Episode 195: The Scientific Way To Choose A Pet Sitting Software


The Scientific Way To Choose A Pet Sitting Software

Choosing a pet sitting software is not an easy task. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with all of the different options out there, or even tried them all but just can’t decide. It’s difficult to determine which features are important to YOU and then to match those needs up with software. In this episode of Bella In Your Business, I sit down with Kristin Young, where she shares her scientific process for successfully choosing a pet sitting software to use in your pet business.



After 20 years in corporate real estate and business, Kristin “woke up” one day realizing she wanted more ownership over her own time and to escape the common cubicle. With two young kids and a supportive husband, she began the search for an income model that she could manage, grow, and LOVE. In January of 2019, she decided to buy NOT ONE, but TWO cat sitting companies, with the intent to merge them into a single business. With a passion for business, love of animals and affinity for cat puns, Kristin uses her inner “geek” to make data-driven decisions in her cat sitting business and create processes that allow her to start stepping out of day-to-day operations and spend more time working ON her business, instead of IN her business.


Kristin Young

Kristin Young

Show Highlights

  • [1:30] – Who is Kristin Young?
  • [5:00] – What was the driving force behind switching pet sitting software companies?
  • [7:00] – Can you describe what an “RFP” is?
  • [9:15] – How did you come up with the methodology for RFP and choosing a pet sitting software company?
  • [19:15] – How long did you try each pet sitting software for? Are you happy with your choice in software? What advice would you have for someone that is stuck trying to choose a pet sitting software?
  • [23:00] – Where can you find Kristin online?




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4 replies
  1. Joette White
    Joette White says:

    Precise would be my choice. At the end of the day…they are open to adding things…and the pricing is a big difference between Time to Pet and Precise…for example with 45 users Precises charges $230 per month. It would be $610 per month for the same 45 users with Time to pet…and you really don’t get much more to justify the cost. And finally…I don’t want to be locked into one or two options for credit card processing…I want to be able to shop and save money…and you cannot do that with Time to Pet…so you end up paying even more. 🙂

  2. Amber Suarez
    Amber Suarez says:

    We are looking into switching so this was extremely helpful. Our current provider (PSP) has EXCELLENT customer service but the visual appeal has major 90’s vibes and doesn’t have basic things i would expect- email editing, automatic reminders, etc. So thanks for sharing your process!


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