Communication Is Key, Secure & Close The Sale Now

Communication Is Key, Secure & Close The Sale Now


Communication. Sometimes you don’t realize how important it is, until it doesn’t happen. Example… I had a recent weird experience with a vendor.  I admired their work, and passed it along to colleagues and friends, who also liked their work. In fact one colleague liked their work so much that they said they wanted to purchase the product.

“Yay!” I thought to myself.  “I just helped FEED this other business, and helped a colleague get a product they were excited about.”

Later, I found out that the vendor called my colleague, left a message and never followed up. No communication after that call.  How bad do you want the sale?

I was perplexed because I worked so hard to “feed” her this lead, yet it didn’t seem like they made a strong effort to “eat” it.

In sales, it is important to follow up. It is important to make it as easy as possible for the buyer to make their purchase, and you can increase your sales and revenue if you just close the sale as quick and easy as possible. Enter the invention of credit cards.  Personally, I would have bought a few more products from this vendor as well, but I just felt like I had to do the work for the sale, not the vendor. It was strange.

We all are not perfect. I get that. I don’t fault this vendor completely.

So the story continues … I decided against my purchase, but still wanted to purchase the product for my colleague as a gift.  I arranged to purchase it, and then found out she was not set up to accept credit cards, and that I would have to wait 6 more days for delivery…. I was getting impatient.  My impatience grew more when they day of the delivery, I was told that something else came up and that she would now stick it in the mail to me. Enter the US Postal Mail…

Think about the long process was that I just went through. I could have gotten this product quicker and cheaper via other methods but have chosen to try to sew into someone else.

This can apply to pet sitters as well. When you get the call “I need a pet sitter, how much do you charge?” what do you do? I have coached pet sitters who have gotten all the info, and then turned to the client and said, let me check the sitters schedule and have my dispatcher call you back.  Now the client has to WAIT for you. They don’t want to wait. They want to know now. Then the dispatcher calls back and says “we can do the sit, now please wait for the sitter to call you to schedule a consultation.”  Are you serious?!?! Buyers want to get their purchased checked off their to do list and be done with it. This is why CC’s are so popular. People don’t think about it and with one swipe of a card, the sale is made!

Moral of the story: Give the buyer the option to pay immediately so you are securing the sale. Take care of everything from step one to ten in a timely manor. Keep the communication flowing and the client in the loop.