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The Physical Effect The Election May Be Having On Your Business:


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With all these going on in the world with the election, it is making a lot of people anxious.

Understandably so!

At first, I have to admit, it was kind of a “reality show.” Watching for who is going to say what?  “Oh no he did it!”  “Oh my gosh, did she just say that?” You know…those kind of things.

But as it is getting closer and closer to the election, our Facebook feeds, our TVs, our news, our commercials, and sometimes even our conversations with friends are FULL with this topic!

And it is making a lot of people on edge.



The message that we are exposing our eyes and ears gates to, are pretty powerful.  We are making a conscious decision to watch this “Breaking News” when really, we already know what they are going to say. It is all propaganda. Devised to make us so unhappy with the world we live in today that we are moved to get up and vote.

This has an effect on almost half of Americans. According to the American Psychological Association, around half of people surveyed (52 percent) say the election “is a very or somewhat significant” source of stress in their lives (as reported by   To deny that this election actually has a sincere effect on our anxiety levels, is naïve.

So if we think about politics having an effect on our minds, why not so with what we listen to for business?

pet sitter podcast

What do you listen and read to help your business?


What we listen to for business is so important. Do you surround yourself with Facebook groups that are positive and encouraging? Do you read books that invigorate you? Do you listen to podcasts that light you on fire?

Say you don’t have time?

How about replacing the time spent listening to politics saying the same thing over and over, or that reality TV show, or the endless scrolling on FB as you look into the lives of others and compare yourself… ???

Let’s stop that passive influence in our lives! Take action to consciously pick and choose what we listen to, read and watch.

I challenge you by starting to turn off the radio, and put ON a podcast of someone that you admire, maybe myself, or someone that you just want to learn about or maybe you don’t even want to learn, you just want to escape into a story, maybe you want to listen to a book on tape. Here are some of my favorites:


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As Business Owners, We All Live Secluded Lives

As business owners, we all live secluded lives. We don’t have an office with many people around us typically, we are in our car a lot, we are alone a lot. While other people are working, we are at home. So why not try to virtually engage ourselves into a community or into a learning? Perhaps there’s something that you wanted to learn about like making YouTube videos or perfecting your Facebook ads or learning about how to interview in a podcast?  Seek out the resources and the medium that will help educate yourself and maybe, just maybe, even it might ignite a fire in you! 

Here Is A Personal Example:

Personal story, only 1 week ago, did I find someone that really lit me on fire for YouTube videos. I started to consume almost half her content in one week and it led me to make a major purchase. It was an investment in myself and my business that I had been dragging my (wallet) on because I wasn’t sure about it…and wasn’t excited.  After absorbing (learning) all that I could in that subject area, I became more confident to make a big purchase.  Not only that my confidence grew but my excitement grew and I now have a huge plan of attack of how I am going to do it.

That’s exactly the way my podcast started! I found someone that I admired, a couple of people actually. I emerged myself, I filled my ears up with their information and I let that ignite fire inside me.

So today, I ask you, if you are sick and tired of listening to all of the politics that is on the radio, the TV and Facebook, I encourage you to turn off the TV, to go to Facebook group, to find a podcast that you really like and help motivate yourself. As entrepreneurs, finding ways to motivate ourselves, is imperative to our growth and success.

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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    Totally agree with your blog! Just heard last night that people will move out of the country or will be stressed so much it will seriously effect their everyday lives if their candidate doesn’t win in the presidential election. I know this is a very important election but we must go on despite who is in office. I always hear “surrounding yourself with positive people, makes a world a difference”.

    Thanks for the reminder Bella and podcast ideas.


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