Business women, covid19, pet industry podcast episode

Episode 196: Resiliency, Black Swans, and Perseverance Through the Darkest Times

Resiliency, Black Swans, & Perseverance Through The Darkest Times


Business women, covid19, pet industry podcast episode



Since 2012, Asha has owned and operated Hoby Dogy serving Hoboken, NJ. Having annihilated stage-four cancer, Asha’s a warrior who strives to counsel from deep wisdom won from a life going to battle. She works hard to get better every day and, in so doing, be a light in the world. When not serving others, Asha takes long walks with her dear husband Jan and their dreamy puppies Lovey and Savey who they met and rescued on the streets of Colombia.


Asha Olivia

Show Highlights

  • [1:40] – Who is Asha Olivia?
  • [5:00] – What is a Black Swan moment?
  • [8:00] – Can you describe the differences between “fragile,” “resilient,” and “antifragile?”
  • [9:30] – How did you feel in that moment when you received your diagnosis and how that play into the different mindset conditions?
  • [14:30] – What is the story of Vice Admiral James Stockdale and what is the Stockdale Paradox?
  • [18:00] – How do you become antifragile?
  • [22:00] – What do you suggest that the audience starts to ponder in order to maintain antifragility?



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