Coaching client tells of an “Orgasmic Moment” with Danielle…

Oprah calls it the “Ah-ha” moment. Chris, from Aussie Pet Sitter in Tampa calls it the “orgasmic moment”  See what she is talking about here as she thanks me for our last sessions:
I have found Danielle to be invaluable in her help with my business. I tend to think creatively, all over the place and its difficult for me to get clarity and consistency. Through her coaching sessions, which are great fun by the way, Danielle helped me work out how to hire staff, train and give great consultations. I like how she makes you accountable for what you learn and goes the extra mile to stay in contact with you, as she really does not have to. I feel she really cares about my progress. I remember having an orgasmic moment after she explained how to give a concise consultation without feeling like I would rush the client. Thanks Danielle for helping me improve my business and looking forward to more coaching sessions in the future.
-Chris Barlow
Aussie Pet Sitter
Tampa, Fl
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  1. Julie
    Julie says:

    I, too, gained great knowledge about how to do the consultation. The brag book has really transformed my consultations, for example. The clients are blown away when I show them the background checks, insurance, bonding, professional certificates, and most importantly, my cutie pie pups, Nikki and Lucy! Many things Danielle taught me have stuck with me and affect my business in an ultra positive way.


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