Don't make New Years Resolutions | Small Business Success and Coaching

Don't make New Years Resolutions | Small Business Success and Coaching

Don’t make a New Years Resolution

8% achieve their resolutions.

New Year’s Resolutions are for amateurs. You don’t need a special day in order to get motivated. If we wanted to achieve something in life, why does it have to be on January 1st of the New Year? Why can’t it be on March 8th ? or July 18th? Or any other date for that matter?

With only 8% achieving New Years Resolutions, and only 7% of people actually writing down and setting goals (…interesting correlation, huh?) why not just make a solid commitment to better ourselves on a daily  basis?

Why are New Year’s Resolutions given so much coverage?  Think about it. The health and money industries love it. The top four resolutions by a land slide are to lose weight, quite smoking, get organized, and save/make more money. Health clubs actually increase their membership prices during this time. It is in their best interest to create a hype around this time of year because they will benefit from it.

So don’t set a New Year’s Resolution. Make a commitment to yourself. To your life. Create your own path and give a long hard look into things. New Year’s Resolutions are usually lifestyle changes. You can make the DECISION to make that change any day.

How do you want to live yours?  How does your mission shine through with your goals or your achievements that you strive to accomplish?

The questions is…. Will you take the JUMP?

Will you take an active role in your life or will you just let it run on auto pilot and accept whatever comes your way? In other words, will you make the choice to JUMP out of the airplane, or are you going to wait for someone to push you out? Personally, there is way too much out there that I want to achieve than to just let auto pilot run my show.

What do you think?