Bella…has been a great motivator for me as I have started my pet sitting business. She is always positive and honest with me when I have questions. I feel that I can ask her anything!

Julie Fredrick

I was pet sitting for six years and was stuck in a rut. Bella helped me advance my business to the next level. Her sound advice, tips and assessment of my business was excellent. As I use the tools Bella gave me, I am gaining more business from better clients. I was a little intimidated to start the process. Bella is a big person..not in stature, but in attitude, personality, and in business. My first impression was different than the Bella I got to know. She is easy to talk to and very encouraging and motivating. The value is really in the financial bottom line. Even though I’ve just finished my consultations with Bella, I’ve earned back the fees through gaining new clients by using the tools Bella taught me. I recommend people truly interested in growing their businesses to work with Bella. Those ready to take action and step out of their comfort zone at times to take their business to the next level. Those desiring to become true professionals and leaders in their field will love working with Bella.

Mark Siebel

Bella and Jump Consulting is the BEST! Her attention to detail, knowledge of the pet industry, and marketing results are second to none. I’d recommend her and her consulting packages to any business owner looking to grow their business.

Vicki McKee

I specifically wanted to work with Bella because of her experience and expertise in the pet sitting business. Her ideas and knowledge were beneficial to me and her energy is certainly motivating! I would recommend Bella if you are a just starting out, or if you are feeling stuck and need a push to move to the next level in your business.

Lara Taylor

You have become a voice of reasoning for me in my own daily life and for that I really do thank you! Funny, I sometimes find myself thinking (when a tough decision is looming over my head) ‘What would Bella do?’ Or ‘What would Bella say?’ That is a profound effect your confidence in business has on those who have the opportunity to listen to your business view, knowledge and opinions.

Vanessa O’Briain

I have used Danielle as a consult a couple of times always with great results. She helped give me the confidence to “get out there” (networking) and I am forever grateful for it. I might be Australian and she American however there isn’t too many differences between our cultures.


Bella, thank you so much for being an amazing pet sitting coach! You were just what I needed to get Pineapple Pets going in the right direction. Thank you for getting me out of my own head.


I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help and knowledge that you have shared with me. I wish I could put into words what it has meant to me at the Dog Wash. I am very glad you brought me to my senses. Thank you!

Tori & Meghan

Danielle is a great motivator. She is a wealth of knowledge and really makes you think about where you want your business to go and how it’s going to get there. She taught us the important of setting goals and action plans to reach them. We can’t wait to start working with her on our next project!

Lara Evans

Hi! My name is Lara Evans. I am the owner of Doggie-Smyle (a dog-walking, dog-sitting service in the Acradia/Bitmore area) Bella called me up one day and welcomed me to the world of pet-sitting. She was very welcoming and friendly and invited me happy hour with other fellow pet sitters around the Valley. She introduced me to everyone, and made sure we all got know a little bit about one another. It was wonderful to talk “shop,” and to be able to refer some of my clients to other sitters, if I was not available to sit for their pets.

Bella is very passionate about net-working and is a marketing monster! Her enthusiasm and business sense is amazing! She and I would often meet up for lunch or coffee to chit-chat about the business and she always was giving me encouraging words of wisdom and wise business advice. When I heard she was doing business consulting, I jumped at the chance for her to come in and view my “systems” to offer helpful and knowledgeable advice. She is a natural born leader with energy and enthusiasm that is both contagious and inspiring! I would recommend Bella to anyone who is really serious about taking their business to the next level!

Lorraine Masticola

Danielle helped me to get on the right track for running my business. I learned new ways to get my business out to new customers.