Episode 227: How To Decrease Turnover and Create Raving Employees

How To Decrease Turnover and Create Raving Employees
February 3, 2021/by ChrisPodcast
business coach, women in business, pet industry, video training

Episode 220: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Creating Our Own Video Training Series

Creating Video Training And It’s Process

It’s not easy,…
December 2, 2020/by ChrisPodcast
pet sitting software credit cards

The Truth About Credit Card Processing And Pet Sitting Software Companies

I couldn't understand when a handful of clients came to me…
September 27, 2017/by Bella
What To Say To The Applicants That Weren't Select For An Interview

Ten Things You Need To Know About Being A Pet Sitting Employees VS. IC

Good help is hard to find, as any business owner knows. With…
August 23, 2017/by Bella
pet sitting independent contractors

The Problems With Pet Sitting Independent Contractors

I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of hiring pet sitting independent…
August 16, 2017/by Bella

Ways To Overcome Problems With Pet Sitting Employees

Many people think that when you have employees, you will always…
August 9, 2017/by Bella
hiring dog walkers

Review: The Top Websites For Hiring Pet Sitters & Hiring Dog Walkers

When hiring pet sitters or hiring dog walkers, it can be difficult…
July 5, 2017/by Bella
pay staff more

Should I Pay Staff More If I Raise My Rates For My Pet Sitting Company?

If you're a pet business owner, you know that business is constantly…
June 28, 2017/by Bella
hiring dog walkers

The Problems With Creating Your Own Pet Sitting Employee Manual

Developing a pet sitting employee manual may be one of the most…
June 19, 2017/by Bella
staff stealing clients

How To Make Sure Your Staff Aren’t Stealing Clients In Your Pet Sitting Business

When you lose staff members, it's always questionable whether…
June 14, 2017/by Bella

How Much Will It Cost To Create My Pet Sitting Employee Manual?

An essential to component for any pet sitting business with staff…
June 12, 2017/by Bella
hiring pet sitters

The Problems With Hiring Pet Sitters For Your Pet Sitting Company

Hiring is something we talk about A LOT in the pet sitting industry,…
May 31, 2017/by Bella
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