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Episode 190: How To Move The Mountain In Your Life


How To Move The Mountain In Your Life


Nicholas Trevillian

Biggest Move The Mountain Take Away You Don’t Want To Miss

  • We all have rock bottoms. It may be physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, or something else. If you look at your
    “rock bottom” as being at the bottom of a mountain, it becomes easier to take that first step. It’s really important to focus on “winning” that first 24 hours, and from there – the first week. Day 1 will always be the hardest, but by spending just 15-20 minutes a day climbing your personal mountain, you’ll be surprised at h0w much progress you can make to move the mountain.


move the mountain


Move The Mountain Show Highlights

  • [2:00] – Who is Nicholas Trevillian?
  • [6:30] – What is the difference between a victor vs. a victim mindset?
  • [8:00] – The “3 To Be” Method?
    • What Do I Want?
    • What Do I Have?
    • How Do I Get There?
  • [10:30] – What do we need and what do we NOT need in order to take the first step to change your life and move the mountain?
  • [17:30] – How can momentum in your personal life spill over to affecting your business?
  • [25:00] – The 3 things that successful people do every day
  • [26:00] – Where can our listeners connect with you online?



move the mountain

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