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Episode 204: How Your Vision and Focus Can Scale Your Business Fast with Joanna Price


Joanna Price is the Owner of Woofin’ It Pet Concierge. It is her vision, tireless work ethic, and passionate commitment to pets that has grown her business from the seeds of an idea to the best Dog Walking and Pet Sitting service in Frederick, with 5 team members. Additionally, her commitment to exceeding expectations and delighting clients is evident in their references (affectionately referred to as WOOFERENCES). She and her team truly have fun with your pets and the “work” they all do. Joanna and her team thrive on giving pet parents peace of mind, and are truly grateful for the trust their clients have in them to care for their fur-babies!

Show Highlights

  • Learn about how Joanna uses her own lingo in her pet concierge brand to make it special.
  • Hear how she has stayed positive through COVID.
  • Learn about how commitment to hiring helped her grow her business fast.
  • Understand how her why helped shape her business


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