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Episode 1: How To Get Through The Hiring Slumps!

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Listen in as Bella:

  • Catches you up on her never boring life,
  • Reflects on the State and Federal Audits that some pet sitters went through.
  • Discusses how to push past those hiring slumps and find the people you are looking for!

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6 replies
  1. joanne Gilman
    joanne Gilman says:

    Hi Bella,
    I am glad to hear I am not the only one having hiring issues. I recently stopped interviewing temporarily because I got so discouraged. I could not even get to a 2nd interview. People say they are interested and then disappear. I was beginning to wonder what I was saying or doing that was scaring people off. But I really think this is the issue. My business is just 2 years old and I do not have alot of jobs to offer someone. I am stuck in this dilemma that I cannot take on more clients without help but I cannot get help without jobs to offer them. Any suggestions?

    • Bella Vasta
      Bella Vasta says:


      You are not alone. The #1 thing you can do for you and your business (and toughest) is to stay positive. It is ok that you don’t have a lot of jobs to offer someone. Are you mainly vacation or daily dog walking? Really think about the type of person who would be a good fit for you and go after them. What did you think about the 13 ideas I gave you on the podcast? Have you tried those. CL is great… but if it isn’t working, keep pressing on. They are out there. I promise. Don’t be your own worst enemy and give up. You GOTTA keep moving forward. Thank you for your comments! I love knowing that you are listening!

  2. joanne Gilman
    joanne Gilman says:

    Thanks for being so prompt! Don’t worry. I do not give up easily. I just needed to take a step back. I have a handful of daily dog walking clients and fill in with vacation and business travelers. I have mostly used CL and also posted on my personal facebook. I think your suggestions are great. I do have connections to a local vet hospital where I worked years ago. There is also a vet tech program at a nearby college. I have this feeling that once I hire my first, everything will fall into place. Right now I can’t take a vacation and get paid because I have no backup. I do enjoy your podcasts. Good luck with your baby! Glad you are out of the hospital.

  3. Eleanor McCoy
    Eleanor McCoy says:

    Hi Bella,

    Funny you should be discussing hiring. I have been looking for people since this time last year. Last summer I did the Craigslist thing to no avail. Since March of this year I have been advertising with 3 of the local colleges. That was a bit of a pain because they would approve me and then would reject the ad because they either 1. thought I was a third party recruiter or 2. did not allow their students to enter people’s homes. I was explaining what I did – no I’m not a 3rd party recruiter and they would have to enter the home in order to care for the pet, etc. I got 4 responses and 1 actually submitted the application. But after interviewing, background checks, explaining what I need, etc, etc. and accepting the job. This morning I had to tell this person that they agreed to work in “x” area and now they think it’s too far to go?! So they were let go before they started. I have added the line about hiring to my ad in the local pet newspaper. I’ve had some response. Thank you for your other suggestions. I’m staying positive (I needed this pep talk today)and I’m gonna keep looking for my staff!
    I wish you the best with your pregnancy and soon you’ll be holding your bundle of joy!
    Take care,


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