporate world in favor of a more balanced life. Jamie founded her Virtual CFO company, Balance CFO LLC. and quickly realized that there was an educational void for smaller business owners and self-employed individuals when it came to financial literacy training.

She pivoted her business to teaching Financial Literacy to help fill that void. Jamie helps entrepreneurs maximize their profit and feel more confident about the numbers side of their businesses. She lives just outside of Nashville in Franklin, TN, and has a 6-year-old son and a 3-year-old daughter who keeps her quite busy in her spare time!


What do you do when you don’t know how to get your numbers, what they mean, or how to make decisions in this 2020 climate?


Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss:

  • Financial literacy can be exciting and fun. It’s not just about taxes or bookkeeping, it’s about making strategic decisions to put your business in a trajectory to really succeed. This way, you can pay yourself more money which is the main goal of a business.
  • How do you keep your business up and running so that you don’t have to go out of business because of Covid? The ones that pivoted blew their businesses upwards, there is still money to be made in this situation. You just need to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, you just need to figure out how to bring in revenue in maybe a different way than what you did before.
  • You should have a smart business strategy. Having said this, we all need to be focusing on strategy and then finding those supplemental ways that we can help ourselves through these difficult times but knowing we got to get back on our feet.


Are you charging enough?

Use this FREE worksheet to estimate your current all-in pay rate and determine if you need to change your pricing!



Financial Literacy Show Highlights:

  • 1:47 – Why we’re in business
  • 2:15 – Who is Jamie Trull
  • 4:48 – How we actually are in business to make money
  • 7:23 – Covid’s effect on businesses especially to small businesses
  • 38 – What should we do or focus on now in this time of the pandemic
  • 40 – Example on how to pivot your dog walking business during this time of the pandemic
  • 23 – Smart strategy
  • 22 – Are you charging enough?







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Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

sales, podcast, entrepreneur

New Ways To Build Your Teams Confidence and Selling Skills

Looking for a unique way to build self-confidence in your team? Today’s podcast is all about confidence.

Chris Trew is a touring comedian, sportswriter, and creative coach. He uses his background in improv comedy to help people find their funny whether they are using it for performance or self-improvement. His work has been featured at events like SXSW and San Diego Social Media Day and festivals of all kinds all over the country.

His foundation of Improv Comedy provides the framework for everything he does. Whether he’s teaching a workshop to 100 professionals in a conference setting, a group of 6 for a small business happy hour, or a Zoom for literally anyone, the material is the same. If you want to learn how to boost creativity in the work environment, he’s your guy.


Why is Improv Comedy a Confidence Building Game-Changer


Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss:

  • One Improv class could change how you communicate, listen to people, and the way you share your own stories. Having said this, you can be a better communicator, leader, listener, or storyteller which you can incorporate to your business or personal life to make it more engaging and fun.
  • Improv is extremely portable and very flexible. Chris can teach the same workshop to different groups of people regardless of number. He can even highlight a specific goal that you want for your employees or team.
  • With Improv Comedy, you will develop the ” Yes, And ” mentality and it’s a must learn! – listen to Chris and me in the podcast to know what I mean.


Confidence Building Show Highlights:

  • What is Improv comedy, 2.11
  • How can Improv help business owners, 4.42
  • Who takes Improv classes, 11.03
  • How Chris comes to work with your team, 13.27
  • Chris wrote a weird book about sitting close to basketball players at NBA games, 20.20






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Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

business women, podcast episode, new episode, pets

Episode 212: How To Start A Podcast


How To Start A Podcast

business women, podcast episode, new episode, pets 

If you have ever wanted to know how to start a podcast, today is your lucky day.

Chris Laning is a Voice Over Artist, Podcast and Dailicast Producer and Host, Audio Editor, Audiobook Narrator, and a Creative Writer.

He is a former Web Developer (primarily ColdFusion, Javascript, MSSQL) who is as comfortable behind a mic as a voice-over artist (everything from commercials to character voices and explainer videos) and as a podcast host. He has also been editing spoken word audio for over 20 years and has helped several professionals launch their podcasts. In fact, he’s editing and producing several podcasts on a daily basis.

Do you want to market your business through Podcasting?


Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss:

  • Keep the episodes short, effective, and memorable. You can batch your interviews or solo episodes and be ready for the next 4 months or so.
  • Who should do the podcast – you or add some people within your particular organization and find out what you’re interested in. Then, figure out what your audience is going to want.
  • Sound quality is very important to get your target audience engaged so hiring a producer and editor really helps. And because of this,  your podcast will be more professional.


How to Start A Podcast Show Highlights:

  • Who is Chris Laning? 0.17
  • What does Chris Laning do? 1.54
  • How to have a series of podcasts? 3.56
  • Bella’s secret about her Solo episodes 6.20
  • Key points people should keep in mind when having a podcast 7.40
  • Does everybody need a podcast producer? 10.10
  • Ripping audio from Facebook live 14.36





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Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

pet industry revolution

What Side of the Pet Service Industry Revolution Are You On?

pet industry revolution


There is a Pet Industry Revolution going on right now

If you haven’t noticed, 2020 is really shaking things up. It is splitting our pet service industry into two segments, and whether you realize it or not, you are on one of the sides. Some pet businesses experienced a temporary dip in business and are back up, but others experienced the same dip and haven’t come back up. The segments are more divided than ever, and some will survive this industry revolution and some will not.



The startling part is that I fully believe that you are in charge of what side of this industry revolution you are on…if you are aware of what is happening in and around you.

I say in you, because I fully believe that mindset and vision have a lot to do with this.

I say around you, because you really need to understand how society is shifting drastically right now. and how your business evolves as a result

Negating these two things leads to being on the side of the shift that will likely be gone for good.


Times Are Changing

People are forming pods and getting closer. They are working from home, learning from home, afraid to travel, or being shamed into thinking that venturing out is taboo.

We are in an election year, and the division of the US is stronger than ever. Human rights and racism is a forefront topic, and our social media feeds just reinforce our self-fulfilling views of the world by algorithms that are supercharged and know us better than our own mamas! (Have you seen the Netflix Docu-Drama The Social Dilemma?)

And news flash: It doesn’t matter how you feel about any of it. There is no room for how you are feeling when it comes to saving your business right now.

I’d actually argue that if you let your feelings get into this, your business will not be on the winning side of this revolution.

It isn’t a time for your feelings right now.

It is time for survival.

You can process it all later, but when it comes to business, if you want to survive, you have to do what you need to do to protect your livelihood.

But some of you aren’t—and I hope this is a wake up call.

Keep reading, but please don’t shoot the messenger…


Society Will Never Be the Same.

In the beginning of this year, people were fighting online learning. It was actually comical. I was reading things like “No, I don’t want to learn Pet First Aid and CPR online” and “Home school is for overprotective granola families”.

The idea of a virtual consultation or virtual meet-and-greet was something that would often be followed by an eye roll. The first time someone didn’t reply to the phase of an interview where it asked for a video recording… the CEO said “It doesn’t work” and “I can’t ask that”.


Fun fact, it actually DOES work. Just listen to how this dog walking business is crushing it with 100% virtual consultations, and last I checked they were back up to 80% of their customer volume!


We had extensive training on it in the Mastermind by one of the world’s leading sales trainers who helped us break it down. We did this back in March and learned what to say, how to say it, and tricks to use on Zoom to be the most effective. The businesses that have implemented this have been winning clients.

There are others out there who I only hear talk about why it won’t work… without even trying it. Our society has changed. People are more comfortable connecting and meeting online than ever before, and many actually prefer it. We are not going back to “normal” or the way it was before.

Not accepting this is the very first nail in a business’s coffin.

COVID has sped up the entire online learning process, and I don’t just mean the formal schooling either. Conferences have been canceled for up to a year. Almost everyone in the world, from CEOs to preschoolers, now learns online.

It isn’t enough to just be online anymore and have a website. You have to have an entire online user experience and a customer experience that give you all the feels, even after the transaction has taken place.


video training pet sitters

This will Revolutionize the Way You Do Business.

Businesses have no other choice but to shift.

Well, they DO have a choice, some have just have refused. SMH (that means Shake My Head by the way :).

The businesses that haven’t shifted still think that they are solving exactly the same problems before March 2020. They still think that the only reason why a dog needs a walk is that the pet parent is busy working outside of the home, and the dog needs to have a break in the day (mid-day) to get a walk and go potty.

They aren’t acknowledging that the new problem is that the dog won’t stop barking at the increased number of delivery drivers going up and down the street and the added stress, depression, and anxiety of its owner working from home while (some) are also trying to educate the children too. The new problems just aren’t being acknowledged.


delivery service


Meanwhile, there are lots of changes in our purchasing behavior. We are:

  • Buying everything online.
  • Waiting in parking lots for their store orders to come out.
  • Washing down groceries.
  • Staying inside our homes going home-improvement crazy rather than traveling around for the summer.
  • Planning ahead for delivery requests and shipments.
  • Researching even MORE online now that there is a barrier preventing us from touching and feeling things.

Rightfully so, people are scared to have people they don’t know come into their home. We aren’t just concerned for our own general health, but now about not getting exposed to COVID to protect those children and older family members who we love. The thought of someone coming into our home to walk our dog or take care of our house can actually be seen as a threat in 2020!

But pet business owners aren’t acknowledging this. They aren’t addressing it in their marketing, and it is going to make the dip in business even deeper, possibly to the point of no return.

This is a revolution that is happening. Things are changing and your business must change with it. If it doesn’t, history has shown what could happen.

Think about the businesses that have gone under over the years because they refused to innovate:

  • Blockbuster not going digital is a great example.
  • Kodak actually had the first digital camera but didn’t go to market with it because they were afraid of killing the film industry.
  • Toys ‘R Us took too long to selling online. By then it was too late, and their long time business went under.
  • Nokia didn’t realize that the user experience for a phone wasn’t voice but data, and they didn’t shift to software like they should have.
  • Borders books failed to adapt to new technologies and just kept books in a store, leading to their demise.
  • Sony actually had the software to create a device better than an iPod, but they were afraid to test something new and address illegally downloadable music, so they faded off into the musical distance.

All of these examples and more are powerful when you just think of how ideology can change a business trajectory. There are 45 more examples of big brands you know that have faded off into the sunset because they failed to innovate.


What Happens When A Business Revolution Is Taking Place?

When there are great trials in humanity, two things happen: People either fall or they rise. The pet services industry isn’t immune. During the 2008 recession, major start-ups grew into a huge business. Ever hear of:


Many of these startups were driven by the consumer’s distrust in both the economy and big brands.

The idea of jumping into someone’s personal car, rather than a taxicab company made people feel good.

Feeling the power of curtailing big banks by using an app to exchange money, excited people.

Saying bye-bye to major telecom companies who were charging an arm and a leg just to talk to far-away friends made people feel like they were taking back their power by enabling communication to happen over an app.

This is the time for innovation. While your competition is still solving old problems, you solve the new ones. While your competition isn’t addressing contactless meet-and-greets or dog walking, you do! This is how you adapt and change to meet the current times.

The year 2020 is forcing you to shift your growth and adopt different ways to think and do business because society is changing at a rapid pace.


Businesses That Will Fail During This Revolution:

bubble burst


If you are one of those people who refuse to accept that the world has changed and that you need to change with it, your business will not make it through COVID. Bold statement? Yes.

I have read so many pet sitting and dog walking business owners type things like “COVID is killing my business”.  No, my friend, your stinkin’ thinkin’ mindset is killing your business.

What COVID is doing is it is forcing you to rise like the cream of the crop or die a slow and painful death. As you watch, the years and years of your business that you have sacrificed your life, relationships, health, finances, sanity, vacations, and time with family for are slowly dwindling away.

It is only a matter of time. The revolution is happening. The bubble is bursting in the pet care industry.

A short while ago, everyone and their mother were starting a pet sitting or dog walking business. People were charging poverty wages ($10 to $15 a visit) to do something they loved. Others were refusing to grow out of a job and into a business.

Now it is like watching a bubble burst.  Those who have a strong business (sure they are hurting or down), they will survive. And those who were just gluing it together every day are not going to withstand the length of stress that this pandemic is pressuring small businesses with.

According to a study that Proceedings of the National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States (PNAS),

“Our results also highlight the financial fragility of many businesses. The median firm with monthly expenses over $10,000 had only enough cash on hand to last roughly 2 wk. Three-quarters of respondents only had enough cash on hand to last 2 mo or less.* Not surprisingly, firms with more cash on hand were more optimistic that they would remain open by the end of the year.” 

I witnessed this when I was on the phone with companies who didn’t know how they were going to make payroll for the upcoming week because of the avalanche of cancellations happening in their business.

It is sad.

It is so sad, and I was crying with them all on the phone thinking that we need to be better than this! That fueled my fire to throw out my 2nd and 3rd quarter content marketing plan, and I buckled down to create 17 pieces of rich content to help support and encourage you all throughout this crisis.

Here it is for your reference:

The Pet Industry Revolution Is Here and Happening Whether You Want to Acknowledge It Or Not.

This wasn’t expected. We didn’t know this was going to happen. You did not do anything to cause it. But SUPRISE!!!! A new way of life IS here and nothing is going back to “normal.”

Some are better off than others having a larger staff that they have had to cut back but their volume was so big that cutting back meant that they were still in business. Meanwhile, others were already struggling to make ends meet and this revolution, if not adapted to well, will end up crushing their business.

Some businesses didn’t do things to build and keep a strong business foundation. Everyone was in shock and bewildered when we went under quarantine and lockdown. Rather than use the gift of time to build their business stronger, they were paralyzed in fear.

But it is all only temporary. This revolution is not only going to change the way we do business but change the landscape of pet sitting and dog walking businesses.

With the exception of places like California and NYC who are seeing a mass exodus of people moving to a different place, we have to remember that the unemployment rate is going down, the economy isn’t doing that badly, and most of the clients that pet sitting and dog walkers help are still working.


Be Honest Have You Revolutionized The Way You Talk To Your Clients Or Do Business?


walking dog


Even though people are working from home now,  pet sitters and dog walkers aren’t selling the reality that working from home is tough.

It isn’t a walk in the park as many fantasize it to be. We must start pulling the curtain back on and asking questions like “how many times are you really walking your dog a week?”

I think we are all telling ourselves a lie. It is like saying “I will go to the gym” but then you never actually do. How often are people really walking their dog from home?

I bet it isn’t as much as they think.

But no one is talking about this.

Recently, I challenged my Mastermind members to post about this and the results were off the charts with engagement. I showed them how to work magic and get conversations going that they normally wouldn’t have had. Have you done anything like this?

Why or why not? Seriously, I want to know. Write me below in the comments for this blog!

How Window World Is Doing It Right

I am editing this blog to bring you this incredible example that just came across my desk. I am shopping for new windows for my home and received this video as a confirmation for an estimate that is happening next week. I want you to watch this short video. Pay attention to how you feel and contrast why this message is so much more impactful on video than if it were just written out. This is so simple. It is so easy, and every single one of you reading this article, right now, can do this.

The Way You Respond To The Revolution Happening Will Determine Your Business Future 



Let me remind you that your clients are just working from home.

Most of them still have a job. In fact, most of the people who pet sitting and dog walking companies service are not the sector that is out of work. They aren’t blue-collared workers. They are the affluent white-collared workers.

In other words, the money is still there.

Maybe even more money is there because not as many people are traveling. I mean, just look at the earnings for Home Depot these days!

What are you doing to convince your community that they need their dog walked or to inspire them to take local road trips if they don’t want to fly?

It is critical to remember that you sell peace of mind, trust, and security; that you exchange guilt for money, not hours for dollars.

If you stay in the mindset that you exchange hours/minutes for dollars it will be a hard struggle. You will be the business that doesn’t survive this year, and you will not survive this dip. You will be the one lacking excitement in your business, dreaming about selling, or switching careers because you have come to despise entrepreneurship.

So what do you do? If you want to be on the survival side, how can you accomplish this? How can you revive your business, and make it so that it is in a strong position for years to come and maybe even in the position to take over the market share of those that didn’t come through this alive?

I have some ideas for you… but it is going to take work. It isn’t going to be easy. You probably will try to resist some of it. I know these work because as a coach I get to see a huge variety of business owners all around the world. There are some keen traits of every successful business, and I am going to walk you through them now.


Five Areas You Need to Focus on Right Now to Survive:

  1. Mindset
  2. Location
  3. Messaging
  4. Customer Experience
  5. Leadership


1. Mindset



If you want to believe that the sky is falling and that everything is going to crap then I can’t help you.

If you are one of those people who say things like, “Why is this happening to me?” and you aren’t open to changing that mindset to “What is this trying to teach me?” then you should just stop reading now because this will be a waste of time.

But if you are fighting to see the good, and if you want this to work, then please keep reading. I have been sitting here fighting alone with you since March and what I am about to share with you is WORKING for my clients all over the USA and Canada!

Let’s rise above it all. Let’s fight this together.

What does that look like?

  • Read or listen to books.
  • Get a morning routine.
  • Get a pack of comrades around you all in the same position (Mastermind).
  • Feed your brain by listening to others’ successes and struggles.
  • Do some affirmations.
  • Live in a state of gratitude.
  • Humble yourself to ASK for help when you are feeling down or weak.
  • Tell people what you are going through so you don’t drown alone and others can help pull you out.
  • Take charge of those gosh darn voices inside your head!

2. Location

This is hard. This is just about the only thing you can’t control, and if you are in places like NYC or the Bay area where there are droves of people moving out of your area, I don’t have any life-changing advice. HOLD ON TIGHT, and try your best to wait it out.

But one thing I can say is that shelters have never been so empty. So please focus on the fact that although people might be staying home, there have never been so many pets at home. It is our job to figure out how to become relevant to help service these pets. What can you do? What problem can you solve? Are you asking for the sale? Are you attempting to bring on new clients?

If the trend in your area is that people are moving out, or your clients just aren’t coming back, then it is time to go back to Marketing 101 and start making connections, collaborating with your community, and getting your name out there.

It is time to start setting goals of getting X clients by DATE. We are doing that weekly and monthly in the Mastermind right now.

How many clients do you need to get today in order to get your revenue back to where it was? Do you know that number?

You need to start tilling the land in your location. Connect with people. Grow with them, and see how you can come together to get through this together. There are a LOT of ways that you can do this and there are many of my clients who have been successfully doing this with the right strategy.

3. Messaging

Website messaging

I think by this point we all know someone (if not ourselves or family) who has had COVID-19 or died from it. It’s sad, but true. There is an enormous social responsibility right now that is leading to fear of being judged for going to Costco or getting on an airplane for a trip. The secrecy surrounding normal activities is real.

As a society, we are riddled with an uprise in mental health issues from anxiety, depression, and even domestic violence. We are NOT okay, and as a business it is important to be sensitive to this.

In the pet industry, we get to care for and represent the most innocent and unconditionally loving creatures—our pets—and this is an emotional experience. Those who are negating this are missing the mark.

Now, more than ever, it is time to be emotional on our websites.

Before March 2020, I said that you are missing the mark if I can copy and paste your website onto another pet sitting or dog walking company website.

Now I am upping the ante. If you are not showing masks on faces, showing how you are using your personal protective equipment (PPE), doing contactless pick ups and drop offs, promoting virtual consultations, and THEN the online scheduling and back-up plans, showing that you are established, carfeful, and connected in your community, then you can not cry when people aren’t contacting you.

The world is afraid right now.

Rightfully so.

Social media messaging

What are you doing to control the narrative that you are using PPE, that your clients are protected, that you have contactless pick up and drop off, etc.? All the things we mentioned about your website above, should be talked about, shown, and told on your social media postings and in your stories.

Sixty percent of a buying decision is made before a potential client ever contacts you. What is your social media saying about you? If I go there, are you just sharing videos of viral pet videos? Or is each post establishing your personality and showing me that you are sensitive and considerate of the current climate?

Plan out your content. Make videos. Appeal to people’s emotions. It is not a time for you to stick your head in the sand. Now, more than ever, you need to be a superior marketer to save your business. Or, you can get on the wait-list for Better Marketing with Bella.

Shortly, we will open for two weeks to accept people into our program for January through June, 2021.


Sick of doing your own graphics? Want us to do them for you? Space is limited.


4. Customer Experience

This is the feeling that someone has when they are doing business with you. It is meeting them where they are in their life journey, whether feeling scared, excited, remorseful, or curious and everything in between.

You must take charge. Let people know what to expect. Answer their questions before they even know they have them. Be a leader in your business and community.

Now people are looking for leadership and confidence. They might still have their job, but they might be scared of the future and feel like they need to hold on to their money a little longer than they normally would. They might be hesitant to spend because they don’t know what’s happening in the world.

Your customer experience is an entire sector of your business that makes people happy to interact and patronize your business. This isn’t something that can be overlooked—especially now.

I really love what Joey Coleman says about this subject. He is definitely an expert and did a great job explaining it on this podcast and then in his Mastermind workshop.


5. Leadership

There are businesses that are thriving. I am proud to call many of them JUMPERS. They are in my programs, they have been listening to my suggestions since March, and I will bet you $100 they have been doing it scared.

But it is working.

There are businesses whose customers or profits were decimated to 20% and are back up to 80% now. They ASKED all their clients to come back… 10 a week, calling them up on the phone to come back to them.

They don’t just “keep in touch”. They ask for the sale. There is a difference.

They have taken my guerrilla marketing ideas and done them. And they worked!

They have put their head down when they had to be closed and tightened their foundations by focusing on customer experience, SOPS, and the long list of things they have been wanting to do. They realized that despite the world falling apart that they were given the gift of TIME and they weren’t going to discard it.

They kept focused and worked hard.
They changed the problems they were solving.
They changed up the stories they were telling, the videos they were doing on FB live, the local connections and collaborations they were doing.
They leveraged relationships both internally in their business and in their community. They tested methods.
They kept hiring through the pandemic, they upped their educational game, and they sharpened their mindset.

They showed up on our coaching calls through Better Marketing with Bella and started doing Instagram stories and woke up with four new client inquires because of it. (True story!)

Gosh dang I am so proud of them.

Was it easy? Hell to the no!
Were they scared? Hell to the yes.
Did they think about throwing in the towel? Uh huh. Almost every one of them.

But they rose above it!

They relied on the positive community that they chose to be a member of. They decided to do it scared, try new things, and test theories as they were zigging and zagging with current events.


The Future Is Very Bright

Plan a


Imagine a world where more pets are adopted into loving homes, where affluent clients still have their jobs, and business competition has been drastically decreased. Imagine a world in which your messaging, marketing, and unique value propositions are completely unique and where your foundation, systems, and processes are solid.

This is what I believe the future will be for those who want it. There is nothing stopping you from embracing this reality. If your business is slow, pick yourself up, and start fixing and improving your foundation. Get everything checked off your to-do list, and align yourself with your crystal clear vision so you can take the next decade by storm and make all your wildest dreams come true.

The sad truth is that not everyone will still have a business after this.

You will. If you are a Jumper, if you let me help you, and if you show up for me and do it scared.

I know it might feel awkward. I know you might even feel bad for doing well, a feeling called survivors guilt.

But I don’t want you to focus on that. I want you to focus on getting through this, because in the end, the only thing that is going to determine your outcome is your own mindset.

Here is what one of my clients, Amberly from Pawfect Pet and House Sitter posted this week in my Mastermind:
Jump Mastermind


Tell Me Below How I Can Help You

I am here for you. I want to help you fight through this. Let me know below what you thought of this article and what questions you have about moving forward. Are you going to ride it out? Are you giving up? Are you fighting through it? Where are you at in this journey?

I want to know.

Write me below.

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How To Rank For The Right Search Terms On Your Website:

Erika builds websites all day long. Probably done hundreds of pet sitting websites and my clients. She knows what she is talking about. (PS) We had tech issues on this one so skip ahead to the 7 min mark!



Offline Bootstrap Marketing Ideas For Your Dog Walking Business


In this training, we took it offline and talked about things that you can do around town to drum up interest in your business. These just take some elbow grease and a 100 watt smile. Freebies included



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Why It Is Important To Constantly Monitor Your Website and What To Watch For


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8 Things You Need to Do Well On Facebook To Grow Your Business


These are timeless tips, taken directly from the presentation I gave when I presented at the Groom Expo. You can use these tips today! Freebies included 


mastermind pet sitting

How To Use Facebook Groups To Expand Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business and Get More Staff

Facebook groups are still all the rage. They are a powerful tool that you can leverage by starting your own or contributing to an existing one.   I speak on stages all around the world on this topic, so listen in as I take that knowledge, apply to to the pet industry and give you three examples of companies killing it by marketing on Facebook Groups! Freebies included. 


Creating Your Avatar, Buyer Personal, Customer Profiles…

Knowing your customer intimately will make all the difference in the content you create, the messaging you post, and the way you position your website.  Freebies included



How to Rock Facebook Competitions

The legend Kate McQuillan from Pet Sitters Ireland joins the show today to walk you through everything you need to know to have a successful competition.


How To Use Social Proof To Explode Your Business


How many google Facebook reviews do you have? Do you know what to do with them once you get them? How to leverage the most out of them? This training is going to teach you exactly what to do with them.


How to Get The Right Community Partnerships That Will Help Your Business


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Episode 211: Marketing Tips From A Pro Through Tough Times

Marketing Tips From A Pro Through Tough Times


Byron Ingraham is a Facebook Advertising Expert, Best Selling Author, Business Strategist, and a Speaker. He is an Air Force Veteran turned entrepreneur. The reason he decided to become an entrepreneur is to give himself the freedom to help individuals achieve their dreams in business.

He also helps local businesses systematically leverage Facebook ads to generate leads online. In addition, he assists entrepreneurs and business owners in achieving their peak potential in their business while attracting their ideal clients and customers through marketing strategy.

Byron wants you to always remember that the difference between dreams and goals are deadlines!


How can your business pivot?


Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss:

  • For some businesses, it’s not just a 1 or 2-degree shift, sometimes it has to be a 90-degree shift in what you’re doing. Or maybe, you just need to be creative.
  • Think outside of the little box of how do you do that one thing which is solving the core problem. But first, you need to figure out what’s the problem. Business owners tend to stay on a surface without asking enough questions.
  • It’s all about where you put your energy and focus. Also, marketing to your audience in a unique and more engaging way – listen to Byron!


Free 15 min strategy session for your business:

  • https://www.byroningraham.com/strat

Show Highlights:

  • What you can do as business owners to go through the pandemic, 1.29
  • Ways on how to pivot, 7.30
  • Where to focus and put your energy, 12.34
  • How to market to your audience, 15.05







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Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

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Secret Elements To Having A Kick Ass Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Interview Process

When most people think about marketing, they think about getting new clients. However, 50% of your marketing efforts should also be on getting the right people to work for your company. But finding the right dog walking or pet sitting candidate isn’t just looking for a needle in a haystack. It is the entire pet sitting and dog walking interview process that needs to be shaped to appear attractive to your prospective new employee.

It is all about courting them, attracting them, exciting them, and keeping them engaged.

When you can accomplish this, people will be banging down your door to work for you. They will be excited and eager and your ghosting at face to face interviews will go way down or be eliminated.

We talk a lot about what you should look for in a candidate and in the past we have already walked you through:


So that should definitely get you started with the nitty-gritty. But now I actually want to break this down to show you what both sides can experience during the hiring process. It isn’t all about the business and what the business wants. You have to appear “sexy” to the applicant too. You have to make them want the job and the very first impression they have of you is the hiring process.

So let’s make this interesting…

In a volatile job market

it can be difficult and time consuming for businesses to have the perfect hiring process. BUT a standardized hiring system is crucial to fairly screen and interview candidates. Your hiring process says so much about your company before introductions are even thought of.  Applicants are not just applying for your job but many others as well. They are getting responses from different companies and they are all making them feel a certain way.

Stand out in your business! Make them feel connected and excited about their application with you. I am going to break down a few ways you can accomplish this so hopefully, you can take your process from drab to exciting.


Advertising & Creating Interest In Your Dog Walking Interview Process

Once you create an ad, you have all the ability to play with where it shows up and test the different titles and descriptions. How do you know which ad copy performs best if you don’t test it? How do you know if you post a link on Facebook, send it out in an email, or post it on a job board – which actually performs? With this data you can start honing in on what works and stop wasting your time on what doesn’t work.

I always suggest to play around with the tones of your ad. Create an ad like you are talking to your best friend, create a corporate one, and then create one with the fun pet lingo that you use in your daily adventures with your clients. Which will get the most interest? Which will draw out the best applicants?


See how many jobs you have “open” and how they are performing


The only way you can tell is if you test all of this and track the conversion rates. JazzHR lets you post as many hiring ads as you want

…and posts them on over 20 job boards

…it also tells you how many eyeballs see it

…finally how many actually apply.

This info alone is so super valuable, if used.

You can also import them easily to your website to see if that has any effect as well. How professional does it look when you have a formal job application on your website? The applicant is coming to your virtual house and knows exactly what kind of company you are.

The dashboard will show you all the important info you need in one place. Know what works to get the right people excited.


How Sexy Are Your Basic Information & Screening Questions?

The next most important thing when creating the best dog walking interview process is to not get bogged down with all the “unsexy”  typical questions that everyone asks. Here, you actually have the ability to insert your company culture or witty nature through collecting their basic info and screening questions.

How about asking some exciting WHY questions to your applicant? Things that show that you actually care about their opinions and their desire to apply for the job. Tailoring these questions can attract or detract your applicant to the job so think hard and long about what the right questions can be. Don’t be afraid to make it about them. Like, “Describe your dream job?” or “Describe two things about this job that appeals to you” or “Tell me one thing that could be a downside to this job?”

Seeing how much thought they put into this can really save time in the hiring process to weed out applicants who aren’t meeting the basic job requirements or applying just to apply.

In this stage, you can hear their heart – and hopefully, if you word it properly, they can hear yours too.


Stop Looking At The Duds! You Are Wasting Your Time.

I have been in your sneakers… I know what you are looking for when you are setting up your pet sitting and dog walking interview process.

You want:

  • someone in your service area
  • a candidate available the hours you need
  • an applicant who is physically able to complete the job
  • someone who has a smartphone
  • plus insurance
  • and a car.

Am I right? (I got you boo!)

It is exactly why I included those questions and more on the knockout questions that you get, complimentary when you sign up with JazzHr.

But more so, these questions – are so important because why would you want to waste your time with someone who doesn’t even meet your basic criteria?

And one step further, what are your knockout questions saying to your applicant? How about going one step further and slip in something like, Do you mind ending your shift with slobber and dog/cat hair on your clothes? Give them a win when they are filling out this online application. Make them chuckle, smile, or get to know your brand through what you ask them.

They will see that you are looking for the necessities but also have enough of a personality that you just perked their interest to work for you!

Wowzas! Interested?!?!

and the best part?

You get to determine what is an acceptable or unacceptable answer and can set up this process so you don’t even see the unqualified applicants. Imagine that… less toads you have to kiss before you find the proverbial prince charming!




Knockout questions help to detect the red flags and absolute no-gos with no extra work! (Check out our previous episodes with Jen for more info on this.) You even get to control if you still want to view the flagged applications, or if you just want to eliminate them right off the bat. This becomes a next level screening process to find those hidden gems in the bunch with minimal work to you.

All this info is stored inside the applicant’s profile too so you don’t have to sift through email threads and try to piece together all the info. It is all in one place for you to reference. Especially when you are exchanging communication with the applicant.

This brings me to my next exciting perk in this journey to finding amazing staff…

Text Your Applicant!

If you are reading this, I am sure you have hired before and I am sure you have a story of one time when you were ghosted. While I can’t guarantee that won’t ever happen again, I can tell you that being able to chat with them real-time – through text messages can really help get that bond established and make them feel like they know you .

Oh, and you can systematize all of that too. Create your standard text messages that you send to people you are really interested in like:

“Hey (name)! I loved reading your application. I am out right now, but I wanted to let you know to watch your inbox because my tail is wagging fast to forward you onto the next phase of our hiring process! Bella, Bella’s House & Pet Sitting. 

or maybe something like this:

Good morning (name)! Just wanted to let you know I am looking forward to finally meeting you face to face today! I feel like I already know you – and can’t wait to chat some more. By the sounds of it, you sound like you are on your way to be a great addition at our company! See you soon! – (Name) 

I guarantee no other suitors (companies) are getting that excited or personal with applicants. You need to drop some bread crumbs to get them excited about this process. Remember, it isn’t just about you.

texting applicant

It can even be used to send updates during the interview process or a thank you text…. instead of an email.

But why not just do it from your company phone?  That was my first thought. 

With this method, the texts stay in the candidate’s profile, and anyone who is accessing your account can keep up with the convo! You can’t do that if you are doing it all on a physical phone. Not to mention you can systematize the heck out of it! #winning

Acknowledge Your Applicant Goes A Long Way In All Phases

One of the toughest things when applying for a job is wondering if they got your application, when (or if) they will reply, or going back and forth with scheduling. Not only is it nerve-wracking for all involved, but it typically produces a lot of untrusting emotions and stress.

dog walking interview process

Make the dog walking interview process nurturing. Let them know through auto-responses that you got their application and they can expect a reply in X hours/days. This is important because looking for a job is depressing and daunting. The applicant is not feeling the greatest, so it really doesn’t take much to stand out from everyone else and be human.

When you are trying to arrange a time to meet virtually or in person or on the phone, how about setting up a calendar where they can select a time that works for you? This will speed up the process, eliminating the back and forth, and leave your applicant feeling impressed that you have thought ahead and smoothed out the process.

calendly email


How Do You Think That Makes Them Feel?

Imagine how they are now thinking it would be to train with you or learn their new job from you? You are building their confidence in your company making them want the job even more.

It is an opportunity to take these small nuances that often become a put off to applicants and it is where YOU can shine and excite the applicant.



Are You Breaking The Law With Resume Collection?

The last thing we need is another thing to keep track of during the dog walking interview process!

Did you know that the law requires you to keep all of the resumes you have received for 2 YEARS?

That’s a lot of responsibility for anyone to have, but even more so if the hiring process isn’t organized or even located in the same place. Again, this process allows you to electronically store all of this information, and to compound this feature, it will tell you if someone has applied to your job opening in the past and why you rejected them!


Customize your own workflow process in the dog walking interview process.

I know that your secret sauce isn’t the same as your competitor or even someone in another state. That is why I give you the suggested hiring and interview phases but I know that not everyone will be the same. Being able to create your own phases of the interview process, that you feel comfortable with is paramount.

What is even more important is being able to replicate it all with the click of a button. What kind of experience would that potential employee get if every single time you were having to think about it and recreate that moment? That email exchange, that request for a video, that response to the video, that request for an interview or zoom meeting? Not only will your delivery not be consistent, which could affect the love affair you are starting with a potential hire, but it is also emotionally draining.

Because I know you get your hopes up when you see a candidate that you like…

So let’s front load this sucker! Let’s take a moment to create some phrases that are comfortable for YOU and then make it all work with the click of a button.

Sound easy? It really is… so many in the Mastermind are crushing it with this method and able to hire on-demand because of it (If I sound like a proud Mama Bear.. it is because I am!) 

And bonus thought – having this automated allows you to tweak the entire process if you see that people tend to drop out at one point or another.

Share Information With New Hires In The Same Place.

No one gets excited about getting a packet in their email that they need to print, fill out, and hand in. (Heck, even my printer is busted at the time I am writing this!) Let alone getting something in the old fashioned MAIL. The time is here – electronic is the way to go and what better experience for this person you are courting to hire onto your team than an easy onboarding process where they can do it all online and easily?

Not only that – but now you have it all in one place so no more file cabinets of folders stacked around your home office!

Think about how it feels from the applicants stand point.
Think about all the time you can save in your own business. If not your own time – the time you are paying others to do this all.

Want To Go All In With Me?

For over 2 years hundreds of businesses in the pet sitting and dog walking industry have partnered with JazzHR to help them do all this and more with their hiring process. The power of this software has helped them to attract the right applicant, hire confidently, and know that they don’t have to be a hostage in their business because their system to find people to hire – works! (and lets face it, they now have a pool to pick from)

I believe in this company and used them in my business and personal hires. When you sign up through me, you actually get 50% off the middle plan AND a job ad AND knockout questions.

It is time to flip the tables and instead of feeling like you need to convince people to work for you – have them begging to work for you!

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Video Training for New Staff podcast,business woman, podcast, business coach, video, staff training, video training

Episode 209: Why You Need Video Training for Your Pet Care Staff in 2020

Why Your Pet Care Business Needs Video Training for New Staff in 2020

Liz Illg is a Business, Content, and Systems Consultant. Liz and her team take an all-inclusive approach to finally bring your vision to life.

They specialize in building the systems and operating foundation that will help you truly take off and scale your business, or writing the one-of-a-kind marketing materials that will get you NOTICED. All you have to do is tell her the idea, approve the final product, and put it to work for you!

Since 2013, Liz has…

  • Opened five brick-and-mortar grooming shops.
  • Launched her dream business, Liz Illg Consulting.
  • Developed organic business relationships across countries and industries.

Is VIDEO the way of the present and the future?

Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss:

  • Videos keep the viewers engaged and excited by throwing the right graphics and instructions during the training to keep you and your employees entertained while learning.
  • Customize your training through our paw print to keep your “Secret Sauce” and have a way to show to your people this is how you do it. It’s specific, streamlined, and simple.
  • Build the foundation of your training from the video aspect and documentation, and YOU as the business owner get to decide the added things that you want to incorporate in your business.

Bonuses if you purchase during the launch period:

  1. Support inspired email templates that you can send to your employees every month.
  2. Branded Graphics
  3. Blueprint of the exact outline for you to use during face to face or video meetings with your staff.
  4. Two Certifications

Video Training for New Staff Show Highlights:

  • How Pet Care Training was born 1.03
  • What should I do in employee training and what should I talk about? 9:41
  • Why video training enhance messaging and support, and what kind of effects does it have on their staff? 14.25
  • How should I onboard my new staff? 19.52
  • Professional Pet Care Team Training Portal 22.25



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Are You New Here?

Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

creating promotional dog walking videos podcast, dog walking, pet industry, business woman, entrepreneur

Episode 206: The Step By Step Process For Creating Promotional Dog Walking Videos

If you are a dog walker and need more clients, then you want to watch this Creating promotional dog walking videos podcast. Today you will discover the simple easy to use step by step process to quickly and easily creating promo videos for your dog walking or pet sitting business.

Creating Promotional Dog Walking Videos Show Highlights

  • Popular misconceptions about creating promotional videos
  • What is the ideal length, aspect ratio, basics
  • The Four Pillars that make a promo video great
  • How to alleviate the biggest bottleneck in creating promotional videos. 
  • Structure for thinking of visuals:
  • More important than editing is the design and how the frame looks like
  • Music- select one that amplifies the overall mood of your promotional video


Let’s Connect!

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  2. Click on the ‘Subscribe’ button below the artwork
  3. Go to the ‘Ratings and Reviews’ section
  4. Click on ‘Write a Review’’

Are You New Here?

Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

hiring ads

How to Know if Your Hiring Ads Are Actually Working

When we put a hiring ad out there, it doesn’t matter if you get 100-200 applications, if only 1-2 are actually qualified. At the end of the day, that’s just a waste of your time. It’s equally as bad if you publish a hiring ad, and nobody responds. Not one person – yikes!

Let’s solve both of those problems together, today.



How can we make our hiring ads stand out?

When you post a hiring ad, you’re in competition with every other company out there that’s hiring.

That’s why it’s really important to make ourselves stand out among the crowd.

  • Target personalities. By this I mean, speak the language of the type of person you’re trying to hire! If you have a fun, upbeat company, make your hiring ad fun & upbeat! We want to be mindful of how we can connect with our candidates. The best way to do that is to simply make your job sound FUN! As we get to work with pets, this should be pretty easy 🙂

Make your company culture shine through in your hiring ad!

  • Readability. At the end of the day, we’re looking to capture people that love animals, are reliable, and can care for our clients. Stay away from making your hiring ad difficult to read or making it too technical/rigid. There’s A LOT of job posts out there that are like that – so this is the perfect way to make yours shine through! Stay away from long paragraphs, and gravitate more towards bullet points

Our natural inclination is to skim things, so you want to make your ad:

  • Quick & easy to read
  • Show quick bursts of relevant information
  • Easily highlight the perks of working for you
  • Have your personality shine through

See what I did there? 🙂



Staying Competitive in the Hiring Process?

Think about this for a moment.

You are posting jobs, but guess what?

So is everybody else.

The reality is, there’s only a finite number of quality people. So we want to make sure that they want to choose YOU over the competition 🙂

We can do this by emphasizing the perks of being a pet sitter or dog walkers such as the freedom, flexibility, and lifestyle.

And, hello?!?!  Getting to spend time with adorable animals each day!?

Another “hiring hack” to consider implementing is a referral system. What’s better than letting people you trust recruit FOR you? You can provide meaningful incentives to always have that process running in the background for you.

Even just one employee can generate a substantial amount of revenue for your company. Have you ever stopped to think just how much revenue one employee can help you generate?

You also want to pay close attention to your analytics. With streamlined hiring software like JazzHR, you can actually see how many people are seeing/viewing your ads but not applying.

Hint, hint – that means it’s time to take a closer look at your job description and pinpoint why people aren’t applying.

The bottom line? Use the data to your advantage to see where your audience is finding you. You don’t have to go at this alone. I always say that the two problems a pet business owner has is 1) getting clients and 2) getting staff. By implementing helpful tools, systems, and processes, we can get you one step closer to solving those problems for good.

Click here to receive 50% off ($100 savings!) JazzHR’s Pro Plan


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Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

social media strategy

How to Level Up Your Social Media Strategy in 2020

I want you to reframe your mindset around social media.

What if, social media was not just another task on a to-do list, but actually a tool to be cherished? A way for you to engage and be involved in a number of different communities. Once we can view it through this lens, we can then begin to see exactly why we’re using social media and all the benefits it brings us.

Even still, you cannot possibly be active on every social network, every day. It’s just too much, even for the best of us.

Today, I want you to level up. We’re going to talk about each of the major social media platforms, how to prioritize which one(s) you’re going to focus on, and what your strategy will be on those platforms.

Still with me? Let’s JUMP in!


Separate personal from business

No matter which social media platforms you’re currently using, your first order of business is to separate your business profiles from your personal profiles. It’s important to have this boundary drawn to ensure you’re posting appropriate content to the appropriate major social networks.

That being said, what ARE the major social networks? We know there’s a lot of social media platforms outthere, but there’s really only six major ones:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

They each have their own pros and cons. Using a particular network is an investment of your time. The more time you invest, the more success you will see come out of it. You’ll not only get better, but you’ll become more skilled at the nuances of the network, establish relationships with other users, and develop a richer history of activity.

By spending just 20 minutes a day (yup, that’s really all you need!), you’ll develop a foundation of success that you can build off of.

Before we determine which network we want to focus on, let’s consider them all.

The six major social media platforms


Facebook is the most popular and populous of the social networks. It’s also the most robust. You can create a business page, broadcast live video, create events, manage groups, run ads, and review analytics.

Any business can use Facebook to reach any audience. 


Did you know YouTube has the second largest search engine, just behind Google? One thing to keep in mind is that it’s only video-driven content. To be on this platform, you’ll want to have consistent branding and post videos regularly. A cool feature is that you can even broadcast live video!


Everybody loves Instagram! You can share images, videos, broadcast live video through IGTV, and even post storytime content. Be sure to convert your Instagram profile to a business profile, if you have not done so already. That will help unlock so many more useful features, like analytics, that will help you grow your following.


Twitter is known as a highly conversational platform where most communication is through text, images, or videos. It’s uniquely suited towards resharing and replying to other user’s content. It’s also the most open and accessible social network. You can take advantage of highly complex searches, filters, save searches, and more.


LinkedIn is not what it used to be. Many people still of LinkedIn as a job-seeking platform, mostly for business professionals. But it’s really changed a lot over the years. I will say that this is the one platform where you will want to use your personal profile for professional use. This is because business profiles do not do as well on LinkedIn as individual profiles.


Lastly, we have Pinterest. Pinterest is thought of as the artsy, dreamy platform. It’s where people go to shape and craft their dreams, whether it’s creating a wardrobe, decorating a new space, or planning out the road trip of their dreams. Why not use it to help craft an experience with your business and brand as well?


Who doesn’t love free stuff? Click this link and type social media in the comments to receive Mike’s social media planner!

Create a profile on every social network

YUP – all of them.

Even if you’re not going to use it or rarely post.


It’s important to claim your business name so you have it in case you ever change your mind.

Then, the next step is to decide which of these networks are you going to prioritize. let’s consider the following questions:

  • Where do you have an existing channel or following?
    • If you have large following on Facebook or Instagram, this is a huge accomplishment! This tells you a great deal of where your audience is engaging with you. If it works, keep on doing it!
  • Who is your target audience?
    • Different social media platforms are going to have a different audience. For example, Instagram and Twitter typically have a younger following whereas Facebook & LinkedIn are often associated with an older generation. Who is your customer and where are they spending time on?
  • Which platforms do you love and which do you hate?
    • If you don’t like a certain platform, it’s going to be hard to convince yourself to use it, plain and simple. Maybe you hire a virtual assistant to manage it for you. But at the end of the day, it’s important that you LIKE the social media platform you plan on putting your effort into – you’ll be spending a great deal of time here!
  • What type of content do you prefer?
    • If you’re not super into taking photographs, maybe Instagram isn’t the best choice for your main platform. The idea is to pick a platform where you can post the type of content you prefer and that it feels enjoyable to you.


The bottom line: Your #1 social network is the one that you should spend the most time on. It’s the one you will create content specifically for. You can of course repurposed this content for other platforms, as needed. This platform is the one you’ll check at the beginning of the day, then at the end of the day, and probably a few times in between.


So, you’ve chosen your #1 platform – now what?

Time to talk strategy!

We looked at the different platforms, discussed the questions you need to consider to choose your number one platform, and now you’ve got it!

All you’re going to do is follow these three simple steps:

  1. Discuss: First, you’ll want to form meaningful discussions with your audience. It’s important not to just talk AT them. Pose questions that will drive engagement, and make your page a fun place to hang out!
  2. Inspire: As you start to gain some authority and credibility, its time to inspire your audience. Be a thought leader in your community, and a constant that people will look up to.
  3. Act: Now it’s time to make the sale! Very important you don’t just jump to this step, or your audience will tune you out. Here is where you can show your value, talk about what you do, and how you can be of benefit to your audience.

Another important note: video is the best performing content on all of the social networks, especially live video. Why? It’s a place where you can demonstrate authority, talk about your products, and offer an unparalleled opportunity to engage with your audience.




Final thoughts

Along with everything we talked about above, not only is it important to engage on social media, but it’s equally important to listen.

What do I mean by that? You can do this in two ways:

Social Monitoring is commenting on posts or replying to direct messages to people that are directly talking to you or your brand.

Social Listening is when you’re paying attention to posts where people on social may be talking about you, or your brand, in an indirect way. Maybe they’re even complaining about their experience? I hope not, but now that you’re clued in, you can certainly address it.

There’s no secret or hack to succeeding on social media. It really boils down to strategy, consistency, and time. Tools like AgoraPulse can help you get there.

What has been your biggest takeaway from the time you’ve spent on social media? I’d love to know. Let me know in the comments below!

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knockout questions

How to Perfect Your Hiring Knockout Questions

How many of you have been inundated with applications to your hiring ad?

With the unemployment rate at 13% in June 2020, many business owners are having this problem (although, it’s a good problem to have!). Even still, it can get seriously depressing sifting through application after application of candidates. Most of them didn’t even follow the instructions and some may not even live in your area, am I right?

I’ve even heard of some pet sitting companies getting over 100+ applications on a single hiring ad. That’s a lot of responses to go through!! And out of those 100, usually, they will only hire 1-2 people.

Look, you’re a busy business owner and every minute is precious. So today, I’m going to give you some tools that you can use RIGHT NOW to smooth out your hiring process and free up your time by crafting the perfect knockout questions.


What are not knockout questions?

Knockout questions are meant to be qualifiers – not a substitute for your interviewing questions. They are an important first step, but they should not replace your phone interview, video conference, or in-person interview.

The goal is to determine if the candidate is even worth moving to the next step. You’re trying to identify if the candidate even has the potential to be a good fit, which requires them to meet your non-negotiables. As funny as it sounds, it’s a lot like dating!

Let’s go through an example.

Say I’m hiring for my pet sitting company that’s based in Phoenix. One of my knockout questions is “What city do you live in?” Now, a candidate has applied for the position and is based in Chandler (a neighboring city). Since the candidate does not meet the basic criteria for the position (i.e. being based in Phoenix), I won’t even see their response. Pretty neat, huh?

But how do you even go about setting something like this up? It sounds pretty technical, right? Well, that’s where JazzHR comes in. They are my recommended software for streamlining your hiring process, and setting up knockout questions couldn’t be easier.


What are some examples of good knockout questions?

Your knockout questions are your non-negotiables. They ensure that every candidate you look at has already jumped through those hoops, saving you from a negative emotional experience of weeding them out.

Let’s dive into some great examples that you can use right now in your business:

  • Are you willing to care for both big and small dogs?
  • Are you comfortable with both dogs and cats?
  • Are you able to lift up to 50 pounds?
  • What city or zip code do you live in?

…and more! Guess what – I’m about to simplify this for you even more. Did you know that JazzHR actually gives you a list of FREE knockout questions for pet sitters & dog walkers when you sign up? I told you they’re amazing.

Now, say you repost your hiring ad a few months ago now, and a candidate that has already been automatically rejected through your knockout questions applies again. JazzHR will catch that just by their phone number or email, so you don’t have to waste any precious time reviewing duplicate candidates.



So, how do I set up my knockout questions?

I don’t know about you, but I am a VISUAL learner. So instead of telling you how to set these up in Jazz, check out this video below, specifically at the 8:02 mark.

Jen, Customer Success Manager at JazzHR, will walk you through exactly how to:

  • Set up your knockout questions
  • Save your knockout questions
  • Show you how to create different knockout questions for different job postings



Let’s talk about rejection

Nobody likes rejection – but it’s a necessary evil in the world of hiring. Our resident HR expert, Niki Ramirez, encourages pet business owners to adopt a policy either to send rejection letters to disqualified candidates or not.

What you don’t want is the same candidates applying to your job over and over again because they think you just haven’t looked at their application. You guessed it – we have a solution for that, too!

JazzHR allows you to save customized email templates, so you can save preloaded rejection letters and all you do is have to hit “send.” Feel free to save different rejection letters for different reasons, if you’d like.

You might be thinking, “Yikes, it might not look so good if a candidate applies and immediately get a rejection letter afterward.” With the customized email templates, you can actually choose when you want the letter to be sent out to the candidate. So you never have to worry about the candidate learning they were instantly rejected!


The bottom line

One of the things in this world that we can never get back is time. It’s one of our most precious resources. I’m on a mission to get you more of it, and I guarantee you that using JazzHR is one of those ways to get you there.

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to learn more and receive 50% off ($100 savings!) off of JazzHR’s Plus Plan.

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Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

Business Women talking about staff employment

What Are My Options If My Staff Want To Stay On Unemployment And Not Come Back To Work?

In all my Facebook groups, the same question has been popping up. It goes like this, “I am thinking of re-opening and my staff doesn’t want to come back because they are making more on unemployment than if they were working for me?”

When the CARES Act passed, part of it includes a $600-a-week bonus from the Federal government until July 31 for those registered as unemployed. This is on top of what the state was paying for unemployment. For many, that means they are making a minimum of $2400 a month from the Federal government plus whatever their state is giving them.

This is a tough subject that is leaving a lot of business owners feeling like they are held hostage in their own business while hemorrhaging money each day, week, and month. They want to get their businesses back open but are slowing realizing that it isn’t going to just all POOF be back to normal overnight.

Business Owners Are Fearful

Business owners in my groups are fearful. The are scared to ask their workers back, they are scared of what they will say when they are asked back, and they are scared to try to hire all new staff during this turbulent time.

Business owners are being put in tough positions they never thought they would be in and honestly there is no right or wrong answers.

Use My Relationships

Relationships with CPAs, Human Resources, and Labor Attornies have never been so important than ever before and they all have different points of views on what you should do.

Many of my clients, (Jumpers) are asking the advice of all three experts and then using their thoughts to make their best educated decision. As you will read from Marilyn, we are playing a game where at the time of publication, we still don’t have all the rules of the game.

It is tough.

So I have gathered the experts that I know, like, and trust and asked them all the same question:

My business has received the Payment Protection Program (PPP). My staff says ‘no’ to coming back becasue they are making more on unemployment… Now what?


Before reading on please note that my guest contributors or I are not giving you any legal or financial advice and you need to consult with your team, in your state, about your situation. 

The CPA Answer:

bella in your business


Marilyn is a CPA and a Certified Profit First Professional and the co-Founder of ProfitHERO™, the #1 online financial community that puts you in the know about what you don’t know and on a success path to profit so you can go from startup to scale-ready without delaying pay, play, or profit. You might have remembered them from our two hour Facebook Live going through the CARES Acts and PPP. Here is what she had to say about this situation:

The Paycheck Protection Program was intended to essentially protect the paychecks for those employees who were at risk of losing their ability to earn. Employers raced to file for this program with the goal of getting funded first and sort the plan out second. There was really no time to think, only do when the legislation was enacted on March 27th. However, no one anticipated how the proverbial “stack” of small business aid would actually end up competing with an invisible employer named Pandemic Unemployment that would silently end up positioning those who were hired with the prospect of 16 weeks PTO and a substantial raise.

How Do We Do Business In An Alternative Universe?

This new COVID reality has literally created an alternate universe overnight for small businesses who are now desperate to hire back their team members so that life beyond COVID can happen. The greatest challenge has been managing the emotions of owners who feel a sense of betrayal when they learn their staff would rather risk their future for short-term unemployment along with the guilt that somehow their wanting to resume business is keeping the teams they love from an opportunity. So what do we do and where do we go from here?


The short answer that confronts the brutal facts is that life and business must go on. It’s the whole — “it’s gonna be different, but it’s gonna be ok.” You may want to tell your team member to “take their time” and come back when the pandemic unemployment ends but we just can’t accept that this was the spirit of the economic aid when it was drafted. The whole point was to keep everyone as whole as humanly possible so that we had something to return to and build once the initial onset of this crisis was over. As hard as it may be, the reality is you call the team members you truly want back and then the next decision is theirs. As a small business owner, this is your responsibility to do your part and operate accordingly, no matter how hard or difficult it may be. We can each only control what we each individually do. Now is the time to let the law guide you on how to walk this transition back into normal out while being as compassionate as you can within those boundaries.

Practically speaking there are some ways you can essentially “compete” with unemployment. Your willingness to innovate to create a win-win will be key into making all the pieces of this puzzle fit. For example…..


  1.  You could honor your employees with a temporary pay increase for the eight-week period. Documentation and equal treatment across the board will be key here. The SBA cites a max payout of $15,384 for the 8-week period to anyone person given the $100k salary cap.
  2.  You could consider a one-time return to work bonus or offer a commitment incentive to be paid out at the end of the eight weeks. Again, max payouts, no discrimination, and confirm with your lender that these types of adjustments would be part of your due diligence.
  3. You must meet the 75% payroll allocation in order to take advantage of the 25% rent, utilities, and mortgage interest payments but learning, if these expenses could be pre-paid, could be part of your PPP spend down strategy.
  4. You could transition your monthly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly pay cycles to weekly so that the full eight weeks are certain to be within the timeline. Unemployment pays weekly and so can you. Again, just an idea to consider with your lender. There’s certainly nothing within the rulings that we’ve seen to counter this as a way to maximize the use of your PPP funding.

UPDATE: File ruling on PPP was just announced here

These Are Only Strategies

Marily stresses to me though that:  Again, Bella — these are strategies or ideas but people need to execute on them with their eyes WIDE OPEN. This very important and no one should be trying to navigate a strategy on their own. Collaboration is a small business owner’s best friend right now — which is exactly what you do inside your program and we do inside ours!

Gosh, I just love how knowledgable and candid this team always is with me and my community. I really do hope that you take advantage of at least one of their offers:

1. Access to a $197.00 Masterclass for FREE
2.  71% off the Profit Hero’s community just because you are in my crew. Use promo code bella350


Then We Asked A Lawyer…

Okay next up, we had to ask Bernard Nomberg. He is an attorney in Alabama, super knowledgable, presented in the COVID support group at the end of March, …and he has a pretty solid Tik Tok game with his daughters! 🙂 Here is his reflections on this situation:

As businesses contemplate reopening their doors, there is the potential that employees will be unwilling to return to the jobs they held prior to stay at home orders. Whether furloughed or terminated from employment, over 26 million Americans have filed for unemployment during COVID-19. 

As new ordinances are announced and individual states choose to phase their population back into some semblance of an open public, some employees will be unwilling to pick back up their jobs and continue with business as usual.

Even if an employee’s reasoning is grounded in a true hesitation of being exposed to pathogens, it cannot be denied that some of those 26 million Americans drawing unemployment benefits are receiving pay that is greater than the compensation received while employed.

Unemployment Has An Expiration Date:

However, it is imperative that these employees remember that unemployment benefits have an expiration date. 

“For example, states such as New York, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Ohio each offer 26 weeks of unemployment benefits through the traditional state-funded unemployment insurance system. Seven states provide less than 26 weeks of unemployment compensation. For example, Florida and North Carolina each offer 12 weeks, while Missouri provides 13 weeks of unemployment benefits.” Even unemployment during COVID-19 doesn’t last forever, as the benefits have only been extended an additional 13 weeks. With these expiration dates in mind, employees should heed the fact that these benefits will terminate if they are offered their job back, and that job is refused. Several states including Iowa have issued statements that center on a similar notion: “If you’re an employer and you offer to bring your employee back to work and they decide not to, that’s a voluntary quit, [t]herefore, they would not be eligible for the unemployment money.” While an employer may be hesitant to use this information as a tactic to incentivize workers to return to employment, it is a fact that cannot be denied.

Source: https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/495050-states-telling-workers-theyll-lose-unemployment-benefits-if-they-refuse.
Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/zackfriedman/2020/04/29/unemployment-benefits-extended/#5ba90f792a51.

Bernard continues to say, “If you are hurt on the job due to unsafe working conditions, seek legal counsel, as you may be entitled to workers’ compensation or other benefits. As we have since 1967, we will continue to protect the legal rights of our clients – those who are hurt on the job while working for Alabama employers. If you have been injured on the job and want to learn your rights, please consider contacting the Nomberg Law Firm. Our website is Nomberglaw.com. We are based in Birmingham, AL. Our office number is 205-930-6900.”


We Also Asked a Human Resources Expert

Niki Ramirez is an amazing friend of the Jump Consulting community. She has shown up for our Mastermind members every month joined us in the COVID support group and helped dozens of my clients. Her knowledge is invaluable and I’m so thankful for her advice whenever we call on her. Here are her thoughts:

This is an all-too-common question right now. It is wonderful to have received this hard-to-come-by loan, but we are finding that employees may not be ready to return to work. As a leader in your business, and in your community, I simply want to remind you that operating from a place of respect and compassion will always take you farther than operating and making decisions based on fear. Do not fear that employees who do not wish to return to work will have a negative impact on your organization!

Consider The Position The Employee Might Be In

Based on each employee’s family needs and personal beliefs, employees may not be ready to return to work. Some employees will be dealing with childcare issues, some employees will simply not feel safe returning to work yet. Some employees may feel that they can receive higher weekly pay by remaining on unemployment (if they are currently receiving unemployment benefits). Just this week, in Arizona, Governor Doug Ducey published a statement that he is instructing state agencies to be “flexible” in granting continued unemployment benefits to individuals who fear for their health and safety in returning to work. This means that even if you call employees back to work, they may be able to decline and continue to receive unemployment benefits; which would normally disqualify them. Time can only tell how this will all play out in Arizona and in other states.


Key Considerations:

Moving on, let’s review some of the key considerations when you approach rehiring employees, or reopening for business. Do keep in mind that there are various ways that you can approach using your PPP funds in a way that will still be forgivable; your CPA or trusted financial advisor is best suited to break down the loan terms with you. Below are my keys for planning for success using your PPP loan funds, even when your employees do not wish to return to work:

  1. When analyzing what portion of your PPP loan will be forgivable, you will be measuring the number of full time employees (FTE’s) in your company, as well as the amounts paid in payroll during your selected measurement period. You do not have to employ the same people; you can hire new employees if need to maintain your FTE.
  2. Payroll can be spent on training and retraining employees if you do not yet have enough work to send them into the field with clients yet.
  3. You can pay employees their “regular salary” even if they are not yet physically working during your 8-week period.

When you’re ready to communicate with employees about returning to work:

  • Craft a standard re-employment process and follow it consistently
  • Provide those that you wish to invite to return with a carefully-crafted written offer that includes:
    • Date of reinstatement or return to full-time status/pay
    • Job title
    • Rate of pay or weekly salary
    • Location of work
    • Main job duties
    • Supervisor
    • Deadline to respond in writing
    • Instructions to respond in writing (return the letter with Yes/No designation, text or email a response)
  • Engage in phone or video conversations with employees to determine their level of interest and comfort returning to work. If they tell you that they are concerned about safety, you can review with them the safety protocols that you’re implementing to keep employees, clients and the community safe.
  • Keep documentation of your employees’ responses to your offer. Plan to use this information if you need to reply to requests from your local unemployment office in determining your employees’ future eligibility for unemployment benefits.
  • It is ok to respectfully remind employees to consider that unemployment benefits are not guaranteed long term, and that the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (the extra $600 weekly payment) is scheduled to expire on July 31, 2020.
  • Once you know which of your employees are ready to return to work, you can decide whether or not you need to advertise and recruit for new employees.
  • If you need to recruit and hire new employees in order to ensure you meet PPP loan forgiveness requirements, ensure that you craft a compelling job posting that ensures that candidates are attracted to your company based on the value you place on safety and health; as well as your care and concern for employees.
  • Recruiting, hiring and training may look different in the future based on social distancing guidelines. Please consider reviewing your safety and health protocols so that when you meet with candidates you limit the risk of exposure.
    • Some ideas for doing this: conduct video-based interviews rather than in-person interview; only meet top candidates in open, well-ventilated spaces; wear masks to curb the spread of illness when meeting with job candidates and new employees; use electronic recruiting and onboarding systems (like JazzHR), and online payroll systems (like Gusto payroll) to streamline your hiring process and decrease the need to share physical paperwork.

So What Will You Do With This Information?

I know this article has given you a lot to think about and often we get different things to ponder from different experts. I hope this article and Marilyn, Bernard, and Niki’s contributions have shown you just how important it is for you to have your own group of advisors strategizing inside your own business.

If you are in the Mastermind, you gain get access to Niki every single month as a perk of your membership. We actually have a whole spreadsheet of all the questions she has answered for our group. Curious what they are? Here is a snipit:

  • What about pregnant ladies and scooping litter? What accommodations can you make?
  • Are we required to be keeping notes on what was the reason we decided not to hire someone after we’ve engaged in the first step? (i.e. not just rejecting an application but interview or whatever our first step of reaching out is)
  • How does drug testing work for people who have valid prescriptions for controlled substances (i.e., stimulants for ADHD, benzos for anxiety, opiates for pain, etc– I’m going to break marijuana off into its own bullet)? my understanding is that the results are unreportable in these cases due to HIPPA?
  • What to say to an employee who says she is uncomfortable doing consultations when there is only a man in the house.
  • Is there a certain amount of hours we have to schedule someone? I have 2 people who will not turn in their availability so I have not scheduled either one. How long until they are not considered an employee?
  • What are the legalities on requiring someone to work a holiday?
  • If I conduct an interview at a dog park and something happens to the candidate am I liable?
  • How much can you have someone interview or job shadow before you start paying them?
  • How do I handle compensation for employees for handling communication outside of hours?
  • Can an employee have two positions with two different pay rates? For instance, a pet sitter and an office employee role. And can you have different pay rates for overnights and visit/walking rates?

These are all actual questions that have been asked and answered and in a spreadsheet with a link to the time-stamped answer from Niki. This is only about 10% of the questions we have in there. We also have LIz Illg, the systems a communications expert who does a training every month, monthly themes, accountability partners, World class speakers, and so much more. Check out the Mastermind if you have goals that you want to hit out of the park!

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Face Mask Bella

20% Off Non-Medical Face Masks For Dog Walkers

Non-Medical Face Masks For Sale To Keep You And Your Staff Safe

When you re-open fully, how will you keep your staff safe?

Have you thought about where or how you are going to provide them with non-medical face masks?

If you go on Amazon or into the stores it is highly unlikely you will find anything. ?

That’s where we come in!

Now you no longer have to wonder where to buy face masks. We have secured a vendor for you to order up on the non-medical face masks if you find yourself needing them in two weeks or more. It is important to think ahead. Remember, when people start returning back to work throughout May and June these will be in even higher demand. Here is what you need to know before you continue reading:


  • Sold in quantities of 120.
  • $3.60 each. Jumpers get them for $3.00 each (20% savings!)
  • Total investment $432 regularly. $360.00 with your discount.
  • Price includes shipping to the USA (outside USA is extra)
  • You can expect them in roughly 14 days (right now).


Here is what they look like laying flat on my desk.

Dog walker face mask


The Pro’s

  • Each box comes with 120 masks. If you wear one mask a day and have a staff of 4, that will last you one month. Score! 
  • They are black, so they won’t show any dirt 🙂
  • They are one layer. It is literally a “Bella” (not me) brand TShirt. You can see through it if you hold it up to the light. That means they are very breathable. The CDC recommends that you are able to breathe through it.
  • They have two holes where the ears are. So they fit large and small faces.
  • The material is a little stretchy. Cotton and Polyester blend.
  • You can hand wash them.
  • They cover your nose and mouth


The Con’s

  • They are not medical grade.
  • They are meant to be disposable.
  • There is only one layer.
  • They are close to your face.

Face Mask

Here Are The Specifics According To The Manufacturer:

CDC Recommends Face Coverings:



Their website says, “In light of new data about how COVID-19 spreads, along with evidence of widespread COVID-19 illness in communities across the country, CDC recommends that people wear a cloth face covering to cover their nose and mouth in the community setting. This is to protect people around you if you are infected but do not have symptoms.”

They also say that you need to wear the coverings, “A cloth face covering should be worn whenever people are in a community setting, especially in situations where you may be near people. These settings include grocery stores and pharmacies. These face coverings are not a substitute for social distancing. Cloth face coverings are especially important to wear in public in areas of widespread COVID-19 illness.”

Source: CDC Website

Dog walker face mask

Breathable Is Key For Dog Walkers

The CDC says that, “surgical masks and N95 respirators are in short supply and should be reserved for healthcare workers or other medical first responders, as recommended by CDC guidelines.”

I have been wondering how dog walkers were going to be walking with masks with the summer coming up. As I was walking around Costco in my mask made by someone local, I was getting hot because it was heavy and not that breathable. These, you can breathe through. I feel like they would be much more enjoyable to walk with on.

Who Else Can You Help?

Think about being the “hero” in your community. Is there a vet office, rescue, or other organization that you know could benefit from this? Could you not only supply your staff but maybe also leave one or two for your clients as a thoughtful gift?

  • Clients
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Rescues
  • Veterinarians
  • Pet Stores
  • Groomers
  • Day Cares

Imagine walking in with these to give them as a gift. That is going to go a lot longer than cookies or candy that pet sitters and dog walkers are typically bringing into these places.



Want Higher Quality or Your Logo On Them?

Personally, I don’t believe in putting your logo on something like this, but that is an option. There are also options for masks that are a little more sturdy, not AS disposable, and a little more heavy duty. They are considerably more expensive though and start at about $500 an order. You get fewer masks of course. Feel free to email me if you want to see the other options.

Although, if I were still running my company, I would use these TShirt ones in a heartbeat! They are comfortable, stretchy, breathable, and easy to use. 🙂

If you want to grab a box of 120 for yourself today, you can here. 
If you want to know what the more expensive options are, shoot me an email: bella@jumpconsulting.net

Dog walker face mask

Disclaimer: This is not intended for medical use. This is not medical advice. 

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Business woman recording video on mobile phone

Ultimate Apps and Ways to Use Video in Your Dog Walking Business

When my clients think about going in front of the video camera, it typically scares the heck out of them. I have been squawking about the use of video for years and all the predictions have only proven to be true.

Video is The Present.

The social media feeds have exploded with ways to show a video like Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Instagram TV, and a myriad of apps now available to help you edit together video clips you might have taken and look like a pro!

Today, I really want to blow the lid off any fear of using video in hopes that I can show you there are many different methods you can apply to reap the incredible benefits.

Video use on Social

All the apps

  • Wave.video – this is on desktop and one of my favs. They have a library, they will adapt the video to the size of the platform you want to post on, and they are very affordable. I also know the CMO and he is a really nice guy :). Check them out here.
  • Canva for gifs – I have been using the software for a long time and only recently started using the gif feature. It is really neat to be able to design a graphic and then have it fly in from the sides as you save it as a Giphy. I especially like this for IG and FB stories
  • Giphy to make GIFs – Do you know how you can comment with a gif on Facebook? What if I told you there was a way that you could type in your name or business name into the comments and a video you created from your business comes up? Want to see what I mean? Go type in Bella Vasta in the search bar of the Giphy and you will see a few that my friends did of me.
  • Quic – this is a great app if you have a few videos that you need to splice together and want a one-touch filter on them that make you look like Steven Spielberg.


Better Marketing with Bella


  • Filmora-this is an app on your phone and desktop that requires a little more work than something like Quic but also has hundreds of downloadable special effects packages that you can purchase. If you want something retro, bachelorette party, Hawaii themed… this is the app to use. It can really change up the feel for what you want to do.
  • iMovie – if you are an Apple user, iMovie is on your phone and desktop. The phone version is a “lite” version and you can’t do as much Jason desktop but honestly, it is what has used for most of all the videos you see on my Youtube channel.
  • Animoto – This is an old but goodie. Personally, I haven’t used them forever – just not my style, but they are still popular which does say a lot about them. It is nice to see software still relevant 5 or 6 years later.
  • Final Cut Pro – This is a step up from iMovie with a little more bells and whistles. Honestly, I purchased it (expensive) and admittedly still stick to iMovie. Many of you might think I am saved when it comes to this stuff but mostly I like to stick with what I know and the path of least resistance.


The Importance of Going Live

Going live doesn’t always have to be your face. Sue, in the Mastermind, said her reason for not going live is because she doesn’t like the sound of her voice. Well, she and I both! But I want you to imagine if you never saw me online? If I never did any videos? Would you feel as close to me as you do today?

Probably not.

Video connects you to your audience. You don’t have to do it every day, and you don’t have to do it for hours, but I would challenge you to try to do it at least once a week for one or two weeks. It will make a world of a difference.


Introduce Yourself


Another important thought I need you to consider is that social media is a SECOND thought. Hardly anyone will see you on social media and think, “Gee, I am glad they popped up on my feed I want to hire them“.

It just doesn’t work that way.

The way it DOES work is that they find your website… typically through google…and then they click on your social media icons to “see” more of you. If they are browsing and see your videos, chances are they will feel a deeper connection with you. Not because you are perfect on camera, but because you are showing vulnerability by BEING on camera. It shows that you are human. That ALONE goes a long way – especially when the people who are searching on your social are trying to decide if they can trust you.


Video During COVID-19 Has Been So Important

Especially while we are all isolated in our homes everyone from a five-year-old to the 90-year-old great grandparents have developed video skills. The time is now. So many of our Better Marketing with Bella clients have taken it by storm.

Let me show you Poop’d Out going live with tips and tricks:


And then there is another Better Marketing with Bella client, Woofin’ It who has gone live just to reach out to her clients and followers:



And yet again, another Better Marketing with Bella client, using his stand up skills to use to his community:



Then there is Rockey’s Retreat where she actually did a scavenger hunt in her community! Ahhh all of these marketeers make me so happy… and this is just the tip of the ice burg!



Ways to Go Live

FB share your screen

Facebook recently came out with a feature allowing you to share your screen while on live. It could be neat to do videos to show how to sign up with your company using this new feature. No one else is doing it and you would stand out.  The only downside is that once you go live showing your screen, that is all there is. You can’t flip back to your face.

FB live on location with pets

This one is the obvious one. But how about making it fun?

How long until Fido finds the perfect place to potty?

You wouldn’t believe how long it takes until Fido goes potty.

Who gets tired first? How many throws until Fido is tried?

Countdown of how many bites will it take him to eat his food?

How fast will he eat his food?


The best part of this is that you can reuse the content. So if you have a video that you have already created and you want to upload to IGTV, go for it! You also have the option for it to show up in your IG feed, it will play the first minute and invite people to go watch the full thing. Keeping this in mind, make the first one minute as engaging as possible.

Snapchat glasses

Honestly, I think this is one of the BEST video features for pet sitters and dog walkers. But first, let me ease your worries, you do not have to be posting onto Snapchat for this to happen. These are actual sunglasses that you wear on your head and press a button to take a picture or hold it down to take a 10-15 second video. Once back at home, you can upload them to your social media or device and edit the clips together (if you want).

The point of view from these glasses is like watching from someone’s eyes. Take a look here as I show you in the pool with my daughter:

Are you Convinced Yet?

Showing up on social media through videos is huge. These videos give potential clients the opportunity to see who you really are and what your business represents. Do you do video on the regular? Why or why not? How can I partner with you to help you?

Did you know that the Better Marketing with Bella program helps coach you through all of this? Yup! Just like you saw above – a lot of our members gain the confidence, know how, and content to go live through our program. The doors are closing the beginning of May 2020 . If this interests you – join us. Don’t be left behind. I would love to help you!


Does all this social media management seem like a lot? You can actually get all the social media content with Better Marketing with Bella

Join us for a six-month contract to get all the graphics, captions, square videos, cover videos, vertical videos, blog/video outlines, emails, individual and group coaching calls, and more.

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The Cares Act

Using The CARES Act Strategically in Your Small Business

The following is a breakdown or rough transcript of our two-hour interview with the Profit Hero ladies, Marilyn Parham and Jessica Mae Stafford.

If you go to the original interview and type “congress” into the comments, JumpyBot will pop up and 1. Give you a PDF of all the CARES Acts so you can have them in one place
2. Access to a $197.00 Masterclass for FREE
3. You will get an offer at a 71% offer if you want to go alongside these ladies inside their community. Promo code bella350

You can watch the video here or start scanning below.

Let’s Get Started:

We have three things that we need to understand about securing our financial foundation to know what opportunities are available to us. We have to:

    1. Secure our financial foundation
    2. Know financial facts
    3. Understand financial funding.

Secure Our Financial Foundation

Strong relationships are everything!

What are your relationships looking like for your business?

In particular, what do your accounting and finance business relationships look like? Who are they? If you don’t have a banking relationship, get one! Securing your financial freedom comes from these strong relationships.

Right now, we are either so grateful that we have these relationships already in place or we’re kicking ourselves for not having them during this crisis. Our bankers will be able to help us through this mess.

We have to have scalable systems. Things that don’t break when you scale them!


2. Knowing the financial facts.

This seems like a no brainer right?! But when we’re busy trying to grow a business, and things like COVID and other disruptions come into play it can be challenging.

Having financial facts is key to that process.

It’s hard to produce the facts if you don’t have the systems, relationships or compliance checks to take care of that stuff.  This is about your money.

We all different reasons we started our business, so understanding your personal needs, upgrades, and dreams is so important.

Profit Planning

Profit planning is how can we create the business to produce the fruit of what I want personally? How can we achieve our goals?

Cash management. 

Here’s an easy formula for you: Sale- Profit = Expenses. It’s the only way you should be doing business. You should be paying yourself and playing! Make sure you have your taxes paid and you know your operating budget.

3. Understanding financial funding

  1. What are my assets?
  2. What are my cash assets to run my business?
  3. Will I be able to take care of my family?
  4. Will I be able to take of myself? You can’t drop your self-care. You have to be 100% right now. This is an unprecedented time in our lives and we have to be on top of our game.
  5. What is my debt service?
  6. How will I pay my mortgage and bills?
  7. How am I  not ending up broke and homeless?  You have to know your options.

We are all in the same boat. If there was ever a time to get whatever help you needed, now is the time thanks to COVID.

Economic aid.

What are the options and opportunities do I have?

Bankers are going to be asking you questions that you’re not used to being asked or thinking about until tax time. We need to be thinking of this now!


SBA Economic Injury Disaster ADVANCE Loan.

  • This is something you work directly with the SBA, not your bankers.
  • It’s an easy application to fill out but we’re unsure of when we’ll be receiving funds, we’re thinking 4 weeks.
  • It’s a 30-year loan with an interest rate of 3.75%.
  • You also have the option of accepting a $10,000 advance when applying for the loan. This advance is not something you have to pay back. It’s supposed to be considered an emergency grant. You have to apply for it to be forgiven.
  • Even if you don’t think you need the loan right now, you don’t know what your business will look like 60 days or even 6 months from now.
  • Be strategic about opportunities given to you, even if you don’t need the grant stock it away … just like all that toilet paper, we stocked up on! Remember, you can do both this loan and the payroll protection loan.


SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan

  • This is a 30 year 3.75% interest rate or 2.75% for a non-profit which is approved based on your credit.
  • There is no fee for applying for the loan, so even if you don’t think you’ll qualify there’s no harm in trying.
  • If you have under 500 employees you qualify, no matter if you’re a sole proprietor, LLC., etc.!
  • The loans up to $200,000 are not going to require collateral or personal guarantee.

There are two camps right now. One camp is, I don’t trust this. I get it, I was originally in that camp. So what could possibly go wrong? Nothing really, just pulling your credit.

So as long as your under those six credit inquiries a year, you should be fine.

If you’re worried, write to the credit company and ask that they remove it.

Remember, you’re just applying doesn’t mean you’re going to get it or you have to accept it.

You have to be fighting against that stigma of debt right now, these are very unique times.

The other camp is those who are just paralyzed in fear, don’t go forward alone. Talk to someone who’s knowledgeable and can truly help you through this!


SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

  • This loan gives employers a direct incentive to keep employees (including you) on the payroll.
  • This loan will be forgiven if employees are kept on the payroll for 8 weeks.
  • 75% of the funds must be used for payroll, the other 25% can be used for rent, mortgage interest, or utilities for the business.
  • Small businesses with less than 500 employees can apply for this loan.
  • Loan forgiveness MUST be requested once all qualifying payments have been made.
  • There are no credit checks or personal guarantee is required.
  • It’s a 2-year term loan with at 1% interest, with payments deferred for the first 6 months.This is where securing your financial systems comes into play!

You should be tracking everything regarding the impact of COVID for your business. Keep a list of every cancel request you’ve received.

If you’ve been waiting to get a business checking account … do it now!

The Cares Act

Some Q&A:

Q: I have a Profit 1st Accountant, and I was doing OK until all this, now my only distribution is to my HST (Canada) account. I actually had to borrow money from my profit account to make payroll. Once I get the government help in a few weeks should I put money back into my Profit account from it?

A: First off, CASH IS KING! When you get the money from the government help, I would say yes, put that money back into your Profit account. That’s your safety net. Remember, the paycheck protection loan you have to spend it for payroll. So when that comes in just replace the money in your profit account and move forward from there. The profit account is power. It’s the whole reason you got into this business.


Q: Can our accountants talk to our bankers?

A: Yes of course! Now the bankers will probably want your permission, and that can be either via a conference call or it may require a Power of Attorney. Remember, our bankers are incredibly inundated. Ask them first if this is a service provided? Does this cost me anything? How can you help me?  The last thing we want is a bill shock. You can also call your banker first and get a list of what they need and then maybe make a list to send to your accountant to make this process a bit easier.


Q: What’s the difference between a grant and loan?

A: A grant you don’t have to pay back, a loan you do.


Q: Can you apply for both the SBA & the PPP?

A: Yes!


Join Jump Mastermind


Q: What are the downsides for applying for the grant & loan combo?

A: The credit report check, if you’re against this.


Q: We have to use 75% of loan for payroll. Can I give myself a raise to help meet the goal?

A: The head count is part of the process. You should be hiring people back.  Use this time to build your team and develop those marketing ideas.


Q: You mentioned you can pay yourself if you are on the payroll with the PPP. So that would be for only the S & C Corp right? I’m an LLC and take a draw? Also, does the PPP loan really apply to a sole proprietor with IC (Independent Contractor) or only if using employees?

A: The loan application hasn’t been geared towards those sole proprietors even if it doesn’t feel like it! Be prepared to provide financial information no matter the type of business you have.


Q: I just started my sole proprietor business when all this started, so my income is basically zero. Is any of this based on current income?

A: If you have no income, there’s probably no documentation to submit, so this will probably disqualify you.


Q: It seems unrealistic to be back to full employment in 8 weeks, so my fear is that it will be a loan not a grant, and 2 years is a short time to pay back $85k.

A: Put some strategies in place. You have an 8 week period in time to cover these employees. You can always get the money and put it aside. Remember, if you laid people off, you don’t have to hire that exact employee or position back.


Q: Does interest accrue during the 6 month period?

A: We’re unsure, but we’ll find out!


Q: What kind of proof do you need to apply for the forgiveness of the PPP loan?

A: The same information needed to apply for the loan, but also may need to send proof of canceled checks. Here’s a little reminder to have get a business checking account and get that banking relationship to secure your financial relationship.


Q: Don’t employees make more collecting unemployment and &600/weekly than if I pay them their regularly hourly?

A: Remember this is based on the state’s ability to pay, which means it will probably be delayed. But depending on how much you pay them it could make them whole. Remember it’s also UP TO $600 and we haven’t even seen that money yet … this could be us living on a prayer! Use this opportunity to convince and excite your employees to stay!


Q: Should I be putting the pay of the independent contractor’s on the PPP loan app?

A: You should NOT be putting the pay of IC, this is per the IRS as of 4/7/20. IC’s can be applying for their own assistance, since they are their own business!


Q: Can you use the PPP to pay employees who are not actually working?

A: Yes you can! Also try to find things for employees to do! But yes you can pay them even if they’re not necessarily working. Pay them for personal growth or self development …. GET CREATIVE!


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Q: I was in the process of hiring 3 people when this hit? Can I use the PPP to pay them?

A: You can, if you had to have payroll prior to COVID.


Q: Regarding submitting proof. What if I use direct deposit compared to checks?

A: As long as you can document it. Bank statements are helpful for direct deposits.


Q:Do they know yet if they will be forgiving a percentage based on how much we miss the 75% payroll , or do they just completely throw out the forgiveness part if you miss the 75%?

A: It’s our understanding that they will forgive based on percentage, but we haven’t’ seen data on this yes.


Q: What if I’m willing to keep the staff but they quit within the two months?

A: Then hire more people!


Q: My new two employees are currently furloughed and collecting unemployment, which I understand they can still work small hours. If I did the PPP and paid them would that affect their unemployment? They’re getting more from unemployment than from me since they do not have an income history with me yet.

A: Each state is different.


Q: Is the head count for full time employment?

A: FTE = Full time equivalent.


Q. With PPP can you accept it around June 1 and use it for payroll then?

A: This isn’t a bottomless bucket, there’s only so many funds available. That’s a great question for your banker.


Q: I’m not on my payroll for my company. I just go off the net income of my monthly numbers and consider that my “pay”. Would you recommend that to keep things clean and moving forward, should I be paid through payroll like my employees are? 

A: If you’re an S Corp, you are required to be paid. To answer your question is yes, you should be paid like your employees. If you got this payroll protection loan, you can include yourself in that  but you have to look at the whole picture.


Q: How late can we fund our PPP?

A: The PPP application process is open until June 30th. Talk to your banker about when you can distribute. I suggest not to delay applying and have my application filled out. 


Q: Does PPP cover sick leave pay? Do the workers have to be full-time? 

A: Payroll considers PTO and sick leave if your team has benefits. Also, if you have the Families First Coronavirus Act there are things in addition to emergency sick leaves and all that kind of stuff. Make sure to clarify this to your banker. 

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Q: Does PPP  cover paying for contractors? 

A: If you have independent contractors you need to give them this information, talk to them and tell them to get in the loop and make an application themselves.


Q: Can we do maintenance etc in a stay at home order? 

A: As long as you’re being safe and not contributing to the problem I don’t see why not?


Q: I have heard that payroll expenses, like federal taxes and maybe the cost of doing payroll like bookkeeper or software for payroll can not be included in the 75%

A: The payroll taxes are part of payroll. I think it is included in the 75%. But the bookkeeper and the software for the payroll, I really don’t know, I would say no and would go back to the documentation. 


Q: But my sitters are now getting Unemployment plus they will be getting the extra $600 why would they want to come back to get their pay?

A: You’re gonna find out who are the good workers and the lazy workers. As a business owner, you extend the offer and they have the option to say yes or no. 


Q: I was told in California, they will get the full $600. Illinois has said don’t even apply yet for unemployment if IC etc?

A: Our employees said they’re gonna get the $600 but it’s not even in the bank yet. Not unless the money is there, then it’s real. 


Q: If we offer them their job back, don’t they have to accept it or unemployment will stop?

A: It’s state by state. Not necessarily. 


Q: If we are offered a PPP, can we put off starting the 8 week period? Like starting the 8 week period June 1?

A: Ask your banker before you accept the loan. 


Q: I’m a painting contractor for a small corporation. For now I don’t have payroll nor employees. I believe there’s no reason for me to apply for this loan right? 

A: You should apply for that and see what’s available. You can weigh that out once you go to the application process. There’s no fee to apply. You might want to file for a PPP to take care of yourself. 


Q: I’m a Sole Prop. If I file for unemployment, then later apply for a PPP, will filing for unemployment have a negative impact on my loan application? 

A: It’s the other way around. Your acceptance of PPP will have an impact on your employment. Be very upfront with your banker like what’s happened, what you did and what you’re trying to do. 


Q: So, if you bring them back for the PPP funds, and don’t get enough work, do you lay them back off?

A: Define your work. Are we just gonna pay our people and take care of them? Since we’re still on containment, the business can’t return so you lay them off basically. 


Q: How can I prove what I pay myself as a sole proprietor if I don’t do a formal paycheck, but just periodically transfer money to my personal account from my business account? 

A: It’s about the net income of your business. It doesn’t matter if you transfer back and forth with your business and you. 


Q: Is it true that we can’t use the money to pay the payroll taxes on the PPP funds we pay out?

A: Payroll taxes are part of payroll. If you want to make sure on how it’s going to walk and talk, the best thing to do is ask your banker. 


Q: Can you create a new position, something you’ve never had before. 

A: The answer is yes as long as you use that 75% of that money to make payroll. As long as you use it and maintain the FTE at a minimum. 


Q: About the $600 fed unemployment, it’s my understanding that this will be “up to” $600; it’s not a flat payment of $600. Is that accurate?

A: We dont believe it’s going to be a flat $600. The whole point is to make people whole as possible. We don’t know until it happens. 


The previous is a breakdown or rough transcript of our two-hour interview with the Profit Hero ladies, Marilyn Parham and Jessica Mae Stafford.

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