Episode 161: Why Rover Is Beating The Professional Pet Sitter

I wanted to talk about something pretty controversial today. Our listeners are at a myriad of levels in the pet industry from buying multiple businesses all the way to people who are on Rover or Wag and wanting to start their own professional company. I want you to take this message to heart, no longer are we mom and pop companies plugging away. There is something very unique that is changing in this business. Specifically, I’m going to be talking about why Rover (or any other app or hobby sitter) is beating the professional pet sitter.

Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss

The reason why Rover or Wag might get more sign-ups than a professional pet sitter is because they’re beating us at the automation game. Pet parents don’t even get to experience how great our services are because our entire intake ignores the user experience. The experience your customer has with your business before even meeting you is paramount. Speak exactly to your avatar on your website, if I can copy and paste your website onto someone else’s site, you are doing it wrong.

Show Highlights

  • Why do Rover sitters get more sign-ups? [2:55]
  • How can we avoid people from moving on to other sitters? [8:15]
  • What is the most important part of the sales process? [9:00]
  • How can the professional sitter win against Rover? [12:15]



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4 replies
  1. Barbie
    Barbie says:

    Bella, after reading the article, it sounds like part of the problem is the pet sitting application it self wont allow the pet parent to sign up, only send a quote and then wait. I agree if the app could do all it it was save me from having to say all the reasons why you should go with us. Lets face it, it would make our lives so much simpler. We need some great powerful apps. What are your thoughts. I only read your article I didnt listen to your podcast yet. Thanks Bella for having our backs!

    • Bella
      Bella says:

      HI Barbie,

      I believe in not using the apps that prohibit the process and using the apps that allow the user full ability to sign up. 🙂 There are options out there. -Bella 🙂

  2. Asha Olivia
    Asha Olivia says:

    As a member of Bella’s Jump Mastermind, I’m delighted to share that the lessons I’ve learned from Bella and my other colleagues are helping me to compete in our changing industry! It’s a journey, but even small changes create big results! You’ve got to hear the full talk by Dan Gingiss! Join today!

    • Bella
      Bella says:

      Hi Asha,

      You are incredible and I am so happy that you are finding so much value in the Mastermind. Yes, the expert trainer Dan Gingiss was really eye opening and it makes me so happy to know that the guests I can bring you you are making an impact! Thanks Asha!!! 🙂 – Bella


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